Is Advocare a Pyramid Scheme? The Ugly Truth Revealed!

Is Advocare a Pyramid Scheme? The Ugly Truth Revealed!


Is Advocare a pyramid scheme?

Welcome to my Advocare Review!


After the invention of this program, I received a Facebook message from one of the agents hired by the company informing me how the company can help me become financially independent and change my dreams.


From this statement, I think the program sounds like another (MLM) mantra for multi-level marketing system.


With these types of promises, I was wondering, ‘Is Advocare a pyramid scheme?’ I’ve heard many people asking this as well.


While some people are smart enough to research before making a decision, others are known to jump into an opportunity without thinking.


Research is a great way to ensure  you are putting your time and money into the right company so before you join this program, I recommend that you go through this detailed Advocare review.


In this review, I intend to give you everything you need to know about Advocare business opportunities. You will learn more about what you need to perform to succeed, and you will learn why some people fail.


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What is Advocare about?

Advocare is an MLM-based organization started in 1993 by Charles Ragus to sell weight management, nutritional and sports performance products. The company offers various products that are spread across these categories:

Advocare Products


  • Trim – the products are supposed to help in weight loss.
  • Twenty-four-day challenge – the system is intended to assist users to attain their set body goals within a period of twenty-four days.
  • Well – this line is meant to solve mental capacity, stress, as well as digestive support.
  • Active – this is intended to offer mental focus and increased energy hydration.
  • Performance Elite – it is supplements for athletes.


There is quite a lot of rivalry, with the sales of the above products. This is so because the products are designed for nutrition and weight loss which can be found from numerous shops.


Concerning this program, there is a set monthly sale that an individual needs to hit in order to continue being an active member of this program.


The company also offers clients the chance to join it and take part by advertising them and selling their products. This aspect is known as multi-level marketing business opportunity, MLM.


People can make money in various ways by working for Advocare. However, like other MLMs, the most valuable way to make a lot of cash is to recruit other members and make money through them. You will make money through your referral every time he or she sells.


Pros & Cons of Advocare

It is recommended to pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of any company before you make the final decision as to whether or not you subscribe to the program. Here are the pros I came across:



1. There are Numerous Products Available

A lot of products offered by Advocare are directed towards lifestyle habits or nutrition. One of their leading products, 24-day challenge, is a unique way to initiate new eating habits that can result in weight loss.


The products are primarily intended to enhance metabolism rates while improving the user’s immune system health.


2. Downline Commissions are Straightforward and Simple


The commissions to distributors that have been sponsored by other Advocare representatives have a simple commission that ranges from 5 -20 % of the generated order.


In addition, there are leadership bonuses on the basis of the number of sales a whole organization is capable of producing, and this can be as high as 19.75%.


This type of percentage makes it easier for all users to know the commission to expect at the end of the process.


3. Various Customers Have Different Opportunities to Get Involved In

Most MLM companies need customers to buy products at a set retail price. The sales representatives can select to sell the products at a lower price, but this definitely lowers their overall profit margins.

Advocare- Ways to get involved


Advocare has the desire to reward the recurrent customers with a better total base price. Wholesale clients are offered the chance to become a distributor without sales requirements to others to take advantage of a twenty percent discount on items.


4. Advocare Provides a Debt Busting Program

Debt is one of the biggest problems that face self-employed people. It is easy and straightforward to buy products as a work expense without worrying about the magnitudes of that action in the years to come.


DebtBuster is a program offered by advocare to assist in debt management, improve cash flow, as well as help users get out of unsecured debt that can cost a fortune.


5. You Can Make a Lot of Cash by Selling Advocare Products


The average yearly income for those at Ruby 6 star is alleged to be $ 105, 477. It takes about three years for a representative to reach these types of sales.


When one is at Emerald status, it is possible to make an average of almost $ 200,000 yearly. Of course, there is the possibility of making much more money with Advocare.


6. The New Representatives have Chances for Bonuses Also

The rookie sellers in Advocare program have a specific set of rewards that they can make outside of the basic commissions and sales margins of all representatives.


There is a one-time rookie bonus given, pay-period extras, as well as other incentives that may come in the form of fully paid trips. For you to enjoy this bonus, there are specific guidelines that you need to adhere to.


7. They have a Refund Policy and Money Back Guarantee


Advocare gives a money back guarantee that enables users to return products to the company.


As long as the user does not open the product, it can be returned to the company for a full refund. However, the product should only be returned to the distributor.




  • There is limited training. Users are not provided with sufficient training, and this can make it difficult to adjust.
  • A lot of users end up purchasing products in order to retain their membership since they are not taught how to sell products.
  • Some users allege that they are forced to turn to paid ads to make money.
  • The alleged yearly incomes may remain to be a dream if the user fails to follow the guidelines keenly.
  • At one time, this company was arraigned in court due to how they treated their staffs.


Who it is for

Advocare is for those users that love network marketing. At Advocare, users are paid to introduce product line, product, as well as a service to a customer.


Here, there are multiple products that a person can market using this fantastic marketing model. The good thing is that marketers are rewarded based on the sales volume they generate.


Besides, marketers are also rewarded depending on the volume made by the marketers in their downline.


As a marketer, a person can generate a decent income by just pushing products, but it is advisable to create a team of marketers in order to attain financial freedom.


The marketer’s downline team possesses a limitless growth potential. It means that those involved in it have infinite income potential.


Due to this, there are numerous numbers of independently wealthy persons who have made it in life due to this type of business.


Thus, if you are the type of person that loves marketing products and services, this program is a real deal to you.


Training/ Tool Overview


The training offered by Advocare is insignificant. For instance, there is no detailed training on how to get new leads.


The lack of sufficient training and tools is unwanted as it makes distributors buy products monthly to remain active distributors.


According to me, this is a strategy where the company exploits the distributors. For a distributor to be successful, he or she should invest in things such as proper marketing training and paid advertising.


Advocare Support Service

Advocare gives support to its users. For instance, if you have any issue using the program, you can contact the customer care department through the phone numbers published on the company’s official website, or send them an email address indicating your issues. I noticed that the support staff replies to emails within a short period.


The Start-up Cost

In an ideal world, Multi-Level Marketing companies would like to have their products sold on their websites as well as from their distributors’ website. However, this isn’t the case when it comes to Advocare.


The products offered by Advocare aren’t only available at their website and from the distributors, but they are also provided on eBay and Amazon.


At the start, Advocare will cost you seventy-nine dollars plus a shipping fee of about $ 7.45.


After the first time, users are charged fifty dollars for every other year aside from the shipping fee you need to cater for.


After joining the program as a business builder, you will be entitled to a privilege where you will purchase products at a discounted rate of about twenty percent.


After that, you won’t be needed to do anything else. The discounts will improve as you buy more products and acquire new customers to register under you.


A fact is that a lot of users who register with MLM-systems pay more for the available products and services than they generate from the systems.


The best option is to avoid buying these types of products at all. But then, why would a person market products and services for other individuals if the person isn’t using them.


The Compensation Plan Offered by Advocare


The Advocare Multi-Level Marketing business opportunity incorporates a compensation plan that is explained in the marketing video on their site.


Here’s a Quick Video on their Compensation Plan.


Basically, the program offers wholesale commissions, retail profits, Advocare overrides, leadership bonuses, and incentives like most MLM-programs across the world.


At Advocare, there are six levels known as platinum, diamond, emerald, ruby, gold, and silver. The higher the level, the more the bonus a user enjoys.


With this type of compensation plan, a user is entitled to an opportunity to make much more money by selling products to other customers as well as registering new members to the program.


Is Advocare a Pyramid Scheme?

From a legal point of view, Advocare isn’t a pyramid scheme since they sell actual products and they have purposely masked their figures to hide whether they generate more money from retail sales to ordinary customers or from distributor purchases. This is sufficient info to show that the company is legit.


However, some users allege Advocare to be a pyramid scheme that uses product sales to cover up what it is.


Most of these people think of the program as a pyramid scheme since one has to recruit other users who also need to recruit other individuals to join in order to make money.


Besides, growth in this program is mostly based on this program of recruiting new faces as it plays a vital role in the profits you make. Some users say that is why they label Advocare as a pyramid scheme.


For instance, five years ago, over 90 % of the distributors at Advocare paid more to the company than they received from it.


Another 70% failed to make any money even though they registered with the program. The hugest earnings are shared among the leading 1 -3%.


Here’s My Final Opinion on Advocare

Is advocare a pyramid scam, NO! A pyramid scam is defined as a program that has no products or services to give.


Advocare does possess products to offer, and the top medical professionals highly rate the products. Can one succeed with the business portion provided by Advocare?

Well, this depends on your efforts. Have I made cash via Advocare program? Yes, I have made some money. Do I use the program currently? Yes, I do.


Is there a chance that you can make it as an Advocare distributor? Yes, the chances are that you can make a good amount of money if you become consistent with the program.


Would I recommend the system? Yes, because you can make money through it if you follow the guidelines and recruit new members to the program.


In any case, whether you opt to invest in Advocare or you decide to start your business elsewhere, you must learn how to acquire consistent leads. You can learn more about these types of systems by visiting this website regularly.


Advocare At a Glance

$79 Plus $7.45 Shipping Fee





Overall Quality



  • Numerous products available to sell.
  • Downline commissions are straightforward and simple.
  • Various customers have different opportunities to get involved in.


  • There is limited training.
  • Users end up purchasing products in order to retain their membership.
  • You are forced to turn to paid ads to make money

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