What is Bring the Fresh? Scam or Real System?

What is Bring the Fresh? Scam or Real System?

Name: Bring The Fresh

Owner: Kelly Felix

Website: www.bringthefresh.com

Price: $47 Plus Upsells

Overall Scam Rank: 4.0 Out of 10

Looking for an honest Bring The Fresh review? You are here at the right place. You will get everything you need to know before purchasing the program.

Kelly claims that his program will teach you everything you need to know about making money online. Can you trust this guy?

Is Bring the Fresh a scam or real system? How does the program work?

What is Bring the Fresh all about?

I’m here to find the real truth behind this product and I will be writing down my finding inside this very article.

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What is The Heck Bring the Fresh?

Bring the fresh is a program that teaches you how to create a website and make it rank high on Google as well as how you can make money from your site. There have been some concerns from various users that the Bring the Fresh is a scam but I will answer that later on this review.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money from your website and you need to have a good understanding of the programs for you to earn from it.

BTF provides you with video tutorials, PDF documents, and forums that will help you understand how to quickly create your website.

Here’s a Quick Video on Bring the Fresh.


Upon arriving on the BTF website you will first watch an animated video which is very engaging and educative for the newcomers. Bring the Fresh works excellently and will help you create and start earning from your website.

SEO master Kelly Felix has been updating the content on the program to keep it up to date and make it relevant to changing times. However, last time I checked the site did not have any new updates.

What I Liked About Bring the Fresh

The website has large PDF with a lot of legit information that will take you to step by step till you create your website and how to link it with affiliate programs for you to start earning from the site.

The video tutorials are easy to follow since they are not complicated and they use a language that you can understand comfortably. Instead of reading the PDF you can follow the video tutorial to effectively create your website.

The forums have in-depth discussions that will enrich you with the information you need to develop a great website that will make you money in the long run. You can participate or follow up the forum discussions from the Bring the Fresh website.

The website has resourceful video interviews where you can get inspiration from other students or bloggers who have gone through the training and are now doing well. I can guarantee that you are going to learn a lot form the interviews and you should always watch them.

The platform gives the opportunity to meet with other online marketers hence learning from them how you can earn using the affiliate programs via your website.

What I Didn’t Like About Bring the Fresh

There are some outdated links that are still present on the PDF file hence don’t have any useful information or such sites are no longer functional.

The Bring the Fresh website contains many products suggestions pop-ups which sometimes can be boring to many users at times.

You must follow all the steps inside the website on which it can be a challenge for many people hence end up not achieving what they desire.

Who is Bring the Fresh made for?

I am sure this the question running through your mind, but don’t mind. If you have been dreaming of becoming a blogger and earn money from it then Bring the Fresh is made for people like you.

Sometimes you might the interest to develop your website but you don’t know where to start and also you don’t know how you can start earning from your website.

Bring the Fresh will provide you will all tutorials and PDF to guide you step by step and once you follow them you will easily create your website.

There also different ways in the Bring the Fresh website where you can learn about internet marketing such as from the forums and video interviews.

You will also learn how to use SEO to attract more readers to your website to enable you to earn more through the affiliate marketing programs.

How is the Training like?

Bring the Fresh trains you through the PDF files that you will download them from the website and the animated videos that you can watch on the site.

The materials will take you to step by step on how you can create your website from the scratch. The site also provides templates that you can use to decorate your site together with tips on using WordPress to create a website.

The steps are easy to follow and if you are a newbie you have no reason to worry since it offers every information you need to become a great blogger.

The learning material you get from the Bring to Fresh covers SEO tactics that will make your website rank high in Google, how to come up with title tags and keyword research among many others.

What about Bring the Fresh Support service?

When the website started operating the support team was very nice and effective even the owners Kelly and Mike had time to respond to questions in the forum.

Today things seem to have changed, the forum moderation is now left to a few power members. There are rumors that the site already under new ownership though I am yet to get clear information.

However, I have tried to reach out to the customer support team only to be directed to another site which is disassociating itself with Bring the Fresh.


There is a watermark indicating the site was sold which might be an indicator the two owners are no longer in charge.

What’s the product pricing?

Bring the Fresh initial price is $97 which is one time cost and you enjoy all the lessons and services form the website.

Recently, they have introduced a $7 trial which lasts for 7 days which enables you to test their services before making your full subscription.

There is an upsell known as the Full Disclosure where you will pay $396 and can be paid in six months each $66.

The prices might change anytime since the owners have the powers to change hence in case it happens don’t blame me.

Here’s My Final Verdict On Bring the Fresh

Bring the Fresh was initially a wonderful product that used to be updated regularly. However, since the departure of Mike Long, there are no information updates hence making the website dormant.

You can still learn how to create a website using the already available content but if you have been a member for long there is nothing new to learn. Therefore, you can consider looking for alternative sites to get more information.

The only positive aspect of this product that makes it stand out, is that it educates you on how to make your site rank high on Google hence make money through the affiliate programs.

From my research, I can confirm that Bring the Fresh is a genuine product and not scam as many people are insinuating. So long as you subscribe, you will be able to enjoy the services they promise.

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6 thoughts on “What is Bring the Fresh? Scam or Real System?”

    • H Aria,
      I think so! Bring the Fresh is one of the legit programs out there, but now it almost disappears. Perhaps, the site is going to sell to someone. With a new owner, we are not sure what it is going on with it.
      Anyways, thanks for reading and commenting.

  1. Awesome in-depth review of the program! Thanks for saving us all from a purchase we might regret, and I’ll definitely check out your recommendation!

    • Hi Hudson,
      A few years back, Bring the Fresh was one of the most reputable programs out there. A lot of people made money from it by promoting the program to their mailing list. Personally, I liked the program before I joined Wealthy Affiliate. Now, the program isn’t like before.
      Please stay safe!

  2. I never heard about Bring the Fresh program. Reading your review it seems that they are on the market for quite a while.
    Great article! Very informative and easy to follow.
    From your point of view, do you think the 7 days trial period is enough to give a clue if the program is useful or not?

    • Hi Danny,
      Yeah, 7 days trial period is enough. You will learn a few things within the 7 days trials and get some clue if the program is worth or not.


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