WP Engine Review: Will It Make A Difference For Your Website?

WP Engine Review: Will It Make A Difference For Your Website?


WP Engine review


Majority of website owners on the internet opt for a blog-style approach for their website because it’s more intuitive, and a bit more personal kind of content,  which is what most internet users are looking for. If you go to the homepage of this website, you can see what I’m talking about. A blog offers a less formulaic approach to writing which is going to be more intriguing than your average professionally written articles. But writing a good article is not enough to make your blog presentable. What you need is a blog format or template that makes your visitors come back again and again to your block – and that’s the main selling point of using WordPress.


You may not even know it but most of the blogs you read on the internet use templates from WordPress. WordPress is the leading website design template in the world that offers its users thousands, even millions of different customization options that makes it easier to customize their website to their liking. For instance, I personally use a WordPress template for this website, and most of the other websites as well. It’s intuitive and easily customizable, making it probably the best custom web design template out there.


That being said, there are still some issues when using WordPress. Just like using any kind of platform, you will eventually run into some problems. Thankfully, most of those problems are easily fixable thanks to the strong customer support of WordPress. However, there are some issues that will need certain actions for you to fix. For instance, perhaps you want to increase the speed and security of your website – there’s a hosting service for that, and that is exactly what we are going to review today – WP Engine WordPress Hosting.


What Is WP Engine?


WP Engine is a company that offers website owners hosting services for all their online needs. Now, you may think that there are plenty of other companies that offer exactly just that. That is certainly true. However, not a lot of companies can offer what WP Engine is offering. WP Engine is one of the few hosting companies that specialize in WordPress hosting. This company is the biggest WordPress hosting provider in the world which is saying something because most of the blogs you read are using WordPress templates.


Basically, by specializing in providing hosting services for WordPress users, WP Engine is able to provide its users with seamless and more fluid service compared to any of its competitors. Now, the only question is do you actually need to use WP Engine? We’re going to answer that in this review but first, we need to look into the inner workings of this program. We will do that to understand the structure of this program to see if it is indeed a good fit for your website as it says it is.


What Does WP Engine Offer?


As I’ve said above, WP Engine managed WordPress hosting for users all over the world. They mostly just cater to WordPress users. This would mean faster load times and overall better security for WordPress users.


This all sounds good and dandy but what exactly does that mean? What does it mean in terms of features and functionality for your website? I would need another article to explain the technicalities of how WP Engine work. For this article though, I would just give you a broad stroke explanation of how WP Engine can improve your website.


One particular boost that WP Engine is going to provide you is speed and stability. If your website is not gaining many visitors, you usually won’t encounter issues even on the most basic hosting service. However, once the number of your website visitors increase, you will need to have a better and faster hosting service – and this is where WP Engine is most useful for. If you are just starting out, I’d caution to you getting this program because you will not have much use for it.


WP Engine Result Summary


Overall, WP Engine does what it promises to do. It makes your website load a lot faster. But most of their effect aren’t that obvious even to experienced users. Much of the advantage of using WP Engine pertains to security and frequent backup options. If you don’t want to think about what happens behind the scenes, WP Engine might be a good fit for you.


The only real concern for you now is if this website is worth it or not. I will write down below the usual pricing for this program.


How Much Is WP Engine?


There are 3 main packages for WP Engine users. You can also get a customized plan depending on what your site needs. Whatever the case is, you will have a plan that will be suited for you. I will put a screenshot below showing the packages available for you. At the time of this writing, WP Engine is offering their packages at a much cheaper rate. Check it out if you think you need it for your website.


wp engine prices



Honest Thoughts About WP Engine


After careful analysis of the program, WP Engine, I’ve come to the conclusion that it certainly delivered on many of its claims. Any WordPress website can experience an improved performance when fitted with a WP Engine hosting service, but just like any good things, that comes at a cost. I’ve written a separate section above detailing the prices of the program. In all honesty, the decision depends entirely on you – if you want to spend that much money for improved security and stability.


The added features would be very welcome especially the automatic backup and security scanning. If you are prone to tinkering your website time and time again, a scheduled and automated backup definitely makes sense to have. The bonus feature of 35 WordPress themes doesn’t hurt either.


Overall, at $35/month, WP Engine is a costly hosting service, all things considered. I would only recommend this program to website owners that are actually making money off of their website. If you aren’t earning much from your website, you won’t have much use for the added features and loading speed of this hosting service. You are better off using that money to market your website to people instead.


If you want to share some thoughts and comments regarding your hosting experience, don’t hesitate to share down below.


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