Is Profit With Alex Scam?- Important Review Facts!

Is Profit With Alex Scam?- Important Review Facts!

Product Name: Profit With Alex


Price: Free

Owner: Alex Goodwin

Overall Rating: 4 Out of 10

If you received an email from Profit With Alex, you are probably wondering if this company is real or a scam. So you took to the internet to research this company for yourself. Good for you! It is a good thing that you want to research, rather than take a company or their offers at face value. We’ve researched this company as well, and we put together a review based on our findings.

Product Overview: What Is Profit With Alex All About?

This software is created by Alex Goodwin. It claims that it can build websites for you in 5 minutes with only 14 clicks. It then goes on to say that you can earn $38k a month with these websites. It speaks of a legal glitch that lets you rack up $38,491 every 30 days in the video presentation of the company.

The software claims to work by going into websites like Amazon or Ebay, taking information on products sold and reviews left for those products, and then plugging that information into your new affiliate website.



The idea behind this is that those customer reviews from Amazon and Ebay will redirect the reader to Amazon or Ebay for the actual product. Then, if a sale happens from there, you will earn a commission.

Alex talks about how the software is free, which is true, but then mentions a $37 web hosting fee that is necessary to run the program.

The video presentation goes on to show an image of a ‘Summary for This Month’ that boasts of total earnings of $4342 in just 7 days. The red flag here is image itself. It is clearly a fake image, due to the way the currency is displayed.

If it were a true image of true earnings, the image would read $4342.00 instead. Which makes one ask, why do they feel the need to create a fake earnings report? Is it because there aren’t any actual earnings to show for proof?

Naturally, one would think if it were a legitimate software, the earnings would not need to be fabricated.

Another tactic used to create hype is the statement that the video is not available to the public.

The email talks of how the video is only available for a limited time and that it is by an invitation only. So if someone were to go to the website directly, say after their emailed invitation ‘expired’, it would say “Sorry You’re Too Late Profit With Alex Is Sold Out”.


Inevitably making a person feel upset that they missed out, therefore keeping them eager to jump on the next emailed opportunity. Clever, isn’t it?

However, the video is still available on the website. It is just hosted on a special hidden page of the domain instead. How would an individual know that though, if they did not do their research?

Generally, when a company needs to create hype and give vague details about their product, it is a tactic used to bait the next customer.

They usually use other gimmicks like flashy pictures, bold type, wild testimonials, and catchy phrases like “you do not want to miss this one!” that create a sense of urgency.

Give a potential customer just enough to want more, without really offering them anything of substance. Profit With Alex proves to be no different than the rest when it comes to this.

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The Pros Vs Cons Of Profit With Alex

Every Program comes with it’s upsides and downsides, let go over those:


  • Software comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.
  • The software allows you to name your own website yourself.
  • One time investment of $37.
  • 24 x 7 customer service.


  • False advertising found on numerous occasions.
  • This software will need a stable high speed internet connection in order for it to work properly. You’ll want to keep this in mind if you live in a remote area where internet access is limited.
  • Customer service is only accessible through email.
  • Training is inadequate.

Who Is This For?

The software is said to be created for anyone interested in doing affiliate marketing. It is geared towards teaching someone how to become an affiliate marketer the right way. Anyone can do affiliate marketing, given the proper tools and the right training. The question is, does this software provide an individual with the proper tools and training? It does not. Keep reading to see why.

Training/Tool Overview

The training offered with the software is designed to help you create a niche for your website. This is done by loading your website with products from other sites like Amazon or Ebay.

The flaw with this is that the search engines will not even rank your site because of the duplicate listings that will be out there now. The search engines will pull up the Amazon and Ebay listings first, since this is the original listing.

The SEO training is all wrong as well. While accurate SEO will not matter much due to all the duplicate listings that will be created because of this software, the training in and of itself is still incorrect.

The tools used to teach you are subpar, at best. Because he does not properly teach how to use SEO keywords effectively, it will just lead to your website once again being lost in the shuffle.

A website needs many specific keywords to hit a Page 1 ranking on an internet search. In other words, training this software has to offer you on SEO would unfortunately be of no use to you within this software or outside of this software.

Support: Can You Get Help From Alex?

Here is one seemingly positive we found. Profit With Alex’s website does state that they offer 24×7 customer support. The downside to this is that it is through email only. So they appear to be helpful in offering 24×7 customer support, but they conveniently leave out an actual phone number to talk to a live person.

Another clever move on their part. A customer can send an email to support, but they will have no assurance that the email will be read. Furthermore, they have no guarantee it will even go to a Profit With Alex customer service queue!

Suppose you, as a customer, had an urgent issue that required immediate attention. How would you be able to get it resolved? You would be at the mercy of an individual actually receiving your email and then responding to you in a timely manner.

It could be much more efficient if the company were to give their customers an actual phone number to call. Profit With Alex’s customer service is lacking in that area. There is also no physical address, P.O. Box address, or corporate info of any kind on their website.

Leaving their customers with only email as an option to contact them is suspicious enough by itself, but to top it off with not even showing a company address on the website certainly makes Profit With Alex look a bit fishy.

How Much Does Profit With Alex Cost?

The software claims to be free, and it is. Where the fee comes in is that you will be paying a $37 web hosting fee to run the program. They do say this is a one time fee though. Which brings up another area of suspicion. Typically website hosting is a yearly fee, as the hosting has to be renewed after the agreed upon term is over.

My Final Opinion On Profit With Alex

If you were to purchase this software, you would essentially be purchasing something that would not bring you traffic to your site. The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ comes to mind here.

While one could argue that Alex is offering the software at a low price so that everyone can afford it, another could argue that it is a low price because it doesn’t deliver.

If it were actually helping individuals earn $38k in a month, like it claims, that could warrant a much higher price tag on the software. The lies and red flags are enough to conclude that I would not recommend this software to anyone.

Hype marketing coated in smooth talking lies is not good business practice. It makes a company lose all credibility right out of the gate. That, factored in with the subpar training that is offered with this software, is another solid ‘no’ from me.

Lastly, the final nail in the coffin is the lack of any possibility to talk to a live human being if a person were to need help. The software proves to be ineffective.

Based on the research of Profit With Alex, it has been hard to find any cases of actual profit. Sure there is the doctored picture in the company’s video, but it is not accurate.

It is actually fake. Is Profit With Alex a scam? Maybe not. However, it is definitely a useless tool that makes an unrealistic promise.


Profit With Alex At A Glance!

Product Name: Profit With Alex


Price: Free

Owner: Alex Goodwin

Overall Rating: 4 Out of 10

Verdict: Not Live Up To The Promises


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  1. So just another make money fast online scam, nothing new under the sun :). If something seems too good to be true it ALWAYS is. If there’s a promise of no work involved on your part you can bet it’s a hoax. I wish people would stop falling for these scams, it’s important to have reviews like this up! Thanks for the review Maun, really digging you site!


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