Is Bolt Publisher A Scam? – Get The Answers In My Review.

BoltPublisher Scam Review- So What Exactly Is BoltPublisher?

Name: BoltPublisher


Owners: Sam Bakker & Justin Burns

Price: $37 + Upsells

Overall Rating: 6 Out of 10

BoltPublisher is a new internet marketing company you must have heard someone talked about or saw on the social media.

They claim the new technology allows you to make use of the unlimited Facebook traffic, have a lot of shares, and speed the way you converse in few hours without needing to pay a dime to advertise.

Here are other things they claim the bolt will do:

Get your content across to more than 1.5 billion users within a month.
Do away with paid advertise and use their high traffic techniques at no cost.

However, we found that they don’t teach you step by step how to make money online.

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In a nutshell they are trying to claim to us that BoltPublisher software can help you make money online without much of internet marketing experience at all, and the best part of it is that you don’t need to pay to do all that. Are their claims right or false?

The review below should supply you those answers.


Bolt Publisher software Overview

BoltPublisher is a form of software to create articles instantly on Facebook and to push you easily inside minutes publish valuable substance on social medias.

It is a cloud-based software created by Sam Bakker and Justin Burns to help you create media rich articles and publish them directly to Facebook Instant Articles, Apple News and Linked-in pulse.

With BoltPublisher, you have the ability to add elements such as videos, slideshows, tweets, instagram posts, audio, maps and so much more.

BoltPublisher comes with several features include :

See the screenshot below.



Articles– With this feature, you can easily export, edit, delete or duplicate your articles in the easy way.

Calendar– This is for publishing articles instantly or schedules your posts at the best possible times through out the day as you see fit.

Analytic- This application is for tracking your articles performance to see how users are engaging with your contents.

Integration– This includes direct integration to Google Calendar so you can instantly see the articles you have scheduled to go live.

Get A Writer– This application will help you to create high quality content as if the articles were written by professional writers.

Setting– This is for your account setting, customizing logos and set up user’s preference with the program.


How Much Does This Cost?

The BoltPublisher will cost you $37, but that’s not all. Once you purchase this product, you will be offered various upsells subsequently.



So after the purchase of the Bolt Publisher, an offer called OTO (One Time Offer) which each cost $67 will be presented to you.

After that, another one will be presented which is One Time Offer Two at about $197 yearly.

Finally, the last product, One Time Offer three, which worth about $77 will also be presented to you.

In total, if you were to buy everything, it would cost you $378, then a further $197 each year after that.


Pros And Cons Of Bolt Publisher


  • Easy to use software.
  • Step-by-step video training to drive traffic to your contents.
  • Customizes your contents with interactive features such as video, images and more.
  • Explodes your reach with Istagram and Twitter
  • Affiliate Program – 50% commission.
  • Money back guarantee
  • Several bonus
  • And a lot of more.

Cons :

  • Expensive software
  • Several upsells
  • Don’t teach you how to make money online
  • Don’t show you how to monetize your traffic
  • Insufficient support
  • And a lot of more.

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Training & Support

They have several step by step video tutorials which include:

  • How to get approve for Facebook Instant Article
  • How to navigate the “Editor” in BoltPubliser
  • How to set up Calendar in BoltPubliser
  • How to set up “Setting” in BoltPubliser
  • How to create articles from start to finish.
  • How to set up Apple News for BoltPublisher
  • Publishing tools setting on Facebook

To get the most benefits out of their software, they also offer a pdf format to guide you step by step as well.


Can you get Help from the owners?

If have questions or concerns you have to submit tickets through their ticket system or head up to their FAQ page.You might get some answers to your question in their webinars.

See below what customers complain about their support system.



You can also email the owners, but you just get occasionally response. Worse yet, they have very little active community and customer support.


Final Thought: Is Bolt Publisher A scam?

Normally, when it comes to online scams, you typically see products that either do not deliver on their promise, or try to get you to spend a lot of money than advertised through the upsells.

Some see upsells (all the One Time Offers) to be a scam. And most people see it as a standard internet marketing sense.

The main issue I have with them as a company is that they claim the Bolt Publisher will cost only $37 to get you all you need.

In addition, they don’t teach you how to make money online and monetize your traffic. This is supper important to be successful online.

You may have million of visitors to your website, but if you don’t know how to monetize them you will get nothing in return.

If you are an experience marketer and know how to monetize your traffic, definitely BoltPublisher is a good product that worth your money and time.

However, if you are new to internet marketing or just starting out, you won’t get benefits as the owners claims because they don’t teach you step by step how to make money online.

As alternative, I recommend you to start out with proper training, guidance and motivation.

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Do you have any personal experiences that you would like to share about Bolt Publisher? If you do, I love to hear about it. Your feedback is always welcome and your experiences might help other.


Thanks for reading




2 thoughts on “Is Bolt Publisher A Scam? – Get The Answers In My Review.”

  1. Hi Maun, thanks so much for this review on Bolt publisher. This is sad that companies promise you things and don’t deliver. I have fell for many opportunities that promised all i had to do was join. That was my fault for believing it though. I now think differently if its too good To be true it probably is. Keep up what you are doing because you are making people aware.

    • Hi Nicole, thanks for stopping by! I am totally agree with you. If something is too good to be true, it is better to have a double check. If a company give you an outrageous promises and instant money, they are more like to be a scam. BoltPublisher is one of a good program out there. The only issue is they can help you to generate traffic, but not to teach you the step by step to make money online.


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