What Happened To Wake Up Now?

What Happened To Wake Up Now?

Company Name: Wake Up Now

Owner: Kirby Cockran

Website: wakeupnow.com That website is now disabled.

Price: No Longer Available

Overall Rating: 0 Out of 10

lots people want to know what happened to Wake Up Now, and who is the next?

Around the Internet, Wake Up Now has still got lots of noise so it would not surprise me if you told me you’ve heard of it.

Because of a lot of requests and noise surrounding this company, we decided to put up this review to let you know exactly what is going on with Wake Up Now.

Below are various details that will allow you to know about Wake Up Now.

So, let’s get right to it!


Wake Up Now A Brief Overview

Wake Up Now was a program that allowed members to keep, manage and earn money through their various affiliate programs.



The company gave discounts on some company products and software products to help you monitor your finance.

You earned from the member you signed up to Wake Up Now when they bought from their various HUBS.

You also earned a commission with Wake Up Now company by sharing their products with others.

However, the company has been shut down with several different legal and ethical issues yet to be resolved.

Now, they were out of the business!



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The Pros Vs. Cons Of This Horrible Program


  • There are no pros since the company has been shut down and out of business


  • The now-defunct Wake Up Now being under investigation by the authority
  • A lot of people that join this opportunity didn’t make money. Only top people of the scheme made money.
  • A herd of unknowing victims
  • The program no more exist


What Was Wake Up Now?

Wake Up Now was a program that formed with the sole aim of helping you keep, manage and earn money in the process.

The company was owned by three partners Jason Elrod, Kirby Cochran and Phil Polich.

They had a training site that showed you how the company operated. They also had a blog with various tutorials to walk you through various stage how to make money with them.

They offered a live chat which made communication much easier. You could also email them if you needed any help.

They allowed you to purchase a lot of things from their various Hubs. You got paid a commission when you referred their products or sold the company products to people.

This opportunity was only opened to people from Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, United States, Columbia, Chile and Spain.

Before you qualified for the commissions, you had to pay monthly subscription fee. They had three types of subscriptions for their customers. The first one cost $24.95, $64.95 and $99.95.

You could pay the monthly fee to earn online or signed up other people to the company to make money from their purchases or those from their customers. You could get various prices by using the free search engine on the website.

But we discovered that if a member couldn’t bring in new members onboard, they did not qualify for the company commission.

In Wake Up Now, if you were able to recruit only three people you would earn nothing.

In essence, the program was nothing a well-orchestrated pyramid scheme that fooled a massive group of folks into buying into the next big thing.


What Happened To All Of The Wake Up Now Folks

There was much backlash within the industry when this happened as there were many affiliates actually promoting the illegal Ponzi, many of who had invested a considerable amount of money into promoting the program. Money that was never recouped

Unfortunately, what happened when a program like this collapses, the unethical groups move on to the next best thing.

Most of these folks have moved onto several programs structured in the style similar to that of Ponzi. The unscrupulous folks that were involved in this scam are still out there promoting the next best thing to others.

I find a company that structures completely the same like Wake Up Now. It has become very popular like Wake Up Now in 2013. I don’t want the mention it here, but the company is under SEC radar.


Things To Consider Before Choosing An MLM Business

  • Make Sure The Company Offers Real Products. Most successful MLM companies backed up their business with quality products.
  • Watch Out For Their “Get Rich Quick Ads”. Anyone or any program that promises overnight rich, most of the time they are scams.
  • Check The Company’s Record With Better Business Bureau. Do they have a clear record?
  • Make sure the company that you’re interested in has been in business for at least a few years and has established a good reputation.
  • Choose an MLM company that produces products that you would use yourself. If you have used the products and enjoyed it, it will be that much better for you to sell.
  • Choose an MLM company that uses the internet as marketing tools. You will have a huge customer base to sell.

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My Final Opinion On Wake Up Now

Wake Up Now was just a company in which new members money were used to pay off the old affiliates.They only used the Affiliate investment as their source of operation.

When the members stop joining the company the source of income come drying and the system will crash.

The owners behind the program packed all the money and leave the affiliate scammed at the very end.

In a nutshell, the company was nothing like a good MLM on this system but another Ponzi scheme out there.

My suggestion is if you look at the history of someone and you see that they were heavily involved in Wake Up Now, you should be wary and do not get sucked into anything they promoting to you.

Do you happen to have any prior experience with Wake Up Now you would like to share with everyone else today? Tell me all about it in the comments below.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Wish you all the best!




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