Is World Global Network Scam? Is It Just Another MLM Dud?

Is World Global Network Scam?

world global network

Product Name: World Global Network

Price: $469 to $1,499

Rating: 5.1 out of 10

Verdict: Overall, this company sure looks good on paper but fails to actually impress with its tech products.


When it comes to making money, there’s almost no limit to the amount of opportunity that you can try out. But due to the current pandemic we are experiencing now, many opportunities have been lost because of the economic slump that the whole world is experiencing.

With that being said, more and more of these money-making opportunities are making their way into the internet. Since a lot of people are going to be cooped up inside their homes for extended periods of time, getting an online gig will prove to be useful and companies realize that. Many of them have now focused their marketing on the internet.

One of the most common opportunities online are GPT websites, survey websites, writing gigs, and MLM opportunities. In this article, we are going to focus on the latter – MLM.

The company that we’re going to review today is called World Global Network, an MLM company that is in the health and fitness market. This company claims to improve your life and health through its innovative products while also providing you a new avenue to make money online. Is this opportunity legit?


What Exactly Is World Global Network?

World Global Network is an MLM company that specializes in health-related items. They are known for selling wearable fitness-focused products that can track your overall health. If you are familiar with heart monitor watches, it’s just like that but with several more features.

Apart from their wearable tech, they also offer DNA testing to give them a better profile of what they should eat. This sounds good on paper but they do not actually provide any proof of testing which makes me wary of its legitimacy. This isn’t the same DNA test that they use on 23andme.

They also offer vitamin packs, diet plans, and anti-radiation mobile sticker. Now, all of their products look legit enough except for the anti-radiation sticker. This is pseudoscience. The addition of this product into their lineup actually makes me more of a skeptic towards their other products.

smartlife DNA


How Do You Become A Member?

If you are still interested in joining this MLM company, you can easily join their website. After all, this is still considered an online opportunity.

When you register as a member, you will become a certified independent distributor, which gives you huge discounts on their products. But before you become a member, you need to pay a joining fee which is worth $469 for Personal Pack, and $1,499 for Builder Pack.

As with all MLM companies, you have 2 major ways to earn money – you can earn by selling the product or you can recruit other people to be a part of your downline. When you become a member, you are eligible for huge discounts on their items. This gives you a huge overhead if you sell their items for fair market price.

When you recruit people into the program, you will get a commission. You will also get a commission every time a downline buys an item. This also applies to their downlines as well but with a small commission.

World Global Network


World Global Network Quotas

Truth be told, I am not a big fan of quotas, especially in MLM companies. This makes people more likely to earn because they are working under pressure.

For World Global Network, if they fail to reach a certain quota, they won’t be able to earn their commission. This is a lousy tactic that many companies use to basically force their members to cover for their deficit. What ends up happening is their members buy the items for themselves to not get removed from the program. This just seems very counter-intuitive, don’t you think?

Unfortunately, I can’t find any figure on their monthly quotas but I can only assume that it’s high since their products are priced very highly. This secrecy is probably stemming from the fact that this company has been having some financial problems lately but that’s for another story.

The addition of quotas into their membership allows them to hide their shortcomings.


An Overview Of Their Products

This MLM company is a bit unique in the sense that it does not conform to the image that most MLM companies adhere to. Most MLM companies sell vitamins or skincare products. That’s just the way the industry is shaped.

To be fair, you can consider this company to follow the same path, given that it is in the health-related market. However, it’s very tech-related which makes it a class of its own compared to other health-related MLM companies out there.

They have plenty of health monitoring devices that can track your heart rate, heart ECG, sat levels, mood, sleep patterns, daily steps, blood sugar, and more. The maker of some of their devices is Toshiba which is one of the most reputable brands in the arena.

They do have a questionable product from Biozen which is the anti-radiation sticker. As far as science is concerned, there isn’t a single shred of evidence that this product work. There’s not a ‘chip’ or ‘sticker’ that can effectively block off radiation. That’s just pseudoscience with absolutely no data to back it up.

wearable tech


What I Like About World Global Network

There are plenty of things to like about this company. They are innovative enough that they don’t adhere to the typical MLM pitfalls like focusing on vitamins and supplements.

  • Their products are functional. Many MLM products are mostly just for gimmicks. That isn’t the case here as their wearable tech products are legitimately working.
  • Their compensation plan is pretty straightforward. No more of that complex matrix that no one understands. You sell or recruit, or both – that’s it.


What I Don’t Like About World Global Network

There have been many complaints about their products being defective and low-quality. This comes as a surprise since their products come from Toshiba, a reputable tech company.

  • Expensive products. Compared to even better-made wearable techs, their products are substantially more expensive. This is probably to cover their finances, which isn’t really looking so good at the moment.
  • They give quotas to their members. I am not big on quotas. On paper, it looks like it would motivate people to work harder but the opposite is what ends up happening. Because of quotas, members are going to find ways to force people into signing which isn’t a good look. Or they end up paying for the products which will put them financially compromised.
  • They use pseudoscience for their products anti-radiation and SmartLifeDNA.


The Verdict – Is World Global Network Worth It?

When you first glance at this product, it may seem like a good company. However, upon closer inspection, you will notice plenty of cracks at the seams. This company only gives off the appearance of being world-class but that can’t be any further from the truth.

This company is riddled with pseudoscience with expensive add-on products to boot. They are basically selling you a dud product, naming it something fancy, and turning it over for a huge profit. That is their business and it will be yours, too, if you become a member. Now, would you want that?

Their products are substantially more expensive than market price. This is okay if the product were quality but no, there have been plenty of complaints about the quality of their products, which many claims suffer from production issues.

Overall, this company sure looks good on paper but fails to actually impress with its tech products.


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