Is Contena a Scam? The Truth Behind Contena Revealed!

Is Contena a Scam?

Contena claims to help you find the best writing jobs by offering tools and training for writers, editors and content creators. But can you trust them? Is Contena a Scam? In this Contena review, I revealed the truth behind it.

The Truth Behind Contena Revealed

First and foremost, welcome to my exclusive Contena review! Today, one of the easiest and leading ways to make money on the internet is by offering your service.

For instance, if you are really good at writing, you can design a personal website, showcase your portfolio, and then search for clients online.

Probably, you have been looking for ways to make some cash online as a freelancer and then landed on Contena.

Thus, if you have come to this exceptional review, the high chances are that you are speculating what the site is all about and whether you can easily make $1,000 every day or even whether the platform is just a typical scam.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve received a lot of requests from most of you requesting me to offer a conclusive review of this platform to find out if it’s worth your time before investing your money in the system.

Now, if you’re here and searching for independent and honest Contena reviews, look no more because I got your back.

Having said that, instead of singing praises about this platform or dismiss the site altogether, I will truly review Contena independently and honestly.

Remember that I am not affiliated with the site in any way. Again, as I always do, I must applaud you for being wise by searching for our independent reviews.

Generally, this is how you find out what a product and platform is essentially like. In the process, you’ll not only get a true way of making money but also avoid being scammed.

Now, let us get into business and get more info about Contena, particularly whether they are legit or just another scam website.

Is Contena a Scam? A Quick Contena ReviewThe Truth Behind Contena Revealed

Name: Contena


Owner: Kevin Fleming

Price: $497- $997 a year

Summary: Contena isn’t a scam. Contena has helped thousand of people around the world to get started with freelance writing. It offers powerful tools and training for writers, editors and content creator. You’ll find the best writing jobs and get hired to work remotely for great companies. However, the major downside is that it is quite expensive compared to other writing platform out there. So, I would say it is great but there are better options out there.

Overall Scam Rank: 6.7 Out of 10

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Table of Content

What is Contena?

How Does Contena Work?

How to Make Money with Contena?

Contena Ugly Truths Revealed!

What I Like about Contena

Is Contena a Scam?

How I Make a Living Online

What is Contena?

Contena is a site providing remote writing tasks to freelancers. Nevertheless, as opposed to the standard job listing websites, Contena comes with a fee. Apparently, prior to finding a client, you first need to become a member of the site and pay the required monthly fee.

First, I was doubtful about this site. Well, you will give your writing service online but before earning anything, you have to pay a specific amount each month.

In my opinion, you are doing Contena a favor and yet, you first have to pay a membership fee. I have been freelancing for many years and the websites I have registered with hardly ask for a membership fee.

Besides, the platform alleges that you can sign up on it as a novice. Based on my experience, when it comes to freelancing, you must have experience or at least, the expertise and skills in writing before applying for an online writing task.

If not, the platform will not approve your application. Since clients pay for your services, they always hire an individual who truly gives their money some worth. With this in mind, it is quite impossible to get a job as a newbie.

As good and fantastic as this platform sounds, it is essential to remember that you will not earn any of those passive income dollars that’s swirling and swashing across the internet.

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How Does Contena Work?

Contena has its primary focus on remote working. What this means is that you can be in any location in this amazing world and still get the tasks done. Generally, you will be living the laptop lifestyle or what is simply known as being location independent.

Provided you have got a laptop and a reliable and regular internet connection, you can perform the tasks and receive your payment.

Despite Contena stating that their jobs are available globally, it is essential to note that most of the jobs on this platform are exclusively meant for the individuals residing in the United States. Technically, most of the employers on this platform prefer working with writers from the US.

Here’s a Short Video on Contena

Contena Membership

One of the leading cons of joining this writing platform is that it’s not free. As a newbie, this is truly a huge disappointment. Furthermore, even after the completion of training, you’ll still have to pay to access the job board.

Well, this is a feature I don’t like because you’ve acquired the necessary skills in the training, become a proficient writer, established and marketed yourself well.

Generally, I truly agree that you need to pay for the training since nothing comes for free. However, why do I need to pay for a lifetime membership?

Currently, the membership is available on yearly basis and comes in the following two options: the gold membership which costs $500, and the platinum membership which costs $800.

The good thing about Contena’s membership is that you can pay in 5 monthly installments. While the Gold Membership costs $129 monthly, you’ll pay $199 monthly for the Platinum plan.

Ideally, there is no reason to renew your membership on this website because you’ll have amassed the necessary skills needed to start pitching for writing tasks online.

All in all, I realized there’s a reason behind the monthly membership fee, and here it is:

Contena Academy

I stated how essential skills and experience are when it comes to looking for a writing task. Most clients use this to determine whether or not you are suitable for the tasks.

If you are a newbie in freelance writing and you registered with Contena, you’ll automatically get access to the Contena Academy.

Basically, this is just a platform that helps amateur freelancers get more info about writing, find a writing task or a client, create a portfolio, amongst other things.

As an experienced writer, you can hugely benefit from this program because, in addition to learning the twists and turns of freelancing, the course also teaches you more about promoting yourself as a writer.

In my opinion, this is useful because not all freelancers are perfect at looking for a client or marketing their service.

Afterward, upon gaining the much-needed experience, you can leave this platform and establish your personal writing platform that will ensure you save some cash.

How to Make Money with Contena?

Currently, you can either make money by creating content for others or joining the affiliate program. However, while the platform is fit for both seasoned and beginner marketers, I recommend the platform to the writers who are thinking about making a career in the writing industry.

Thus, if you are a seasoned or even a newbie marketer and you need to take writing only as a side hustle, I do not think it is worth paying hundreds of dollars every month.

Moreover, you can always consider free training programs on the internet. All in all, you may consider Contena as an option if you need to offer your services without worrying about unpaid jobs.

You can also register for this platform if you want to benefit from Contena’s training program, which, besides focusing on becoming a proficient writer, it can help you promote yourself and services.

Contena Ugly Truths Revealed!

Very Costly

While Contena offers a lot of useful features, it’s important to note that they charge for the services. In my opinion, the price is not only high but also exaggerated. There are many free alternatives to every feature they offer.

While Contena lets you save some time, you’ll save a lot more money with the alternatives which you can invest in a mentor or a course. The platform is perfect by highly overpriced.

Quite Difficult to get a Refund!

As I said earlier, it is quite challenging to receive a refund from Contena. Ideally, you have to prove that you have completed all the exercises offered at the Contena Academy.

Even if you have undertaken all the exercises and the Contena support team is not persuaded, you will not get your refund.

A lot of Negative Reviews

Yes, this is truly a big one. While a couple of freelancers find Contena helpful, a lot more of writers are against the website.

So, if you search online for Contena reviews, do not be surprised to find that the negative reviews suppress the positive ones.

It is not BBB Accredited

I did fast research on the internet and realized that Contena belongs to a company known as Heroic, LLC and it is not even BBB accredited.

While not being accredited by BBB does not imply that the platform is a scam, it is a typical red flag since users nowadays really depend on and use BBB to judge/rate courses and products they need to invest in.

What I Like About Contena


One of the things I’ve learned about freelance writing is that nothing lasts forever. Yes, your client can vanish without a warning.

After all, you are typically working remotely for them and you do not have control in case they don’t want to work with you anymore. Again, they can vanish without paying for the tasks.

There is one thing I like about Contena – before offering your writing service, the client needs to deposit money into escrow so you can receive it upon work completion.

In case there is an issue, Contena acts as the mediator and assists both parties to resolve the problem. With this in mind, there is no need to worry about not receiving your dues.

Great Customer Support

Regardless of how extravagant or simple a service is, the service is useless if it has unreliable customer service. Luckily, Contena offers 24/7 customer support to its clients so you do not have to wait forever to get solutions to your inquiries.

Great Training for Promoting Yourself as a Freelancer

If you need to give your service without the assistance of another platform, the learning you get from this platform can truly help you.

The modules primarily focus on creating a platform, designing a portfolio, or even marketing yourself as a freelancer and you can take advantage of this if you need to make a lot of money by writing for others.

Is Contena a Scam?

Contena is 100% legit. It is a legitimate website that provides writing tasks to both newbie and proficient writers. However, it is quite difficult to get positive comments about this website due to its affiliate program.

Well, it is not that I do not trust the feedback at all, it is just that Contena is marketing a platform. With this, they need to convince members to register in order to make a commission. Therefore, more or less, a lot of reviews about the platform are influenced.

I managed to come across some feedback about Contena from a previous member where the member held that Kevin Fleming, the founder of Contena, demanded him to pull down his negative review about the platform.

Again, I am not saying that this platform is a scam. What I want to say is that, is it not fair to know other people’s opinions, whether positive or negative? Well, it is fair as it gives others an idea of what to anticipate from the platform.

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How I Make a Living Online

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  • Very Costly
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  • A Lot of Negative Reviews

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