CB Automator Review: Is This WordPress Plugin Worth The Price?

CB Automator Review


cb automator review


Majority of the top earners in the online marketing industry get their income from commissions – commissions from their affiliate blogs and websites, to be precise. Affiliate marketing is a serious business on the internet and it’s probably the best way to earn money here. However, not a lot of marketers are doing it properly and only the top percentile earns good money off of it. And why is that? The answer is quite simple – they simply don’t have the right kind of information to be successful in this business.


What if there is a product that can help you earn money online almost automatically? Sounds good? The product is called CB Automator and it is the product I am going to review today.


I’ve been reviewing affiliate marketing products for several years now and this product is in no way different to the kinds of products I’ve reviewed before. I’ve reviewed many products that are similar to this which means one of many things. Perhaps this is just a duplicate of a successful product? Or maybe, it’s just another scam that followed the same template as the other scams? Today, we’ll find out. I am going to do a full and comprehensive review of this product. I am going to determine if it’s worth your time or not. Can it really do even a fraction of what it claims? We’ll see soon enough.


What Exactly Is CB Automator?


CB Automator, as expected of the name, is a program, a WordPress plugin to be precise, that automates the affiliate system of your website. Basically, it will source contents from all over the internet and put together a coherent page of content filled with articles, product reviews, pictures, videos, and even your Clickbank affiliates.


All you have to do is fill in a couple of details and you’re all set. All you have to do is sit back why it’s doing its thing. Anyone, regardless of expertise, can jump into this program and create several pages without putting much effort at all. This should be a dream come true for marketers, but is it, really? Is the auto-generated content any good for earning money? After all, Google has been cracking down on auto-generated content, will this program be any good then?


Before I can answer that, we need to look into the heart of the program to check its features, and whether it is Google-proofed. What that means is can it escape Google’s sophisticated duplicate content analyzer? Because if it does, perhaps it is indeed a good program to have. Otherwise, it would be pretty useless.


What Does CB Automator Need In Order To Function?


CB Automator is a WordPress plugin that can build a whole website in just a few clicks. All you need to do is make the initial set-up and once finished, it is now set to be automated. You basically need to provide this information before you start pumping out new content on your website.


  • Import Setting


This is like an overview of the type of content you want to be posted.


  • Visual Setting


Obviously, this deals with how the content is displayed.


  • HTML Code


You can add your custom HTML codes down here. You can also put your Adsense ads in here, or whatever kind of code that is allowed.


  • Banner Ad Content


You can insert your own banner ad into the content automatically using this feature. You can also insert your affiliate link to the banner.


  • Social Setting


This is where you put in all your social media details. Linking your social media accounts to your content is one of the major things you need to be doing now, especially where almost everyone uses social media as their main platform of communication.


How Does CB Automator Work?


CB Automator sources articles using the internet. In fact, you don’t have to do much writing, if any. As soon as you finish filling out your information, you will be given 30 articles that you can post in any way that you like. You can drip feed it to your website or post it all in one go. You decide whichever you like.


What’s good about this automated method of filling in content is that the articles come with corresponding images and videos, depending on your setting. When you look at the finished product, it would look just like any other website you’ve observed, and that is by design.


CB Automator now claims that all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the fruits of your easy labor. Just let it do its thing and wait for the dollars to come in.


How Much Does CB Automator Cost?


CB Automator is priced at $27 at the minimum. However, for that $27, you would only get the license to use the product. If you want to use all the features, you need to shell out another $20 because CB Automator Pro is priced at $47. That’s their first upsell.


And just like those infomercials you see, there’s more upsells. The second upsell is the monthly content Automator which comes up at $27. If you want to truly make your website automated, of course, you would need to have auto-generated content. Basically, their very basic package comes up at around $100. But wait, there’s more!


You can opt for their hosting service which costs $97, developer license for $47, and another $77 for site development. If you get all of their upsells, that totals to $322 which is considerably higher than the initial $27 they are advertising. Their advertising price is quite misleading but to be fair, most affiliate marketing programs do this so varying levels of shadiness. For this product, I rate it on the milder side, when it comes to misleading claims.


The Verdict – Is It A Scam?


CB Automator is a solid plug-in but for the price, it’s definitely not a good buy. There are just too many issues associated with having an automated content website. The ease of putting up your website definitely does not equal the headache that will accompany it.


Google will immediately flag the website as spam once it detects it has duplicate content. With your website being only a copy of contents across the internet, it will definitely trigger Google’s spam detection. After your website has been tagged as spam, it will never show up on Google’s SERP.


If you want Google to rank your website fairly, you need to make sure that the content posted there is 100% original. Make sure that it is informative and full of quality content that aren’t found elsewhere. If you use a content aggregator website, Google will never see your website as trustworthy.


If you want a proven and tested affiliate marketing program, you should definitely check out my #1 recommended program. It’s a program that I’ve been using for the last several years. It does not have any of the drawbacks I’ve discussed above. You will learn more once you click the link below.


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