What is Survey Rewardz? Another Paid Survey Scam Site?

What is Survey Rewardz? Another Paid Survey Scam Site?

Name: Survey Rewardz

Owner: Points2shop LLC

Website: www.surveyrewardz.com

Price: Free to Join

Overall Rating: 5.8/10

What is Survey Rewardz All About?

Survey Rewardz is a market research company that started in the year 2004. It pays people to undertake surveys in the comfort of their homes. It is similar to other survey sites like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, SurveySay, Toluna, and others.

The surveys aim to help manufacturers understand how consumers view their products and believe the best way is finding a client who can give unbiased information.

Anyone wishing to join the research company has to register first by entering their email and choosing a secure password. The next section is to answer short questions which range from demographics, family setup and material acquisitions.

The answers that you will give during the signup will henceforth be used as a guide to survey questions sent later. Payments are made every time you complete a survey sent to you.

There are many ways they are going to pay you after you have completed the surveys.

Pros and Cons of Survey Rewardz


Survey Rewardz has advantages and disadvantages as well. The benefits are as I have highlighted below.

  • They have supportive customer care. Contacting them will help in addressing any issue that you could be having.
  • They have a strict privacy policy which guarantees you the security of your private information that you have surrendered to them.
  • They have fast payments. They do not hold your money or gifts which is helpful in ensuring you can cater for your private needs with the money.
  • You can select all the surveys you intend to fill all at once, as opposed to getting a single email per survey chose which could be annoying.
  • You can choose whether you want to receive cash or gifts as payment for the completed surveys.
  • You can know how much you will earn from a survey before picking the it
  • You can receive relevant surveys according to the short personal information questionnaire you did during registration.
  • There is plenty of surveys to work on throughout the day, which is not common among survey companies. Some companies have very few jobs, and this makes it hard to reach the required threshold to withdraw your money.
  • The payment threshold of surveyrewardz.com is only $1 which means you can withdraw your money any time you want.
  • Survey Rewardz has few or no limitations on the country of the applicant. Working for the company from your different geographical area is possible.
  • Joining Survey Rewardz is free, and the company only requires your necessary personal information to admit you which is different from other online websites that demand that you pay a fee.


I consider three issues as the main limitations of Survey Rewardz. They may be a deal breaker for some people so I will highlight them here.

  • You have to sign up to have a view of surveys on offer. You cannot preview on Survey Rewardz website. You cannot gather any meaningful information about the company without signing up.
  • Giving out your data during signup will end up with compulsory registration whether you intended to join the survey company or not.
  • The company has no referral program which would have helped the existing freelancers earn points or bonuses.

Who is Survey Rewardz For?

Whereas many survey companies exist in the industry, surveyrewardz.com is meant for companies who would like to establish how people view their products, how to price their goods or services, and how their products are positively changing lives.

Survey Rewardz is for the freelancer who would wish to have consistent jobs at home or their place of convenience and also as a source of income.

People who have benefited from Survey Rewardz include staying at home moms, students, and pensioners who would want to live productive lives every day.

To ensure you earn money from the site, visit it daily to find out the surveys that are there. To ensure you make most out of Survey Rewardz, aim to do as many reviews as possible. Ensure you read the questions and answer correctly.

Training and Tools

The only thing you need to start working for surveyrewardz.com is a reliable internet connection, a good computer and a quiet environment conducive for doing the surveys.

Having all these will enable you to answer all the surveys in a fast and precise way. Answering surveys are simple and require no specialized training. It is equivalent to answering a questionnaire.

However, before registering to ensure that surveyrewardz’s mode of payment is available in your country.

Does Survey Rewardz Offer Any Help When You Need It?

Survey Rewardz has a reliable customer care. The support accorded to the freelancers is meant to assist them to work on the surveys and complete without much hindrance.

Several queries that a freelancer can raise range from how to answer a specific survey, payment queries and general questions that require the administrative attention of surveyrewardz.com.

How Do You Get Paid?

The company has different prices charges for different surveys. In the same light, payments for surveys done by the freelancer vary. They range from $0.50 and $2.00 per survey.

You have to work on many surveys to be able to reach the minimum threshold to facilitate withdrawal. Many payment options exist. The following common payment methods have different minimum payout and different fees as I have indicated below.

  • PayPal: Minimum pay out $1
  • Global Virtual Visa Reward: Minimum pay out $5
  • Panera eGift Card: Minimum pay out $2
  • Dunkin Donuts eGift Card: Minimum pay out $5
  • Walmart eGift Card: Minimum pay out $5

My Final opinion On Survey Rewardz

From the above discussion, it is clear that Survey Rewardz scam allegations do not hold much water. The company processes all the information they receive from new freelancers and assigns them the relevant surveys to complete.

Survey Rewardz also makes correct payments for all work completed by their freelancers.

It is also evident that the company has more advantages than disadvantages. It is thus reliable and genuinely existent in the online surveys vast industry.

However, you should take some time looking into the complaints to study it before you try out. Remember, the subscription is almost automatic on this site.

From the above Survey rewards review, you should be able to choose whether it is something you are willing to join.

You will be able to decide whether to work full time or part time according to your schedule. I would advise you to try this company out and share your experience.

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