Textbroker Review- Another Content Mill Scam EXPOSED!

Textbroker Review: Is It Just Another Content Mill or Is There Something More To It?

Textbroker review- Another Content Mill Scam EXPOSED!


Welcome to my Textbroker review!


If you’ve been doing SEO (search engine optimization) for some time now, you probably already know the value of content to the ranking of your website. The better the quality of your website’s content, the better it ranks on Google. But only if it’s as simple as that.


As we’ve learned throughout the years, Google likes to mess with its algorithm until it finds the right one that fits the current era. In today’s era, content is king – and it is looking like it’s going to be king for a very long time.


What this means for your website is your content should be of high-quality. They must be 100% original. They must be informative. They must contain plenty of information about the industry they are posted in.


That way, you would become an authority in your niche and earn full-time income online.


Getting Quality Content for Your Website

Today, we are going to look into one of the most popular content marketplaces in the internet, Textbroker. For many marketers, having a good writer in an absolute must.


Having a good writer is an absolute game-changer in SEO. But what if instead of one good writer, you get four? Maybe even ten? And that’s the reason why we’re looking into Textbroker.


To increase your chances of getting ranked highly by Google, you need plenty of quality articles at your disposal and this is where Textbroker is perfect for.


Textbroker allows you to hire several authors on as-needed basis which is awesome if you are on a budget.


And now, to get it out of the way, I’m going to answer one of the many questions you may have on your mind. Is Textbroker a scam?


Well, the answer is no but there is more to it than that. To have a good idea if Textbroker is indeed worth it or not, you need to read on further.


So What Exactly is Textbroker

Textbroker is a content mill that aims to connect freelance writers with clients all over the world. Their main selling point is they provide clients digital contents at a very competitive rate.


All of that through the use of their intuitive dashboard that makes ordering contents a breeze. You could order anything from blogs, press releases, journal entries, or even social media posts – all you have to do is choose a writer and click order.


Here’s a Quick Video on Textbroker.



Think of it as a content marketplace where you browse many sellers and point to the ones you like the most.


Textbroker then acts as a middleman and completely takes care of all the process. The only real job you get to do is choosing a seller and sending them some brief instructions.


Textbroker ultimately cuts the need for constant communication between the writer and the client.


The way I see it, it makes the whole set-up a little more convenient and seamless since they are the ones responsible for disbursing payments once the assignment is complete.


Whether you are an author or someone looking for writers, Textbroker seems like the perfect place to buy or sell quality content to use on your website.


Registration for Freelance Writers

The registration for authors is easy enough. Just like registering in any other platforms, you just need to provide your personal information and voila, you’re all set.


Of course, just like any content aggregator site out there, you will need to create a profile. Think of it as your own sales page.


This will include some samples of your work (unsold articles, for copyright reasons), languages you speak, hobbies, interests, and many more. It’s a personal page for the writers that the clients can view to get an idea of the kind of author they are.


One key thing to remember though, you are not allowed to have your contact information anywhere in your resume or profile. Putting in any kind of contact details in your resume may result in permanent closing of your account.


This is to prevent authors and clients communicating outside of Textbroker to bypass any fees (more on this later).


Setting Up An Account for Clients Who Want to Order Content

Setting up an account for clients isn’t any different than setting up an account as an author.


The only real difference here is you will need to put balance to your account using either paypal or your credit card before you can process some orders.


Once the money is loaded into the platform, you can now order articles for your personal use.

Here’s a Screenshot of the Member’s Area.


Textbroker Member's area


You can even setup an alarm once your funds go below a certain threshold to make sure there will be no interruption on your orders.


If you forget to load your Textbroker wallet, your balance would actually display as negative (-) and all your pending orders are put on hold.


Once you reload your wallet though, everything would resume as normal. This is one of the many great features of their dashboard but it is definitely much easier to just put an alarm once you go below a certain threshold to avoid interruption.


Inside your account summary, you will have access to all your payment history as well as your pending payments. It basically summarizes your whole account in a way that is easily digestible and easy to understand.


How Much Is Their Service?

At Textbroker, they offer 4 options when it comes to content quality. Of course, the quality varies between the four options with the cheaper ones coming in at okay-ish quality. Here is what Textbroker pays per word along with the star rating.


2 stars: Average quality content: 1.5 cents per word.
3 stars: Good quality content: 2.0 cents per word.
4 stars: Very good quality content. 2.7 cents per word.
5 stars: Excellent quality content: 7.2 cents per word.


Below is a Screenshot of Textbroker’s Prices at a glance.


textbroker prices


Take note that every post will be reviewed by the editors at some point so these star ratings do show the quality of the article you’re going to get.


As A Client, Is Using Textbroker Even Worth It?

The best thing about Textbroker is it does what it is set out to do, no more no less. It promises to connect writers and authors seamlessly and it does so with precision that it makes ordering an article an absolutely delight, which you can’t say about some of its competitors.


The dashboard is very intuitive, not too complicated and not too simple. It just makes sense to look at.


Another great thing about Textbroker is you now have a consistent source of quality articles for your websites. No more looking for writers every time you need content. All you have to do is click order and you’re all set. Price per articles is cheap too.


Issues You May Run Into When Using Textbroker

If you type “Textbroker reviews” on Google, you may get directed to several negative reviews for the site. Upon closer inspection, you will notice that most of the negative reviews come from authors, citing their rates of pay to be the main issue.


To be fair, the payment isn’t that great and Textbroker gets a chunk of the payment. So whatever rate it is you’re paying for, your authors receive less than that.


While this low payment issue is bad for authors, it actually serves clients the actual opposite since they can get their contents at very cheap prices.


Unfortunately, since the prices are relatively low compared to their competitors, the quality of the work would sometimes reflect the price you pay for. After all, you get what you pay for still applies here.


Also, many of the writers in Textbroker aren’t living inside the US. This could both be pros or cons, depending on your outlook.


You can look at it in a more positive way that while the price per content is low (as viewed from inside the US), it actually is fairly priced if the writers are living outside the US.


As for looking at it negatively, you can say that some writers outside the US aren’t as good as native writers. But based from my experience, you won’t actually notice.


Their star ratings are there for a reason. If you get a 4-star writer, it doesn’t matter where they come from, the content quality is usually consistent across the board.


Conclusion: Is Textbroker a Scam?

At the end of the day, Textbroker does what it’s set out to do but it does so without offering something revolutionary.


Textbroker really does seems like it is just another content mill, only cheaper. It’s so cheap compared to its competitors that you may still wonder if Textbroker is indeed a scam even after reading all about it. Just to clear the air once again, Textbroker is not a scam.


But is Textbroker worth it? To put it bluntly, it’s only worth it if you are a client but only for the 4 to 5-star rating writers.


Overall, it’s a good starting point for writers looking to hone up their skills. Given the grueling schedule and punishing competition, it definitely gives writers a taste of the competition inside the writing industry.


As for the client’s perspective, Textbroker is a good site to get your contents from especially if you are managing several sites that needs readable and quality content.


The fact that the power dynamic is skewed in your favor makes it so that you can get more than what you pay for, which depending on your outlook, can be a bonus.

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