e-Rewards Reviews- Read This Before You Join e-Rewards!

e-Rewards Reviews- Read This Before You Join e-Rewards!

e-Rewards Reviews

Name: e-Rewards

Owner: Research Now Group

Website: www.e-rewards.com

Price: Free to Sign Up

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

Verdict: Legitimate

Let’s face it. Each customer’s opinion matters. I mean how does a company know that its products and services have been received well? How do they know what the people are saying about the product’s functionality?

Are there improvements that need to be done in order to attract more customers and increase sales for a certain company’s products and services?

In order for a company to get hold of this information, it needs to perform market research. This is expensive and a vast majority of companies don’t have the time or resources to set up a market research department.

As a result, companies have opted to outsource market research to other companies such as e-Rewards. As you will learn, later on, e-Rewards is a market research companies that carry out surveys among users of certain products and since companies love to hear your views, they are willing to pay for it.

In our informative e-Rewards review below, I have compiled all about e-Rewards such as what is e-rewards, its pros, cons, how it works and pricing among others.

Let’s begin.

What is E-Rewards?

First and foremost, I did my research and found out that it is a market research panel. As an opinion panel, it is contracted by major brands around the world to seek views from users regarding their products and services. As a member, you have the opportunity of sharing your opinion and get paid for doing it.

Having been founded in 1999, the company has developed online surveys which it uses to collect views from users. As a subsidiary of Research Now Group, e-Rewards gives all its members e-Rewards currency after they have completed a study.

The e-Rewards currency or Panel currency can be used by the member to redeem a variety of gifts available on the platform.

What is a market research panel?

I found out that the term market research panel can refer to the company tasked with the responsibility of conducting market research on behalf of other companies or it can refer to the members themselves.

So, market research panel refers to a group of users who have agreed to participate in online surveys and provide their views after using certain products and services.

In a market research panel, members are given online surveys which are composed of questionnaires. Basically, they are required to answer the questionnaires in regards to their experience with the product or service.

A vast majority of renowned brands around the world choose to work with market research panels because they have the experience of collecting views from members even those that are hard to reach.

In addition, they have tools that help to analyze the data and present it to the company in form of visual aids such as graphs and tables.

Since the market research company is composed of professionals, the information provided by members when they sign-up for an account is protected and not sold to third party companies.

How much will I get paid for participating in e-Rewards online surveys?

The e-Rewards currency or Opinion Points will be credited in your account as a reward for sharing your opinion.

Remember, your opinion shapes the development of new products so it is very important to ensure that all the information provided in your online survey reflects your true opinion of the product or service.

Don’t take the survey for granted. If you are “allergic” to provide your opinion, you don’t have to join the market research panel.

One thing you ought to know is that the surveys are very easy to complete. It can take you between 1 minute to an hour to complete a single survey.

A vast majority of these surveys especially that allocated longer duration will have a higher reward. This does not mean that surveys allocated less time are not important.

Remember, your opinion matters.

The reward for the least survey is usually around 14 cents. This means the more surveys you complete; the more your account will be credited with rewards or Panel currency. Once you reach around $50 to $60, you can redeem it for a $25 gift card which you can use to shop.

Don’t worry; the lowest gift card option that you can redeem at E-Rewards is $10.

Other rewards you can redeem in exchange for Panel currency include magazine subscriptions, hotel discounts, and airline tickets.

So, if you have been planning a vacation to an exotic island in the Caribbean, this is one of the simplest ways to get airline miles or tickets.

Here is a list of companies that have partnered with e-Rewards and where you can redeem your gifts in exchange for e-Rewards currency.

    • Best Buy
    • Alaska Airlines Miles
    • Horizon Air Miles
    • American Airlines Miles
    • United Airline Miles
    • KLM and Air France Miles
    • Denny’s American Diner
    • Starbucks gift cards

Note: This is just a fraction of the list of companies where you can redeem gifts using your Panel currency from e-Rewards. Also, you cannot transfer the e-Rewards currency or sell them to another e-Rewards user. Every member is limited to one account only.

Apart from the gifts above, you can also exchange the rewards for other prizes.

E-Rewards Pros

    • You get to influence the future products and services of a brand by providing your opinion
    • Members have the chance of earning Panel currency or Opinion Points which they can redeem for gift cards and other rewards
    • All new members are invited to create a profile on e-Rewards by different brands and the opinion panel company. From the information provided by a member, e-Rewards match them to different online surveys
    • Payment is above industry standards. There are users who have earned more than $10 for a single survey
    • Users have the chance of filling out online surveys not yet sent to their email
    • E-Rewards is a legitimate online survey platform that collects members opinions and rewards them after each survey

E-Rewards Cons

    • Without an invite, you cannot access e-Rewards member dashboard nor can you answer their online questionnaires
    • E-Rewards currency or Opinion Points cannot be converted into fiat money which means you cannot transfer it to your PayPal account or major credit card.
    • If your account is de-activated, your rewards will be deleted too.

Who is it for?

The first thing you need to know is that joining e-Rewards is free. If someone asks you to pay to join, then, I am sorry to say that you have been duped.

In addition, members are usually invited by E-Rewards partners to join the program which means if you have registered with a certain brand after purchasing one of their products; you may end up being invited to the program.

So, keep checking your email. You may be one of the lucky few like I was.

There are several requirements that need to be fulfilled before joining the market research panel:

    • You need to be 13 years and above
    • You need to have a genuine email that is not used to spam other accounts
    • You need to be a legal resident of the United States

What happens after I receive my invite?

Since e-Rewards is an invite-only service, you will be contacted by the brand you bought a product(s) from. You will be taken through certain checks just to verify that the information you provided when you registered with them is true.

If you pass all the checks, you will be redirected to the member’s area. Here, you will have the opportunity of undertaking the enrollment survey.

What I found out was that the platform allows new members to either undertake the enrollment survey immediately or they can schedule the survey for a later date.

To ensure that the opportunity does not go to waste, e-Rewards has set a 30 day expiration period for new members during which they can take their time to research before completing the enrollment survey.

To complete the enrollment survey, log into e-Rewards member site using your credentials – email and password. From the dashboard, you should find a link to the enrollment survey.

Just click the link and start answering the questions as fast as you can. Make sure that all answers provided are true to your best knowledge.

After completing the enrollment survey, you will be presented with a score and if the e-Rewards compliance department and their partners are satisfied with your answers, your account will be made active.

From here onwards, you can start answering questionnaires and get paid in form of Panel currency. Once you have attained a certain amount, you can redeem the currency for other rewards.

Remember, the information you provide during your survey will be used by e-Rewards and its partners to match you with online surveys.

Training /Tool overview

As an online survey platform that collects opinions from members, it shares your profile data with partners and clients in order to match you with the right surveys.

The data provided to partners and clients never identifies a member which means your identity is protected.

Before compiling this informative E-Rewards review, I took the opportunity of trying out E-Rewards myself. The reason I did so was twofold- to check if the platform is genuine and to identify how the survey emails are formatted.

When I received my email survey, I noticed it originated from e-Rewards since it had the following address “@e-Rwards.net.” For general communication, the email address will have the following domain extension (.com) instead of (.net).

Not sure if the email sent to you originated from e-Rewards? Contact their friendly support staff as I did. They usually reply within the hour when there are fewer tickets to deal with.

How does e–Rewards work?

Well, by now you know that as part of the market research panel, you will be answering several questionnaires thus supplying different companies with vital information inform of your opinion.

Each new survey will be sent to your email account so you need to be vigilant. Thanks to smart devices, you can always stay in touch while on the move as your smart device can connect to a nearby free Wi-Fi network.

In addition, smart devices display notifications from time to time when a new message is sent to your email.

An official email from e-Rewards.com will have the following greeting “You have an opportunity waiting.” A message will be included under the welcome title that will inform you that any opinion provided by you will help to shape the future of the company’s products and services.

Below the message, you will find a button with the following label “Find Survey.” When you click on the button, a new tab will be opened on your browser and you will be redirected to e-Rewards. Here, you will be required to sign up with your credentials – email address and password.

Once you have signed up, e-Rewards will redirect you to the specific survey. A set of questionnaires will be presented to you.

You are required to take your time with each questionnaire. Read it and fully understand what is required of you. When selecting the answers, make sure that it reflects your opinion.

There is no need for you to falsify your opinion. Remember, you won’t be penalized for providing your true opinion.

Once you are done answering the questionnaire, the e-Rewards website will display a message thanking you for participating in the survey. You can now check for more surveys from your dashboard. If you find some, take the time to answer them too.

Remember, each survey is allocated 30 days before it expires so, don’t miss the opportunity of shaping your favorite brand’s products and services.


E-Rewards has provided a contact form which you can use to submit your query and create a ticket with their support team. To complete the form, you need to fill in the following data:

    • First name
    • Last name
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Subject
    • Message in form of a question

Under subject, you have the option of selecting the following:

    • Survey reward
    • Membership Terms and Conditions

Once you have filled in all the data in the available spaces, you will be required to confirm that you are not a bot. Just check the “I’m not a robot” box and you will be presented with a series of images. For me, I selected the correct images and finally clicked “Verify.”

Since all my selections were correct, the system verified and I clicked “Submit” which prompted the form to be sent.

The E-Rewards support team works tirelessly to resolve all issues within the hour. If there is a high volume of tickets to be addressed, the reply may be sent after 72 hours.

To ensure that you get the email in your inbox and not your spam folder, white list their contact email which is info@e-rewards.com to your address book.

How Much Does E-Rewards Cost?

Joining E-Rewards.com is free. As an invite only service, you will be invited by one of the brands where you bought a product from and registered it. The email will be sent to you like mine was.

I bought a side door refrigerator at Best Buy prior to writing this informative e-Rewards review. That is how I was invited and became a member of e-Rewards which allowed me to take the online survey platform for a spin.

My Final Opinion About E-Rewards

One question that features prominently in the mind of my readers is whether e-Rewards scam is real? I am happy to answer that the service is legitimate.

To be a member, you need an invite and the only way you can get it is if you purchase a product from one of their partners, register the product and wait for the invite.

Although you will never convert the Panel currency into cash or withdraw it to your PayPal or bank account, providing your opinion will help to shape future products and services for different brands.

One thing that you may not like about the surveys is that it may take time before you are able to accumulate enough Panel currency to exchange for gift cards or other rewards.

The good news is, there are certain brands which may forward high paying surveys usually more than $10 at once. If you chance upon such online surveys as I did, take the opportunity and walk away with a great reward afterward.

Remember, e-Rewards.com is an invite-only service. If you have any query, contact their friendly support team.

Thanks for reading.



1 thought on “e-Rewards Reviews- Read This Before You Join e-Rewards!”

  1. After reading many of the recent reviews, I see I’m not the only one this happened to. I’ve been a member over 10 years, a Diamond member, and I was just accused of being dishonest and having more than one account—neither of which is true. They stopped sending me surveys about two months ago when I tried to cash out, but having difficulty because the only number I have is my cell number which happens to be a VOIP number. Other survey sites bypassed that requirement for me, but not them. So emails were going back and forth all this time and getting nowhere to help me cash out. Obviously they had no intention of allowing me to do so. Then I noticed I wasn’t getting invited to any surveys from their sister site Valued Opinions and emailed them. John answered and said he’d look into it. The next day he emails me about e-Rewards and suspends me for no good reason. Now I suspect the same thing will happen with the sister site since I was close to cashing out. Stay away from both these sites. They used to be good and paid you. No more!!!!

    E-rewards was taken over by Dynata (Research Now Group LLC), 5800 Tennyson Pkwy, Suite 600, Plano, Tx 75024-3992. I just filed a complaint with BBB.org and suggest all of you reading this do the same. The more complaints, the better. And we might get our money back!


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