Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson Review: Unbiased Truths!

Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson Review

Hey, welcome to my honest, detailed, and unbiased Traffic Secrets review!

Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson claims to help you get tons of traffic to your website or funnel from 20+ virtually unknown secrets methods if you buy his book. But is it really work or just over- exaggerated?

Traffic Secrets homepage

If you need more traffic to your sites, this Traffic Secrets review is truly going to be the ideal match for you! As an online business owner, you must be aware that its life depends on the traffic it gets. Every digital entrepreneur needs to be continually trying new approaches to generate new leads and sales.

While some leads depend on organic search engine optimization, it’s essential to note that others depend on social media marketing. All in all, there are multiple ways when it comes to generating traffic on the internet.

But what if you just rely on one method, and it abruptly crashes one day? With this, will your business also crash with the lead generation method? Is there a way that you can circumnavigate the lows and highs of traffic generation?

You all know the risks of depending on only one traffic generation source may have to your business. Regardless of how efficient and effective the way is, there are some drawbacks you need to avoid.

Again, it’s essential to note that no amount of traffic is ever sufficient. Thus, it would be helpful for you to diversify your sources to make sure you get much more every day.

Fortunately, this Traffic Secrets review will teach you everything you need to know about this special book. So, please keep reading to the end to find out more about its author, its pros and cons, how it works, whether it’s worth your investment or not, etc.

Traffic Secrets Review: A Quick OverviewTraffic Secrets homepage

Name: Traffic Secrets


Owner: Russell Brunson

Price: Free

Summary: Traffic Secrets is a great book. You can get it free. The book’s material is applicable and relevant to most industry. It offers you a step by step guide for appropriately using traffic sources to build your list. You’ll learn how to succeed with Google, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. However, the major downside is that you have to implement the ‘secrets’ in the book before you see any results. So, I would say the ‘Book’ is great but you need a great devotion and consistent implementation.

Overall Scam Rank: 6.8 Out of 10

Recommended: Yes, But Needs Devotion and Consistent Implementation

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Table of Content

What is Traffic Secrets?

How Does Traffic Secrets Work?

How to Make Money with Traffic Secrets?

Traffic Secrets Ugly Truths Revealed!

What I Like About Traffic Secrets

Is Traffic Secrets a Scam?

How I Make a Living Online

What is Traffic Secrets?

Traffic Secrets is a detailed course for driving traffic to your sales funnel, and it actually embraces a pretty epic backstory.

Unlike other Russell’s courses, that he invented himself, the concepts in this book are originally the inventions of John Reese, a legendary online marketer who at one time made a whopping $1 million in only 18 hours.

Remember, you should not confuse this book with the Traffic Secrets Course. Nonetheless, the book borrows some treasured principals from the marketing course. As said earlier, this book simply describes approaches to sourcing traffic for your online business or sales funnel.

Russell Brunson, who has worked on the book for about two years, alleges that Traffic Secrets demonstrates the processes ClickFunnels has practiced over the years and drawn millions of users to their websites monthly.

Based on the works previously invented by Brunson as well as his character of always adding some value to his followers, this new book is truly a gem worth your investment!

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About the Author – Russell Brunson

Who is the brainchild behind the Traffic Secrets book? Well, if you’ve been in the digital marketing world for a couple of years, you must have come across or heard this name.

Russell owns ClickFunnels, started his online selling business more than a decade ago, sold thousands of copies of his books, and made ClickFunnels a world-class platform in under three years.

Russell is regarded as The Secret Trilogy author due to his three books. In fact, DotCom Secrets, which primarily talks about frameworks, tricks, and techniques of generating leads and selling thousands of items online, was Amazon’s as well US Today bestseller. Can you imagine that he sold more than 250,000 copies of this book during that time?

In his other book, Expert Secrets, Russell talks about the map that will let you turn your specialized talents, knowledge, and skills into a business that will perfectly work for you!

The Expert Secrets is truly one of the shortcuts of the new rich. The two books were bestsellers due to the helpful impact they had on people’s businesses.

You should anticipate great value from his third book, the Traffic Secrets. Yes, this book is exceptional since it tackles the one recurrent problem most online entrepreneurs come across, generating traffic.

If you follow Russell on any social media or even read some of his amazing books, you’ll understand that he loves giving real value.

Having said that, you can guess that this book is no exception. Again, keep in mind that this book isn’t similar or associated with the Traffic Secrets course.

How Do Traffic Secrets Work?

As the name goes, Top Secrets comes with top secrets for getting more traffic for the businesses that rely on online platforms for success.

Here’s a Short Video on Traffic Secrets


Here, I’ll show you what you’ll find in every section.

Section 1: Your Dream Customer

Well, this section mainly talks about your dream customer, the customer who needs what you’re offering. Generally, these clients will spend little time going through the sales funnel process because they require what you’re offering to operate their businesses. Here is what you’ll get:

  • Determining who your dream clients are and starting an interaction with them. Basically, this helps you understand their expectations and requirements so that you can serve them in the best way possible.
  • Establishing your dream client’s favorite destination on the digital platform so that you can lure them to their channel.
  • How to get your dream clients’ attention amidst the multiple clients regardless of their purposes for being on the internet.
  • Behaviors of getting your business message straight before the eyes of your dream consumers and ultimately turn them into your everlasting traffic.
  • The finest way to prepare your organization against the search engine algorithm changes is always to be ready for any change.
  • Research indicates only a mere 19% of consumers buy the first time they go through your business. You’ll learn what happens to the other 81% in this section.
  • How to get partners that will get you much more traffic, market your products, and help with customer service.

Section 2: Filling Your Funnel

Generally, this section teaches you how to fill your funnel with the right type of people who will buy from you. Here’s what to expect from the section:

  • How to get a lot of traffic from other places where the dream clients are ‘hiding’ and lead them straight into your funnel without problems.
  • Getting consistent in marketing and attracting a lot of visitors to your funnel.
    • A five-minute daily approach that gets your dream clients onto your ‘following list’ on various social media channels.
  • How to use the leading social platform in the industry to bring your dream consumers into your space.
  • Leveraging Google search engine so that consumers can find your products even if they have never interacted with your business before or are searching for some competitor out there.
  • A six-step guide on designing outstanding and authentic content for your audience. Here, you’ll learn about the secret used by Russell for the ClickFunnels.
  •  Being prepared for any changes to the traffic trends and conquering the marketing storms.

Section Three: Growth Hacking

Mostly, this part talks about growth. Now that you know much about your ideal consumers and learned how to fill your funnels, how do you grow your business? Well, here are the secrets you’ll need to use to grow your business, as explained in this section:

  • Designing a perfect landing page that makes PR agencies send traffic to your website so that they can get your help and learn from you.
  • Learning the 3 approaches that assist you in tapping into the distribution channels of other businesses and getting new clients. If you’ve watched Shark Tank, you’ll have an idea of what I’m talking about.
  •  The fantastic game plan for getting marketers to work and marketing your products. But you’ll pay them a commission on your sales.
  •  How to use seven-phases of a funnel to convert cold traffic to a hot one. Remember that potential clients know neither you nor what you offer. So, you can make them purchase what you give.

How to Make Money with Traffic Secrets?

Once you buy this book, you’ll find the following value-packed rewards that will help you make your business successful online:

How to Make a Video Go Viral

Every business owner wants to make videos go viral, get numerous views and boost the brand’s reputation. Is it not right? But what is the mastermind behind a video going viral?

Basically, it’s worth noting that not all videos become viral. Fortunately, with this book, you’ll learn more about how to make a video go viral.

Traffic Secret Foundation

What is the secret to getting continuous traffic to your site, social media pages, or even the landing pages? Well, while you can rely on multiple organic traffic to your website, your utmost joy could be getting a lot of people from search engines daily.

Basically, it would help if you have an incredible traffic foundation. Usually, people not only need to find your content helpful, but the content also needs to add value to them.

Else, why would a user bother to go to your website when they can get much better solutions elsewhere? In this part, you’ll learn the traffic foundation secrets as given by Russel Brunson.

The Ultimate Traffic Pack

It’s essential to learn from other experts who have unparalleled experience with traffic generation methods and techniques.

Since mastering a skill takes some time, it’s essential to give it a 10X focus. Here, you’ll master the art of generating traffic to your sites from the experts.

Thirty-Day Traffic Secret Challenge

All the perks you get from this book are meant to give you the skills to create and maintain evergreen traffic. It will be helpful for you to invest some time in learning about the techniques of generating traffic since it’s the livelihood of any online business.

With targeted traffic, making money becomes effortless. The thirty-day Traffic Secrets challenge is designed to offer you a framework of what you have to do daily.

Traffic Secrets Ugly Truths Revealed!

  • The ‘secrets’ in the book need to be implemented before seeing any results. It also needs devotion and consistent implementation.
  • The book can only make a worthy return on your investment if you implement what you find most applicable.
  •  Some info included in this book needs a minor update because it does not apply to the present online marketing scene. For example, keyword research tools aren’t modern.
  •  It isn’t a get rich quick book. Typically, the content inside is a real marketing tactic. Thus, it would help if you dedicated your time to learn more about it and apply it to your organization. Remember, you cannot increase traffic to your website overnight.

What I Like About Traffic Secrets

  • You can get the book for free
  •  You’ll learn how to succeed with Google, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook
  •  The Book’s material is applicable and relevant to most industries out there
  •  You’ll learn how to post content that suits your audience
  •  You can share your message and establish your voice
  •  It offers you a step by step guide for appropriately using traffic sources to build your list

Is Traffic Secrets a Scam?

Traffic Secrets is not a scam. As a matter of fact, the book is perfect for all business owners who need to increase traffic to their websites. So, this book is ideal for any website or online activity that engages in blogs.

Generally, whenever you increase traffic to your website, there’s a high chance of enhancing your business’s conversion rate.

If you don’t have the finest understanding of how to generate more traffic for your business, then this amazing book has got your back.

Traffic Secrets trains on the leading way of traffic acquisition by starting with the simple and basic way to get this done. Afterward, it gets to a more advanced section.

On the other hand, Traffic Secrets may not be your ideal solution due to various reasons. For example, if you’re contented with the traffic you get to your website, you may not need this book’s assistance.

So, if this Traffic Secrets book doesn’t appeal to you and you’d rather work at home around a passion or interest you have, then take a moment to check out my #1 Free Recommendation.

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Overall Quality



  • Get the Book for Free
  • Learn to Succed with Google, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook


  • Needs Devotion and Consistent Implementation
  • Needs Some Updates

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