What Is Google Webmaster Tool?

What Is Google Webmaster Tool?

If you own a website, a blog, or an e-commerce shop, it is important that you know what Google Webmaster tool is all about and how you can use it to improve your website. If you are looking for some love from Google, you need to master how you can use this tool to your advantage.

Tell Me, What Is It?

Google Webmaster tool is a free service provided by Google to all website owners and admins. This tool allows you to monitor your website’s performance, submit your site for crawling, evaluate and maintain your website’s performance in Google’s search result page.
It is a tool that tells you exactly how Google users are finding and engaging with your website. It contains a wealth of data that allows you get insight into how Google sees your website and also helps you uncover issues that you need to fix to make your site perform better.

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What You Should Know About Google Webmaster Tools

Google webmaster tool is also referred to as “Search Console”. If there is anything wrong with your website, you can only find it when you log into your Google webmaster tool dashboard. Some problems that you can normally see here include: crawling mistakes, 404 pages, an increment in 404 pages, manual penalties, malware identified, and other errors.
This tool will save you time and money. Today, there are tons of other tools that claim to help you improve your website performance. In most cases, the data Google Webmaster tool provides is more than enough to evaluate and improve the performance of your website. The best part of this tool is that it is totally free and in most cases, works better than other more expensive and costlier SEO tools.

10 Ways Google Webmaster Tool Helps Website Owners Improve Website Performance

Using GWT can help you a lot. If you are looking for a reason to start using this tool, take a look at these 10 points below:

  • GWT makes it easy to submit your website to Google for indexing and crawling.
  • It provides crucial data to evaluate the performance of your website.
  • Helps you maintain and improve the performance of your website without disrupting its current rank in search results.
  • GWT also helps webmasters to deliver content that offers users a more visual experience.
  • Warn webmasters about the presence of malware, virus, and spam and possible ways to eliminate them.
  • Allows you see other websites that are linking to your own website.
  • It lets you know the most popular queries that cause your site to appear on search result pages.
  • GWT lets you know which queries and keywords that are driving the most traffic to your website.
  • Suggest possible improvements to your website.
  • Helps you increase your overall website ranking.


How Can I Set Up and Access Google Keyword Tool?

Now that you’ve known the importance of this tool, you will need to start leveraging it as soon as possible to increase the overall performance of your website.
Before you can access GWT, you will need to verify the ownership of your website. Fortunately, Google provides many ways through which you can easily verify it.
Below are some ways to verify your website:

1. Add a HTML Tag
This involves getting a line of code from Google and placing the same into the header of your homepage. When you add the code, click “Verify” and your site will be verified. If you found this method difficult, you can use other methods below.

2. Upload an HTML File
Another way to verify your website is to get an HTML file with a specific name from Google. When you do that, you will need to upload it to the root directory of your website. Don’t worry if this file is blank, Google just wants to know that you have an access to the FTP server of the website. When you upload the file, click “Verify” and your website will be verified.

3. Verify Your Domain Name
Another option is to make use of your domain name provider. In this case, Google will allow you to select your domain name provider from a list of the drop-down. Follow the instruction provided by Google to complete the verification process.

4. Make Use of Google Tag Manager
If you are not comfortable with the methods mentioned above, you can make use of Google tag manager to manage all the trackings of your website including Google Webmaster Tools.

5. Make Use of Google Analytics
The Final method is to make use of your Google Analytics. This is another tool provided by Google for webmasters. You can easily do this by placing asynchronous tracking code in the header of your homepage.


Google Webmaster Tool is an important tool for every website owner and administrator. The fact that this tool is absolutely free makes it a must-have for every website owner. This tool will help you improve your website SEO and overall performance. If you are aiming to increase traffic and sales, make sure you understand how this tool work and how you can leverage it to your advantage.

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