Is BKA Content A Scam? Can A Bought Content Be Useful?

Is BKA Content A Scam?


bka content review


Name: BKA Content

Author: Unknown

Price: Free

Rating: 8.3 out of 10

Verdict: BKA Content is a legitimate content mill that can provide you a good side hustle. The more efficient you work, the better your pay will be.


If you are looking for an opportunity to earn online, there’s a high chance that you have come across a writing opportunity because it’s one of the most popular money-making opportunities on the internet. The internet is basically a collection of content from all over the world. All these contents don’t write themselves. As such, there will always be an opening for writers on the internet.


Because of this demand, looking into becoming a writer to earn money online is going to be a lucrative option. It’s one of the many reasons why I choose to review BKA Content today. It’s a popular freelance content mill that’s been in service for many years now.


Since my website is all about money-making, reviewing this company is going to be in line with my agenda. I am going to help you determine if you can really make good money using this website. I will consider many factors to make this review as impartial as I can. I will also give you alternatives in case this program does not pan out. I’ll even recommend a program that I personally use to give you a glimpse of how I make my money online.


What Is BKA Content?


BKA Content is a website that is looking for writers that currently reside in the United States. As such, the primary language that is used is English and you would be given an English writing test to determine your skill level. This writing test is essential as it would determine if you are eligible for a job or not.


BKA Content is looking for high-quality writers which is the reason they’re more stringent to their tests compared to other writing websites out there. The article that you write must also be original to pass Google’s duplicate content checker. The last thing they want is for their content to be flagged by Google as duplicate.


They value the SEO-quality of their content which means that you must learn how to write SEO content for their website. It’s important that you understand keyword usage, concise search terms, and other SEO-writing guidelines to make sure that your content is up to snuff.


One thing to take note is your application can take some time to review as they are reviewed manually and they receive plenty of applications per day.


How Do I Join The Site?


Apart from all the qualifications I’ve talked about, there are several requirements that you need to be aware of.


First of all, you need to be a US Citizen to get approved. Even if you are living inside the US using a visa, you are not eligible to become a writer, unfortunately. You also need Microsoft Word installed on your computer.


I will just list their requirement to give you an easier time understanding all the things that you need.


  • Internet Connection
  • Microsoft Word
  • Must have Gmail address
  • Required to write at least 2000 words a week
  • Paypal is used for payment
  • College-level writing
  • You must meet deadlines or else your account will be cut


How Much Can You Earn From This Website?


It’s going to be hard to make an accurate claim on the amount that you can potentially make from this website.


Luckily, for you, I have gathered enough data to make an intelligent hypothesis of how much can you potentially earn. Most writers can start $8 – $14 per hour, depending on how fast and how error-free your content is. For faster writers, the pay rate can be as high as $18/hour.


To give you another perspective, the average payment per word is 2.5 cents. If you are required to produce 2000 words per week, that would equate to $50 per week, which to be honest, isn’t that good but all things considered, it’s better than nothing, and is actually a lot more than what its competitors are paying.


If you can write a 2000-word article in, let’s say, 2 hours, that would equate to $25/hour which is pretty darn respectable considering that it’s only for online work. If you can write even faster, you would have an even higher hourly rate.


How To Get Paid?


Their payment merchant of choice is Paypal. Therefore, you are required to have a Paypal account prior to getting approved.


If you are able to submit all your work on or before the deadline, you will get paid every two weeks. The 2.5 cents per word is only average. Some articles would have a rate of 5 cents per word. That’s almost double the average. However, there are plenty of articles that only have 1.3 cents per word.


The main takeaway here is you need to churn out articles faster and be of high quality if you want to earn more using this website.


Types Of Jobs Available On BKA Content


BKA Content is not only looking for a single type of article writers. They actually require their writers to be able to write different kinds of articles – classified ads, photo descriptions, blog contents, press releases, and more.


If you assume that you will only be given generic article assignments, you are mistaken. The writing assignments vary by a lot. But then again, the most popular writing gig today is blog writing and formal website content, meta description, and social media posts.


If you have experience in writing interesting and catchy articles, you will have edge over your competitors as BKA Content is looking for writers that can write intriguing articles. I don’t want to say ‘clickbaity’ articles but that’s basically what they’re looking for.


The Conclusion – Is BKA Content A Good Gig?


BKA Content is a legitimate content mill, there’s no doubt about it.


It’s not as popular as other content mill but it does provide a consistent amount of work for good employees. As long as you don’t miss out on deadlines and deliver articles that don’t need or only need minimal revision, you’re all good.


The only real downside to this website is the entrance test is quite difficult, especially compared to other content mill websites. But you can also view that as a good thing because a difficult exam is going to deter a lot of people from applying, hence, lowering the competition. The competition will be steeper though but if you are confident in your skills, you will no problem with it.


Overall, BKA Content is a worth it side hustle for anyone who wants extra money on the side. If you are an efficient writer, you can definitely make your BKA Content gig a worthwhile endeavor. Another thing that’s good about this company is if you consistently go well above and beyond what is required, you will be given more projects and gigs, effectively increasing your earnings.



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