What is No More Rack- In-depth Review Reveals All

What is No More Rack – In-depth Review Reveals All

If you are wondering what is No More Rack about, you’re not alone. You’ll find that hundreds of people search the term “what is No More Rank” in Google.


Because most people want to shop online from the comfort of their home to save time and some money.

Did you know when it comes to shopping on No More Rack/Choxi (now a subsidiary of JClub Inc.) there are several things to look into before you place the orders.

I have gathered all the details about them so you can make a sound decision. I will show you everything you need to know about this company in my review.

Let’s get started.

What was No More Rack?

No More Rack was also known by the name Choxi. This site was an online store that sells items. You could purchase just about anything on this site. They had all sorts of stuff like jewelry, home items, clothing, electronics, and anything that they want to buy.

The company was founded in 2010 and is based in New York. As of June 26, 2017, Choxi.com Inc, operates as a subsidiary of JCub Inc. Now, if you visit Choxi.com, you will be redirected to jclub.com.

The platform is no different than other online shopping sites like AliExpress, ibotta, LightinTheBox, iOffer, and others.

At JClub.com, you will find many items are at discounted prices and there are always new deals featured on a daily basis. You can shop for the products that you want and have them shipped right to your home. You can get items for the entire family and paid less than if you shop at them.

Here’s a Quick Video on JClub Inc.

What I Like About JClub Inc.

There are many reasons why I want to shop at this platform.

  • You can join the platform for free.
  • You can get all of the great items that you love at reduced prices.
  • You can save as much as 50 percent off on the everyday items that you want to purchase. This includes popular electronics as well as decorative items for the home.
  • They offer free shipping.
  • There are a number of great promotions including free gifts, special coupon codes for savings, and you could get a personalized shopping experience.
  • They will send you new deals to your inbox and the items that you are most interested in will appear on the main page.
  • You will be able to track your orders and there is a 30-day return on all of their purchases.
  • You can pay with all major credit cards or Paypal. Since a customer is buying directly from the supplier they are able to get these items are a cheaper price.

What I Don’t Like About JClub Inc.

Not all customers experiences with them have been positive.

  • There have been a lot of complaints filed by customers with the Better Business Bureau. There are still complaints that the company has not answered.
  • They have poor customer service. Customers have said that they have contacted the company in order to find out the status of their order and they did not receive a response.
  • Items are not delivered on time. Customers have stated that the shipping time on their order had taken several weeks which is much longer than originally stated.
  • Missing Items. Customers have stated that several items were missing from their orders and they had waited months in order to get them.
  • There have also been several complaints about the merchandise being poor quality and didn’t live up to the expectations as stated in the item description.
  • Quantities are often limited and items do sell out quickly.

Who Is This Site For?

I would recommend this site for people that are looking to save money on the household and electronic items that they want to purchase. This site offers these items are a discounted price.

I like the amount of money saved by using the platform. I can spend hours browsing through all of the different products. I do not have to leave my home to get the items that I want.

This site is used for those that want to shop at home. I like the fact that there are so many different products on this site. There are thousands of different items to shop. There is everything from clothing to home goods.

This site is easy to use. When I see an item that I like I add it to my cart. When I am done shopping, I check out. The process is easy. All that is needed is payment information as well as contact information.

Within a couple of days, the items are shipped. After this tracking information is sent right to my inbox and I am able to see where my products are at any time.

What About Their Support Service?

If there is an issue with an order customer support can be contacted. There is a toll-free number as well as an email address to contact the company. You can also open a ticket where you can write your message and someone from customer support will get back to them.

According to the customer service representative, questions are answered within a 24 hour time period. Other users have reported that the customer service team has taken a long time getting back to them.

When I asked customer service a question they a good job getting back to me. It did take them a little longer than a day but I did get my question answered.

Do They Worth Your Time and Money?

The best thing about the platform is the prices. Every customer that signs up gets a coupon for 20 percent off on their order as well as a coupon to save $5 on future orders.

The prices on the items are anywhere from twenty all the way up to ninety percent off retail value. I shop at this site often and find some items that I am looking at in the store for much cheaper compared to others online retailers.

Some items are at a huge discount. Shipping is free so it does not cost any more money to have the items shipped right to your home. Some items do have limited quantities so they may sell out quickly.

Here’s What I Really Think

Overall, the platform is a good place to shop for home goods and just about anything else that can be purchased in a retail store. This site does offer some good discounts on everyday items.

If you are willing to wait for shipping this site will be even better for you. Shipping is a bit slow on this site and there have been some issues with it taking a long time for customers to get their merchandise. You should be aware of this before they order.

The prices are right so as long as you do not mind the wait for your items. They can be a good alternative to shopping in stores. The items you want sell out quickly so do not wait too long to make your purchase.


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  1. Hello Maun,

    Nice article, I was looking for some information about jClub platform as I wasn’t sure if it’s not a scam. You know today we cannot trust people on the internet, especially when they are offer highly discounted stuff. Thanks for the read.

    • Hi Eugen,
      JClub is a scam. However, you will want to cautious with some sellers that offer highly discounted on their platform. You must be extremely careful when you give out your card information.


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