Is Million Dollar Duplicator A Scam?- Increasing Income Or Losing Everything?

Million Dollar Duplicator Scam Review – Increasing Income Or Losing Everything?

Name: Million Dollar Duplicator


Owner: Michael Bradley

Price: Free to Sign Up

Overall Rating: 3 Out of 10

You must have seen the Million Dollar Duplicator online and think if it’s actually real or not. The software was designed by Michael Bradley.

They claim you will be making an average $30,000 monthly if you trade with their software and even went to the extent of telling you that you will get a compensation of $2000 if you don’t meet this target in a month.

Can that be true?

Nothing can be further from the truth. No professional trader can guarantee you such earning. No matter how juicy the offer or promise may be, you won’t get a single cent out let alone dollars.

Within this review, I’ll be showing you whether Million Dollar Duplicator could help you earn 30 grand a month or if this nothing more than an ugly scam.

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What Is Million Dollar Duplicator All About?

The Million Dollar Duplicator is a robot that is automated. It was a program to duplicate the user trades. The software is available for free and most of the traders are finding that it easy to use.

The creator of the program claims that if you invest $100, you will be able to see profits of $4500 within a month.

You don’t have to be an expert to expect good results and the software is 100% accurate.



This is an outrageous claim because an accuracy of 100% is too high for an automated software program that is available for free.

Thousands of dollars have been lost into an opportunity like this with no any results. What most of them do is take your money from you and leave you with nothing.

And if you are just new to the world of binary trading, it might take you enough technical know-how and determination to make that happen.


How Does Million Dollar Duplicator Work?

This software is completely web-based. The registration is so simple. To have access to the system, you will need to give them your name, email address and your phone number to register a new account with them.

Then you will be redirected to Brokerage Company, with a minimum investment of $250, which can be deposited through MasterCard, and Visa.

The trading software is designed to be easy to use and convenient for traders. The software predicts the market trends for the respective trading options and it provides a trading signal.

It offers traders the opportunity to learn the different ways to get maximum results on investment.

The robot can help you trade and check your progress on the system or Smartphone’s and it allows you to select a number of trading to be done on your behalf. You can also choose the amount you will be trading with which starts from $50 to $150.



The software also offers a choice of currencies, commodities, potential profits and amount to be invested.


Deceptive & Red Flags Of Million Dollar Duplicator

The Million Dollar Duplicator system is not software to be trusted. They are all filled with fake promises and red flag.

The Software not free as advertised. They said their software is free but we later discovered that you will have to deposit money to trade with it. And if you invest, there are likely chances that you will lose all your money.

Michael Bradley is not the real face behind the company. They said that the creator of this software is Michael Bradley. But we cannot trace the person called Michael Bradley.

I believe he uses the stock picture like another scam website out there, to avoid the law.

Their Endorsement By CNN or Forbes is False. They claim that they have been reviewed or endorsed by CNN and Forbes by having their logo on their sites. And if you try to browse to confirm that, you won’t find a single endorsement of such.

They only use this trick to bring new members onboard and make them trust them as a reputable company.

They claim that their trading method is the best. There is also another claim that their method of trading has been proven to be the best that will bring you enough profit. But we discover this to be another marketing trick.


What I Like About Million Dollar Duplicator

  • There was literally nothing whatsoever that I like about Million Dollar Duplicator.


What I Don’t Like About Million Dollar Duplicator

  • Their software is just another remodeled scam with the same trick to scam people of their money. I will advise you to stay away from them a much as possible.
  • They are just another binary trading company that wants to tell you what you want to hear. They know a lot of people want to make money doing nothing and they use that to take their money from them.
  • They don’t have any form of earning disclaimer.
  • All the people that you see in the Million Dollar Duplicator are all paid to do those videos. And all you will hear them say is unrealistic claims of wealth they can’t prove to you. All their statements are deceptive from the beginning to the end.
  • They will also tell you that they have limited rights to the software. You will realize that its meant to trick you to quickly register to get their scam software. They are waiting for you to put I huge amount of money for them to benefit.
  • Their promise of living in a beach house and having a car that is far more expensive than most people house cannot be true.
  • They also tell you that you will earn $30,000 without doing anything within a month. They are a scam and every of their promise is to trick you to believe their system is true.


Who Is Million Dollar Duplicator For?

No one! If you haven’t signed up for the Million Dollar Duplicator, please don’t!


Here Is What I Really Think On Million Dollar Duplicator

Million Dollar Duplicator is not a good choice to make money online.

I will say this software was designed to only take your money as a beginner trader because it is not working like any legitimate method of trading software.

The video doesn’t educate you but keeps on emphasizing on unrealistic earnings. And they don’t have any proof that their system actually works.

The entire pictures they use are stock pictures, which clearly indicate they have something fishy to achieve. Also, their testimonials are videos gotten from freelancing websites.

They also tell you that you will be able to buy your dream luxury car and homes in 48 hours, but that can only happen in dreamland and not in reality.

Is it possible for you to invest into their system within 48 hours and start getting all the luxury you want in life?

It’s not very likely!

The owner only wants to sell you a software that will benefit his own pocket and don’t care about what you feel even after getting your money from you.

Don’t lose your money by investing into this software. There is no way you will live in a luxury house in 48 hours except in the dreamland.

Nothing is real in all they offer you if you invest after all this warning you should have yourself to blame.

Do you happen to have any previous experience with Million Dollar Duplicator that you would like to share with everyone else today?

Tell me all about it in the comment box below! I love to hear about it.

Thanks for reading.

All the best!




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