Is Free Money System A Scam?

Is Free Money System A Scam?- You Must Read Before You Join!

Name: Free Money System


Owner: Walter Green

Price: Free To Join + $200 broker account and other upsells

Overall Rank: 2 Out of 10

If a promise is just too good to be true, it would probably be the make money online with just a few minutes of work every day.

Free money system promise that you can become a millionaire in no time with a do-it-for-me form of the trading system. But can you trust these guys?

Is Free Money System a scam?

While I wouldn’t conclude they are a scam, but one sure way to know if anything is a scam is when it promises you a lot of thing with little or no commitment from you.

Am so sure most newbie’s to making money online will fall for such bait because we all want something for nothing in life.

I will describe how Free Money System operates and leave it to you to determine if they are actually real or another scam to run away from.


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What Is Free Money System?

Free Money System is one of the more recent released binary autopilot trading platforms that promises its members or binary traders millions of dollars with just a little task every day.

They are similar to other Binary Options trading platform such as Trio Profit Machine, Million Dollar Duplicator, Ivory Options, and Binary Options Auto Trading and others.


Here’s a Quick Video On Free Money System.

They also claim that they can help the traders do all they need do to earn those millions they promise. Well, that’s a very bold claim and I can immediately point out that it is totally unrealistic claims.

I have reviewed several products that has to do with Binary options and they are borderline scams because there is really no such thing in trading options.

People are lead to believe that they have this new software that make you huge profits in the like of thousands of dollars a day by trading options on your behalf.

And they say the process to do this is just by creating an account, buy some of the Free Money Courses and the money will start pumping into your bank account. And you won’t be charged in the process.

The founder name is Walter Green. They ask you to invest about $200 to start trading. But the question is, will you be so sure that it will work out? However, is it worth investing if you don’t have a guarantee that the system will work?

From one of their videos, Walter Green claimed to have helped nothing less than 152 become millionaires in few days, with their do-it-for-me system.

But as for me, I think all of those claims are nothing but a scam to promote their platform. He is just trying to sell his platform by exaggerating his promises.

The Upside About Free Money System

Most people want something for nothing, so this could be a good way for such people. And this will be appealing to those who want to make millions in few days also.

Free Money System Downsides

Free Money System does not have a customer support line to call or lodge any complaints. And this is a company you will have to invest nothing less than $200 to start trading.

All the videos for promoting Free Money System are upsells. This still cast doubt on the system more.

My candid advice is, investing your money in a business you trust and which will grant you support all time you need them is better than Free Money System.

From all we have seen about them, all they do is to entice you with promises which are good to be true; because they will never do all they promise you.

You will not have personal contact with anyone, apart from the person that is presenting the video. You don’t get to see the brokers and the stock market is filled with a lot of ups and down so how do you plan on making all those millions within a short day?

We strongly recommend you stay clear from this program because you are not cared for and all they really need will be your initial investment delivering what they promised.

From people that have been involved, they complain about the delay in withdraw. And no many options to do the trading.

Free Money System Predictions

The little thing we could say about Free Money System is that they give you an option to make a prediction depending on the on the various trading option they provide.

So you predict the outcome. And if you are lucky, you profit, if otherwise, all your investment is gone. You should also know that immediately have an account with any of their broker.

Free Money System receives a commission for that. All Free Money System helps you do is a guesswork, instead of wise and profitable predictions.

Final Thought: Is Free Money System A scam?

Any online money making program that promises you an easy money is definitely will rip off of your hard earn money. I’ve tried a plenty of Binary options before. Perhaps you are too, all we do is lose our money every time.

In my own opinion, I will advise you to keep off from Free Money System. If trading is all you need to learn you can find real trading courses online that will be of help rather than a place you can see trading for you.

You will get to have a good basis for trading education and start trading for real money.

And if you are not confident enough risking your money on trading, I will advise you start other online business that only requires your hard work and determination such as affiliate marketing.

A few years ago, I gave up the get rich quick schemes and joined a training program where I learned every step of building an online business.

If you serious about making money online, I recommend you to check out My #1 Recommendation here. It is completely free. No credit card or bank detail required.

Have you been trading on the internet or wish to share your opinion about Free Money System, please leave your comment below. I love to hear about it.

Thanks for reading.

Please stay safe!



4 thoughts on “Is Free Money System A Scam?”

  1. Thanks for the thorough review and sound advice, Maun. I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for a few weeks, and I’m amazed at how much I’ve accomplished. It’s step by step training program, and its helpful community has made building an online business easier than I thought. Wishing you lots of success!

    • Hi Ebony, building online business is not easy. Get help when You need is the most important to be successful online.Perhaps Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to help you. Step by step training make everything easy when you start out online. Keep on going with the training and ask for help if you need a hand.

      Wish you much success online!

  2. Thanks for your onset review.
    I almost throw my money on this scam.
    I glad that I thought to Google “IS FREE MONEY SYSTEM A SCAM?” before I paid.
    WA sound promising.
    Thanks for the tip.

    • Hi Efi Azuly, thank for leaving a comment here. Yes, Free Money System is not free it will rip off of your hard earning money. Wealthy Affiliate training program is one of the best internet marketing training out there. Even the WA free membership option beats most of paid programs on the net.

      Good luck!


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