Is Laptop Millionaire A Scam? The Only Honest Review You Can Find!

Is Laptop Millionaire A Scam?


laptop millionaire scam


Would you like to become a millionaire now? Of course, your answer would be a resounding “Yes!” Well, not unless you already are a billionaire, of course. For the rest of us, the answer is obvious. Everyone wants to be a millionaire but for the majority of us, becoming a millionaire will always be far from reality. Fortunately, there are plenty of programs out there that claims to have the ability to make you a millionaire. Today, we’re going to look into one of these programs, Laptop Millionaire.


Laptop Millionaire in its core is basically just another program that claims to have found the secret to making money online. I’ve already reviewed hundreds of products that claim the same thing and one thing is for certain – not all of them can be right. Majority of the products I’ve reviewed claiming the same thing are duds, and worthless. Is this product any different? I am going to answer that question in this review. Once you finish reading this article, you will have gained good information about this program whether it’s worth your money or not. Without further delays, here’s my review.


What Exactly is Laptop Millionaire?


Laptop Millionaire is a program created by Mark Anastasi to help people get out of the 9 to 5 kind of lifestyle and enjoy the lifestyle they ever so wanted. Laptop Millionaire claims that they can help anyone earn money online just by using their 32 steps.


There is also a book of the same name, Laptop Millionaire, written by the same guy, Mark Anastasi, which basically put into words this program. The book contains 272 pages which aren’t at all that many and can be finished in a day. It allegedly contains all the secrets to becoming a successful online entrepreneur – and all of that from the 32 different ideas.


We will review these 32 ways to make money online to check whether there are any truths to them. Basically, we’re going to dig into their claims to see if they are worth checking out. To be honest, the claims of this program are pretty standard for an affiliate marketing product. We’re going to find out if there’s something in here that makes it stand out against the competition.


How Does Laptop Millionaire Work?


The tagline of this product is “Go from ZERO to $10,000 a month….” Which is a pretty ludicrous statement that absolutely holds no value whatsoever. First of all, the way it is worded is very vague and almost no information about what the program does is present. It’s very obvious that this is just a sales pitch, a tagline that is meant to lure you into the program.


Once I dug into the program, I soon found out that the information given is very vague. There’s not much talk about how the system runs or works. It just said that all you have to is read up about the program and learn how to earn $10,000/month almost instantly, like in 28 days. I am not saying that earning this much in this short amount of time is impossible but it’s improbable. Reading training and expecting to earn easy money as soon as you applied what you learned is a very formidable task.


This program claims that in order to hit the $10,000/month salary, you will only need 28 days. Unfortunately, speaking from experience, this doesn’t seem that honest of a claim. Yes, you can earn $10,000 but that would require considerably more than 28 days of work. No matter how invaluable the tips in the program are, it’s incredibly hard to reach that kind of salary in only 28 days of training. There simply isn’t any way for that to happen.


How Much Is Laptop Millionaire?


The book costs around $15 which is very typical for this kind of book. But I am telling you now that you can find most of what is written there on the internet if you do your own research. There’s no life-changing information buried inside the book. The opposite is true, actually. The book is filled with standard texts that don’t seem all that unique to its competitors.


Honest Opinion About Laptop Millionaire


  • Promising Claims


If you’ve checked out many products on the internet, you should already be familiar with how misleading some claims are. This company is no different. They constantly oversell the capability of their product to the point that you can almost consider their claims as outright lies.


  • They go for quantity rather than quality


The best kind of training that you will receive is one that is informative through and through. Many training modules will say a lot without actually saying much, does this make sense? What I mean to say is this program goes for the quantity approach – I mean, 32 ways to earn money? To be honest, you don’t need that many strategies. The best strategies and ways can be compiled into, maybe, 5 little steps. And even then, five’s probably already way too much for anyone to absorb.


In my years doing online reviews, I’ve learned of the best ways to earn money online and the best one will always be affiliate marketing. If you are interested in reading my review of the best affiliate marketing program there is, you should head over to my #1 recommendation.


  • The training materials are outdated


If you’ve been reading a lot of about the industry, the marketing industry to be precise, you will notice that most of the information inside the book or their program is a little bit outdated. For instance, there is a lot of focus on email marketing that it completely misses the mark on the importance of building your business on social media. It’s almost 2020 now and social media is now the top choice to get more leads. The training materials don’t make it seem like so since it is still stuck on the archaic lead generation methods of the past.


  • Mark Anastasi is a real person


One of the biggest tells of a scam program is if the owner is not a real person. As far as I could tell, Mark Anastasi is a real person and he himself has succeeded in making money online. That sort of removes some doubt that this product is just a scam. However, that isn’t saying that Laptop Millionaire isn’t a scam. It could still be, but having a real owner certainly lends to its credibility.


The Verdict – Is Laptop Millionaire A Scam?


Laptop Millionaire is certainly not a scam. However, it displays a lot of characteristics that many cookie-cutter affiliate programs have. For instance, its claims are a bit outrageous to the point that it seems like all of those talks aren’t based on facts, but only designed to lure in potential users.


Having said that, there are still good information stashed in the book and the program. The only real issue I have with the book is the amount of unnecessary information included in it. Perhaps, that’s because they boast 32 ways to make money online. As I’ve said, you only need maybe 5 of those, and you’re good to go. The book stretches its pages a little bit by including the other 25 or so ways, but overall, it’s still an informative move, though quite heavy.


I can see myself recommending this book to my friends, mostly because of the price, which isn’t that much, at only around $15. However, I will also tell them that while this program is certainly worth the price, there are better alternatives out there. As a product reviewer, I’m obliged to tell them that my #1 product recommendation is better than this product at almost anything.

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