Zoombucks Review 2019: Is It A Legit Opportunity?

Zoombucks Review



Most of us probably already had an encounter with rewards sites at one point or another. Maybe you saw it when you were browsing your favorite social media sites, as they are known to run ads on all social media platforms. In any case, their ads probably intrigued you when you saw it, and probably because they are using keywords that are interesting, to say the least. The majority of rewards sites’ ads have a tagline of “earn extra money” or something of the sorts. Of course, who wouldn’t want that? We all want extra money.


But before we get started on this review of a reward site called Zoombucks, we need to learn what reward sites actually are. Reward sites are companies that build engagement for brands to increase their exposure which is a critical part of marketing. The brands want exposure and reward sites can give that with the use of their targeting and brand management. These brands then hire reward sites to do a demographic study to make sure that they are running a well-targeted ad, instead of just guessing which strategies would work as they go along.


Zoombucks will handle all of the work by providing its members plenty of incentives to have them answer surveys, among other things. But it’s a lot more complicated than that. In this review, we are going to discuss the inner workings of Zoombucks and determine if this company is worth your time or not.


What Exactly Is Zoombucks?


Zoombucks is a reward site that pays its users for doing various different things like watching ads, answering surveys, complete offers, and many other things. Basically, the members will be doing a bunch of stuff and get rewards for it, depending on how small those tasks are.


I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard of websites offering surveys for money. This site is kinda like those sites but this one also offers a lot more than just surveys. The surveys are usually the most sought after tasks because they pay more handsomely compared to others but other tasks like video watching are popular as well because of how easy it is to do.


If you are looking to get extra money, then Zoombucks is a good starting point for research. However, can it really make you extra money or are those just empty promises? We’re here to find out. In the next section, we’re going to discuss the ways in which you can make money using Zoombucks.


How Do You Earn Using Zoombucks?


  • Answering Surveys


A lot of people on the internet are looking for surveys that are paid for because it’s easy money to their eyes. That’s actually true because all you need to do is answer the questions to the best of your knowledge and you’re all good to do. No wrong or right answers. Just be honest. However, one thing that many conveniently fail to realize is that these surveys are targeted. If you are not within their target demographic, they are not going to offer you to take one.


This is the same for Zoombucks, if you are not in the demographic that their partners are targeting, then you’re going to have a bad time. In a sense, getting a survey on this site depends on your luck entirely. If you belong in the right demographic, then sure. But otherwise, you better be looking for something else. Just like any other survey providers out there, being selected for a survey is considerably harder than answering one.


  • Completing Offers


This thing would require a bit of tinkering with your phones or laptop as it will require you to sign up for offers. You can see the offers on their offer wall and each one will have different kinds of sign-up packages. The usual offer would be to have you sign up on some random subscription offer, to which you need to give your credit card information. All my senses tell me that this is going to be a bad idea so you better stick with the less-paying sign-up which doesn’t require you to input your credit card number. This is the safer option albeit with less pay.


Just remember to cancel your membership as soon as the trial period ends. You don’t want to get charged for a subscription you don’t even want. Make sure to have a reminder on you whenever you sign-up for these kinds of membership plans.


  • Watching Videos or Ads


You can earn reward points whenever you watch a video that is accredited by Zoombucks. You don’t even have to pay attention. In fact, you can just have them running on your background while doing work for instance. This would be like the easiest way to get reward points from this platform. The amount of effort you will spend doing this is next to nothing but you will get reward points which is always a plus.


  • Installing Apps On Your Device


Zoombucks will have a list of apps that you can download and install onto your mobile phone and earn points when you did. Some apps would require you to actually use the app for a time before awarding you with points but for the majority, a clean install would be enough to get you points. The more stringent the requirements for the installation, the more the points you will have so keep this in mind when selecting an app to install.


How Much Can You Earn?


Now, for the juicy part of the article, and the one that you’ve been waiting for. So, how much can you really earn using this program?



This one’s a bit tricky to answer because there are so many factors that could affect your earnings. First of all, availability. Some of these gigs aren’t always available, and if they are, you will have a lot of competitions for them. Nevertheless, most users would report earning around 30,000 points per month. This may seem like a lot but if you convert it to cash, that would only be around $30 since (1,000 points is equal to $1). It’s a great way to earn money on the side but it really isn’t much.


As for their withdrawal options – you can use Paypal. Once you have requested an amount, it will take them 2 days to transfer it to your account. They have a minimum threshold though but it’s not that extravagant, at only $3. You can easily withdraw your money if you want to, no problem.



The Honest Verdict


One of biggest problems of reward sites like Zoombucks is the availability of the gigs on their platform. The number of gigs can vary a lot depending on the season or if the owner recently signed a big client or whatnot. The point is, it’s pretty hard to gauge the amount of success you will be having when you are using this platform. It is simply not a good platform to use if your main goal is to earn enough money because let’s face it, you will never earn much from using this one.


If you want to earn a respectable amount of money, you should steer clear from GPT or reward sites in general because these sites are only good for people wanting to earn extra, and for those people who have extra time on their hands. If you aren’t any of those, better choose an alternative, like affiliate marketing for instance. I will put the link down of my most recommended affiliate marketing program – my #1 recommended program.


What Zoombucks is perfect for is giving you an opportunity to earn extra, but it’s also one of its biggest issues. They can’t go any further than that “earn extra,” hence you are stuck with a meaningless and boring job for a penny. If you want something more, I suggest giving other kinds of marketing a go.




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