What Is Self- Employment? Is It Right For You?

What Is The Meaning Of Self-employment?

Self-employment is the setting up and management of a successful business or ventures.

Many large companies today began in this way as a visionary individual brings about an invention created an organization or registered trademark.

Although a good business ideas are essential to the overall success of the company, the concept of the idea determines the fate of the business.

Self-employment is in most cases seems to be the only option if you are in the medical profession,  journalism, and creative and performing arts are all sectors where self-employment Is a typical way of action.

For some people, it is a life choice that can be achieved: the creation of the company, whether full-time or part-time; Freelance or interpreter; the purchase of a franchise.


Why Self-employment Is Worth An Option Considering

There are reasons to be an entrepreneur, and there had never been a better time than now. I know this sounds strange to some, but it is the reality of our time.

On the positive side, the Internet has opened up opportunities for small businesses because it provides incredible power and can make little guy look like a great man.

On the Downside, employment has never been less secure or less satisfactory, at least not in recent decades, when the population is more than the available jobs.

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What I Like About Self-employment

The following are points why self-employment is worth an option to look into.

     1.It helps build your future

When you work for a boss, is directly dependent on them for survival and upkeep. Your employer can give more tasks without a salary increase, change your main task, your level, your salary, or even terminate your appointment.

In all of these scenarios, you may have little or no say in the last word, especially if your job is on the line. Being independent gives you a sense of control over all of these cases.

Many Joes are willing to make less money to be self-sufficient, precisely because it provides a platform to create their own future.

And be the one to create their future rather than leaving it to a boss.



     2. It helps exchange their value for money and no time

Being an employee means exchanging your time for money, because you work for someone for five to nine hours for payment at the end of the day or month, as the case may be.

If we want to be honest, you will discover that the money received from Monday to Friday is not enough to meet all your needs, as a matter of fact, it only meant to make you survive.

Because in working for money, you’re only compensated and paid a set rate. Assuming, you are work for a firm. You get paid a set monthly or hourly rate but the issue is, you are only paid when you work for such duration.

This means you are simply trading your time for money, but self-employed simply looking for a human need or challenge, solve and what is rewarded with our money (i.e. blogger who put A very informative piece of information on their blog, which keeps the reader engaged the blogger will be rewarded with the visit to its website).

     3. Being independent allows you to create multiple sources of income

If you are working for a salary, you probably wake up every morning and zoom into his office and back at night, leaving little time to think about what you can do to increase your income.

But if you are self-employed you are not such condition, especially if you have sources of income from investments.

The worst thing that can happen to a self-employed is to lose its business, but they also get it back in no time.

Self-employment gives you the flexibility to seek other sources of investment required. With paid jobs, you rarely that time, and most paid jobs even restrict your chances to earn more from other investments.

     4. You can choose when to work

The average entrepreneur knows they are in charge of their lives. And the more they work on their business the more they earn.

And not as an employee who probably works in a job that they have almost 40 years just for salary or wages, at the expense of its time.

Imagine a life that is free from anxiety, where you can choose when to work and eliminate rush hour. Such a life is what a self-employed enjoy.

As a self-employed, you do not have to ask your boss for a vacation. In fact, technology has given us a platform to work all around the world as an independent, as opposed to an employee.

     5. You choose who you work with

Many people do not like their job, to complicate the whole matter they are forced to work with people who they hate on same projects and tasks in their workplace.

Working with people you hate sap encouragement away from you, and make Monday to Friday an unhappy day. But as an entrepreneur, you choose who to work with.

This gives you a sense of power and instills enthusiasm in you because you know you are working the person with same work ethics and philosophy.

      6. Being Self-employed makes you courageous

Self-employment is constantly been pulled out of your comfort zone. You either float or sink, and those are choices the average entrepreneur makes every day by being brave.

Which will later surprise you of the level of the things you are capable of achieving as a self-employed than being an employee. Self-employment is a brave adventure and the courageous make the most of it!


     7. This allows you to develop more skills

Unlike the average employees working on a particular task in the organization i.e. production, the employee will be insufficient for trade, sales, and human relations.

However, the brave entrepreneur is fully convinced that to succeed in business you have to sell, negotiate and relate with people. This allows them to read books and to develop skills that help with makes the most of their business venture.

Self-employment encourages networking opportunities. You meet people every day who shares the values of the network and unlike the average employee who is still in his office.

    8. You network with people more easily

Self-employment encourages networking opportunities. You meet people every day you share value with and network, unlike the average employee that is always at its desk.


What I Don’t Like About Self-employment

The Downside of being Self-employed.

     1. You get no Security:

Employees get job securities, health benefits but once you decide to be self-employed you are completely on your own. You are hundred percent responsible for your pay at the end of the day.

     2.Irregular and non-guaranteed pay:

Many self-employed have incomes are not regular, making it a bit difficult to manage money. If you work for yourself, the instant gain is not guaranteed. You must offer value or sell a product to be paid.

Do you think self-employment is for you or being an employee is better? I can’t answer that question for you because we all have what we want in life.


My Final Thought

Several Research shows that 70% of all people hate their jobs.

Is working 9-5 jobs without adding entrepreneurship a maintainable strategy?

In fact,  the risk the employee takes is almost the same with that of self-employed and yet they enjoy different benefits!

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If you have any questions, concerns or comment about the self-employment, leave a message below. Need a hand to start your business, let me know. I am right back to you!


All the best!






2 thoughts on “What Is Self- Employment? Is It Right For You?”

  1. I totally agree with you on the fact that a lot of people hate their job but being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. Some people like to complain and live an average life and it is OK but not for me and you haha. I think a lot of people that want to be their own boss are not willing to let go the security of having a day job. I didn’t see you talk about personal development and personally, I work a lot on that and I think it helps. Do you work on personal development too? Anyway that’s a great article I really enjoyed it 🙂

    • Hi Daphne, thanks for stopping by. Yes, I did. I have personal digital library books for self development and I live by my own term. Being entrepreneurs is the best part of my life. I remember when I worked double shift for my other for many year. I feel so bad for that.

      Wish you every success!


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