Is SuperPay.Me A Scam? Another Survey Website With False Promises?

Is SuperPay.Me A Scam? review


Product Name: SuperPay

Price: Free

Rating: 2.4 out of 10

Verdict: If you ever come across this survey website, definitely stay away.


If you have done some research on some ways to make money online, there’s a good chance that you have already come across claims about survey websites. The internet is riddled with these survey websites that claim to help people earn pocket money which certainly makes you wonder if any of their claims are real or not.

If you haven’t done your research about these survey programs, you may be wondering what the fuzz is all about. Are they even real? Can you really make money on them? Well, the answer to that is YES. Yes, you can make money from survey programs. However, it’s not as big as some of them would lead you to believe.

In this review, we are going to look into one of these survey companies called SuperPay. Additionally, by doing this review, I am also going to offer you a look into the world of survey companies to see if it’s worth checking out or not. I know you’ve seen their ads and wondered if it’s a good side hustle – I am going to answer that question here.

Without further ado, here’s the full review.


What Is SuperPay.Me?

SuperPay isn’t exactly an exclusive survey provider website. It’s actually a GPT (get paid to) website. What that means is it offers different kinds of gigs like completing offers, watching videos, clicking ads, downloading apps, and many more. Like in most of these GPT websites, the tasks are very menial and minimal to the point that anyone can do it as long as they read the instructions.

Truth be told, the tasks here don’t really require much thinking. But as with all tasks that are as easy as this, the payment is expectedly meh. Make no mistake, this isn’t strictly a SuperPay issue. It’s the biggest issue of this industry by far.

I would say that 99.99% of survey websites on the internet don’t pay much, and this one is no exception. If you’re thinking that you’re going to earn a dollar here and there, I’ll tell you now straight up that that isn’t going to happen. I’ll explain further below.


The Inherent Issues Of Survey Websites

When survey websites first came into being, they were a massive hit. They offer easy pocket money for all internet users. All they had to do is answer some questions and write their opinions down. Back in the day when information isn’t as easily available as it is now, that information is valuable, and it showed.

During the first decades of surveys or so, it was a relatively smooth sailing operation. However, that all changed in the dot com bubble wherein companies tried to emulate each and everyone’s success, practically making duplicates of the companies that become successful.

The survey provider industry was not exactly badly affected but it was negatively affected nonetheless. What happened was hundreds to thousands of survey websites popped into existence almost overnight, suddenly dividing the userbase. As a result, the supply of surveys got divided into thousands of survey companies.

This resulted in a chokepoint between the supply and demand. As this ‘gig’ got popular, the demand soared while the supply generally stayed the same. And since the information has become very much available at the time, the survey supply dwindled continuously.


Alternatives To Survey Companies

If you are expecting to earn good money out of this, then I must tell you now that you are mistaken. There simply isn’t a way for you to earn a salary through surveys. There are just too many factors but the biggest issue would be the inconsistency.

Survey websites don’t have a consistent set of questionnaires. There are weeks where they receive none at all. There are weeks where they are full of survey requests. And even then, the payment for each finished questionnaire is so small that you are better off doing something else more productive.

What worked for me when I was trying to look for ways to earn online is affiliate marketing. That’s how I make money online, and dare I say probably the safest way to make an honest living online. But don’t just anchor your hope on this short message, check out the full review here – My #1 Most Recommended Money-Maker Online.


How Does SuperPay Work?

How this survey website work is basically the same as anywhere else. You register and become a member. You confirm your email address. You fill out your profile. Then you wait.

You can go dive right into doing gigs if you choose to but those are limited to clicking ads, watching videos, and other small gigs. Naturally, these don’t pay that much as literally anyone can do them. how it works

If you want to earn more for your time, answering surveys is what you’re after. However, you must wait for an invitation to a survey since their surveys are demographic-based. This means that the amount of surveys you’re going to get depends on the information you provided in your profile.


How Much Does SuperPay Pay?


There is like an unwritten rule for survey websites – they almost always never pay using money. They use credits, coins, virtual rewards, and what have you. It’s like they’re actively avoiding calling their payments money, which is kind of weird.

For SuperPay, they use a point system. For each gig you finish, you will earn a corresponding amount of points. The harder the task, the bigger they pay but don’t expect much. Even their highest paying gig only tops at 100 points.

As a reference, 100 points is equivalent to $1. The points will be credited to your account within 24 hours which to be fair, is faster than usual. You can withdraw your money on PayPal, Skrill, Payza or Bitcoin. Take note that different payment options charge different fees.


superpay payment proof


Other Ways To Earn Money On SuperPay

As with all survey websites out there, they always have these “extra opportunities” to make money, and it’s the same thing – recruitment!

Basically, if you want to earn more, you have to recruit members. For each member that you recruit, you earn a commission. You will get your very own referral link. Each signup on your referral link entitles you to 25% of their entire lifetime earnings.

If you compare the two options, doing gigs or recruiting members, the better option would be to recruit, of course. You recruit enough people and you basically have your own passive income. However, recruiting people is extremely hard. What’s even harder is to keep them doing gigs. After a while, most of them will disappear due to inactivity. Such is the fate of most users on survey websites, unfortunately.


What I Don’t Like About SuperPay.Me

To be honest, there’s not a lot to like about SuperPay. But to be fair, I can say that to pretty much all survey websites. Can you earn? Yes. Can you earn enough? Absolutely not.

There are standout survey companies, however. Should you decide to actually pursue answering surveys on the internet, you must only choose the best ones. Unfortunately, SuperPay isn’t the one. Let me show you why.

  • There have been plenty of complaints about the site stonewalling their users once they request their money
  • People are getting locked out of their accounts due to any number of random reasons
  • This company purposely makes it hard for people to withdraw their earned money, ultimately leading them to just abandon the account, resulting in free labor
  • Some users report 30-60 days of wait before they are able to withdraw their money
  • The survey questionnaires almost always never comes
  • The number of available gigs is laughable


The Verdict – Is SuperPay Me One Of The Good Ones?

As you can tell from the things I don’t like about this company, the answer to that is NO.

SuperPay isn’t a very good company. In fact, it’s one of the bad ones. There are just too many complaints about it. It wouldn’t take you some time to dig up bad feedback of this company due to the sheer volume of complaints that are being thrown at them.

To be fair, there are plenty of reports of successful withdrawal. However, before they were able to withdraw their single-figure earnings, they needed to jump through several hoops. Some were even requested to send a copy of their driver’s license or a copy of their electric bill on their name.

There’s strong evidence that this company is doing this to get free labor. Most users would just forget about everything because the amount they’re about to earn is peanuts anyway, so why even bother? This is the type of mentality that SuperPay is built upon, and that is not okay in my book.

If you ever come across this survey website, definitely stay away.





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