Welocalize Review – Is It Really The Best Transcribing Gig?

Welocalize Reviews

welocalize review


Hello and welcomes to the most detailed breakdown of Welocalize review!

Are you looking for a way to make an extra bucks to supplement your income? Then a web-based translation service company like Welocalize may have come up on your radar.


What is Welocalize, you might ask? If you haven’t heard of it yet, you probably will soon.


Welocalize is a web-based company that provides translation services for various companies all over the world. Some of the popular services the company offers are content transformation, data transformation, regulatory specialities, and more.


However, Welocalize reviews argue that the company is poorly pay their workers and absolutely no benefits at all. Some Welocalize reviews argue that they have very little opportunity for growth within the company.


Workers complaints include poor pay, no benefits, boring and repetitive, little room to grow and more. But on the other side, there are workers that praise the company in their Welocalize review saying great place to work, flexible schedule, best jobs they ever had, great stepping stone for career.


So, is Welocalize really the best transcribing gig? I’ll take a look at the services and the opportunity to see if this is the right company for you.


Let’s get started…


Welocalize Reviews: A Quick OverviewWelocalize reviews: Best transcribing gig

Name: Welocalize

Owner: E.J Smith Yewell

Website: https://welocalize.com

Price: Free to Join

Summary: Welocalize is a great web-based transcription company. It helps brands and companies to reach, engage, and grow international audiences. It delivers multilingual transformation content services in translation, localization, and adaptation for over 250 languages with a growing network of over 7,700 in-country linguistic resources. So, I would say it is one of a few platform on the internet that actually help you earn money.

Overall Scam Rank: 6.4 Out of 10

Recommended: Yes,  Legit and solid reputation

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Exactly What is Welocalize?

Welocalize is content and data transformation services provider for a global audiences. The company specializes in several key areas which include:

  • Translation
  • Localization
  • Globalization
  • Technology
  • Machine translation
  • Staffing
  • Language automation
  • Website translation
  • Hardware and software testing
  • Industry translation
  • Content transformation
  • Data transformation
  • Content performance
  • Digital marketing
  • Programmatic search
  • Multilingual SEO
  • Machine learning
  • Machine translation
  • Natural language processing


However, their main gig is for music translation wherein their users listen to music and transcribe the lyrics.


Here’s a Short Video on Welocalize

Anyone can join as long as they can hear well, and transcribe error-free music. They also provide additional services like advertising, online marketing, audio-video translation, and many more.


If you are multilingual, this company is perfect for you since they cater their services worldwide, and having a second or third language would be beneficial. If you are interested in earning money online by transcribing music, this seems like a cool gig.


However, there are some things you need to learn first before diving into this opportunity. How hard is transcribing lyrics, really? Is it really as easy as it sounds? These are just some of the questions you might have in mind, and we’re going to answer them in the following sessions.


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How Does Welocalize work?

First things first, here are the things you need before you can open a Welocalize Account.


  • Gmail Account/Apple ID
  • iTunes account (required)
  • Mac OS X (required)
  • Install Snap app of your PC


The requirements look somewhat limiting because only those with Mac OSX can work on the platform. Additionally, you will need to have an iTunes account. If you have these things, then lucky you because you’re almost there. All you have to do now is fill out the application.


Fill out the form to the best of your knowledge and send it back to the company. Some questions in there pertain to how many languages do you speak, or what music genre you preferred, and the likes.


This is to get an idea of where to put you in case your application gets approved. The company then will review your application and once it’s approved, they will send you an invitation code in the email.


Once you have the invitation code, you need to input it to the website to be able to log in. After you logged in, there will be a couple more questions to answer, and you’re all set.


How To Earn Money Using Welocalize?

Once your application gets approved, you can now start working. Your primary job is to listen to the songs assigned to you and transcribe each one to the best of your abilities, preferably 100% accurate. There are several rules whenever you are transcribing songs and you have to follow these rules to make sure your submission gets approve consistently.


  1. The lyrics you transcribe must follow grammar rules unless the song intended for it to not read right grammatically
  2. You need to transcribe the song line by line (you need to end each line with stamps)
  3. You need to transcribe using the right punctuation, following all grammar rules
  4. You will be provided with the necessary tools to transcribe using the same format as others
  5. Before you start your transcription of the lyrics, you will be sent a guideline detailing all the rules you need to abide by
  6. If you are willing, there are available beginner lessons online that you can check. These are held on a weekly basis to help the newbies and help familiarize themselves with the workflow. It is recommended for all beginners to watch or attend at least a few of these seminars to understand and learn how to use the tools they provided effectively.


How Much Can You Earn?

It depends on how prolific you are because the amount paid depends on the number of songs you finish. As of this writing, the going rate is $4 per song. After transcribing, the $4 will be added to your account.


If you think about it, the potential for earning is actually endless especially if you are a fast worker. But you have to remember that quantity isn’t the only thing that matters since all the finished work will be reviewed by Welocalize teams and given a rating based on the accuracy and other guidelines. You will get a score based on your completed work.


The top transcribers will be given more work, of course. You need to prioritize quality over quantity when you are just starting out since the amount of work you’ll get depends on the rating you will get on your first few weeks doing the job. So definitely take your time if you want continuous work.


It’s normal to have a few mistakes when first starting out. Sometimes, the team will send the work back for edits, so pay close attention to the details of your work. As they say, “the devil is in the details,” and this is particularly true when transcribing.


Too many times, transcribers miss the little details like the difference between “then” and “than,” so you need to brush up your editing skills if you want to succeed in this business.


How To Get Paid?

Welocalize pays its workers on a weekly basis which is a stark contrast to other companies on this industry since many only pay out their users once a threshold is met, say, for instance, $100. Welocalize decided to do it on a weekly basis, no matter how much money your account has accumulated.


In my opinion, this puts this website above many others since they are ready to pay out their users consistently. You don’t even have to request a payout since payments are paid automatically each week, requested or not.


One requirement though is you need to have a HyperWallet account in order to get paid. This is the sole and only choice you have. To have things in order, you are recommended to register prior to having your application filled out. It’s never bad to be ready.


Pros of Working Under This Company

I am going to tell you now that this company is not a scam. On the contrary, it’s a reputable company that has no bad press at all. I could list so many good things about this company and only a few bad things, and I have to rack my brain to think of one.


The only real disadvantage of working for this company is the required Mac OS and other specific requirements but other than that, it’s all good. I will enumerate the good things about this company to help you decide if this company is perfect for you or not:


  1. This is an honest company
  2. This website caters worldwide and is actually quite accepting, or even prefers workers abroad since they are likely multilingual
  3. Your earnings depend on how much time and effort you put into working
  4. No false promises and ridiculous claims
  5. You are paid weekly like a salaried individual
  6. There is no amount threshold when you want to withdraw your money unlike many similar companies out there
  7. Their customer service is on 24/7
  8. Trainings are given to beginners which walk them through the process
  9. You can join the website for free – no fee at all
  10. If you are one of the top transcribers, you are eligible for bonuses


The Honest Verdict

Welocalize is a completely legit and reputable company. It is one of the few platforms on the internet that actually helps you earn money.


What’s even better is it walks you through the whole process, teaching you the ropes to help you acclimate with the workflow. This is a great company to work for.


The training given is free. The trainings have substance, too, which is perfect if you are a beginner. You can actually start working here as a complete newbie and by the end of the training modules, you are able to do a respectable job transcribing music.


If you are looking for a legit transcribing website to look, then this company is definitely for you. It’s free to join after all. I would give this company a positive score, and would actually recommend this to anyone looking for a quick buck.


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Welocalize at a Glance

Name: Welocalize

Owner: E.J Smith Yewell

Website: https://welocalize.com

Price: Free to Join

Overall Scam Rank: 6.4 Out of 10

Verdict: Legit, a great platform for making some quick money


Free to Sign Up





Overall Quality



  • Free to Sign Up
  • No False Promises and Rediculous Claims
  • Great Customer Support


  • Poor Pay and Benefits
  • Little Room to Grow

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