What’s Clickearners: Scam or Legit? An Extensive Review!

What’s Clickearner? An Extensive Review!

What's Clickearners?

Hello everyone, welcome to my extensive Clickearners review. You perhaps came across this website and wondered whether it’s legitimate or illegitimate. Before I get deep into its analysis, I want to thank you for taking your special time and carrying out your personal research before signing up with this doubtful website! In this comprehensive, honest review, you will discover some ugly truths that may make you avoid the site like the plague.


Do you want to make some good cash online, and have you heard more about virtual assistants? Well, Virtual Assistant is a real job. If you have been studying this market, you have perhaps found Clickearners. Now, what is Clickearners? I am more than happy that you have decided to read this review before jumping in. It is a wise verdict because the internet is full of scam products, making it difficult to tell the best from the worst.


At first sight, Clickearners’s website seems like a legit website where you can get virtual assistant jobs. Most websites, such as this, provide similar services. Nevertheless, there is a notable huge difference. On the other sites, you will not be charged anything to become a virtual assistant.


Becoming a virtual assistant or in simple terms, a freelancer is absolutely free. So, why would one consider to pay 27 dollars for a service that is offered free of charge across the internet? So, is the program a scam? Well, this is why I decided to write this review. I want to give you info about how the program works, whether it’s a scam or not, and how it offers what it promises. I will then give you an honest judgment and recommendation, is that OK?


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What is Clickearners?

Clickearners is a site where users can learn how to become successful virtual assistants and get paid to do various freelance tasks, work, and projects from the comfort of their homes. They are listed on the BBB (Better Business Bureau) website but they are not accredited. At the time of this review, they have B+ rating on the Better Business Bureau.


According to the Clickearners website, you can work from any location you want and select your desired hours. This sounds fantastic. You will work as an online assistant upon successful registration, but I don’t trust the company wholly because you have to pay some cash in order to use their services. I mean, there are endless sites out there where you can join for free.


The first thing you will see on their website is the tagline about virtual assistant jobs that one is supposed to discover across the site. However, you will be shocked when you fill in your email address and try to go to the subsequent pages. First, you will realize that the site fails to live up to its promises. Secondly, you will find out that it’s just another digital program that needs you to pay to get information.

See the screenshot below

Clickearners products

From the disclaimer located at the bottom of the website, I found out that Clickearners is a Clickbank product that claims to be an affiliate network with both legit and scam products. I think the big problem with this website is that there is no substantial information about the owner of the company that has invented it.


Why on Earth Would People Pay to get Free Information?


The truth is that an individual has been contemplating and has invented an idea of charging users for info offered for free by popular search engines like Google. If you need to get an online job, all you need to do is visit the mighty Google, and everything will be given to you instantly. I mean, if there is a place where you can get similar info for free. Why not use that source?


How Does Clickearners Work?

To get started, you need to register by providing your valid phone number, name, valid email address, and your country of origin. Afterward, you will be asked some bogus questions like ‘Do you have regular access to a stable internet connection?’ or ‘How many hours are you available to work online per week?’ The funny thing about Clickearners is that they make you feel like you are more than fortunate to get accepted on their site, and workers from your country of origin are in very high demand. Trust me; the company accepts everybody as long as the said 27 dollars is paid.


While it sounds like you may find jobs on Clickearners and get employed, remember that the program will not hire or pay you for anything. The site only contains a list of other websites that you need to sign up with to make any cash at all. In some situations, these websites are not related to online jobs. The sites you get here can be obtained with a simple Google search.


Allow me to be transparent with you, Clickearners will not help you make money online, and it will not give you anything new. The owners make you think it is a passive income website, but it is only a website with a list of other potential sites in it.


Of course, you require some experience and some skills to get started in the online world. However, the process isn’t as simple as outlined by this program. As a novice person, it is not possible to make 25 dollars per hour. Most amateurs find it challenging to get an online job, and they must try their luck in many listings before they get employed.


When amateurs are hired, they usually make around $ 2 – $ 5 per hour before they become experts. After successfully completing several tasks and proving your skills, you will stand higher chances of getting reasonable payments per hour. Also, you will find much better opportunities.

Here’s what one of their client say

Clickearners client


How to Make Money with Clickearners

I tried to find a couple of happy clients that can attest that indeed Clickearners is a legit website for making passive income online. After in-depth research, all I got were negative complaints about how hard it is to make money via this program. I will show you these complaints in the next section.


Now, is t possible to make money with Clickearners? Theoretically, yes. You can make some money by working as a virtual assistant. Though, the earnings you will make are insufficient. For instance, survey websites pay a couple of cents for every survey you undertake. Other jobs on the site equally pay minimal incomes. But you might be able to generate some serious cash in the end if you dedicate sufficient time to one specific job.


Clickearners Ugly Truths Revealed!

Due to the misrepresentations I outlined above, my first impression is that this program is not legit. But it would be unfair to jump into unsound conclusions. But I think that, if the program is 100%, why do they hide crucial information about its owners/operator, what they really do, as well as its creator. Here are ugly truths I discovered about the product:


No information about the Owner

There is certainly no information about the company, and there is zero info about Clickearners’ owners. I do not trust websites with concealed owners because there is no reason to hide the owner’s info unless they are engaging in scam business. The organization has no physical address too, so there is nothing to show that this site is trustworthy and serious.


Paying to get a Job is Bogus

The prefix ‘free’ in the word ‘Freelancing’ has two meanings. First, it means that you are free to work wherever you want and whenever you want. Second, it means that getting these jobs is free. As you can see, the internet is filled with hundreds, if not thousands of freelancing sites. On these freelancing sites, you can either conduct a survey for cash or get jobs to write blog posts.


My previous question still stands. Why would I pay twenty-seven dollars to Clickearners for something free? I hope this part has answered this repetitive question. There is no need to pay to get a job. Employers need to pay you for a job well done.


It has very Low Ratings and Trust Score

While I was gathering information about this review, I skimmed the sites that rates and ranks money-making programs. As I predicted, this particular site contains low ratings and trust scores. They allege that Clickearners includes a reliable indicator of being a scam. In fact, the trust score is a mere 20%. Everyone else on these sites has similar opinions, including the company’s previous customers. The site isn’t trustable. Some individuals claim that the website is changing its name soon due to the numerous negative reviews and comments it has received online.


A lot of complaints about the Company Exists!

Clickearners face endless criticisms from users who allege that they paid the signup fee, yet they did not get any job. The worst thing is that the members tried to contact the support department, but they didn’t get answers. For example, some members say that they paid a $27 subscription fee, but they didn’t receive the login credential. The customers sent emails to the customers but no response at all, yet the company sends them promotional messages to date.


It has Upsells

Expect to get upsells inside the system. Although members are not needed to purchase these digital products, the company places these promotions there to make money from you. I am not saying that upsells are bad. But I do not think it is wise to take advantage of newbies.


What I Like About Clickearners

You can Receive a Refund

Luckily, the site is managed by Clickbank. This aspect enables you to get back your money. Unfortunately, you may fail to receive your total money back because most Clickbank sellers incorporate a particular trick to ensure that you receive only a percentage of your investment. If you need to get your refund from the company, head to Clickbank’s webpage.


Is Clickearners a Scam?

Numerous sites sell valueless information and guides at high prices. Clickearners is one of those websites. In my opinion, it is advisable to stay away from sites that demand us to pay them in order to get hired. Notably, it is possible to get many online free jobs on the internet without paying any penny. Regardless, nobody will assure you a job even after paying the required cash.


The other thing about this site is that they trick members with false info. First of all, they make you think that you will make money via Clickearners, which is not valid. Based on this evidence and the info I have published above; my verdict is that Clickearners is borderline a scam. I do not trust this website 100%. In addition, I do not recommend fake money-making programs to my unique readers. So, ensure that your bank account is secure by always searching for reviews.


How I Make a Living Online

I hope this detailed review was useful, and if it was, please do not forget to share it with your family members and friends, so they don’t invest on such bogus websites. To save you time and money, let me show you how I make a living online.


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Overall Quality



  • You can get refund
  • You can get virtual assistant job
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  • No information about the owner
  • Paying to get a job is bogus
  • They have upsells

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