Traffic Manifesto Review- Easiest Way To Make Money Online Or A Time Waster?

Traffic Manifesto Review- Easiest Way To Make Money Online Or A Time Waster?

Product Name: Traffic Manifesto

Owners: Fergal Downes


Price: $7.45 + upsells

Overall Rating: 6 Out of 10

Welcome to my unbiased Traffic Manifesto review!

There are just too many Traffic Manifesto reviews with the words “bonuses” attached to them, so figured I’d do one of my own with a more unbiased approach.

The owners of the program claim that their system is the easiest way to make money online and you will be earning $156.79 per day with completely free traffic. But can you trust these guys?

Is it a real the easiest way to make money online or just a time waster?

Get everything you need to know about yet another make money online product before you spend any money


What Is The Heck Traffic Manifest About?

This product was launched by Fergal Downes on September 17, 2017. Fergal was one of the first internet marketers I have been associated with.

He has been a full-time IM’er since 2012 and has been successful in product launch and email marketing.

In this new product, he claims that his system will help you easily and quickly earn $156.79 a day as little as 15 minutes worth of work per day.



It sounds too good to be true, right?

Did you know that one of the secrets to success online is to earn a minimum of $100 a day? That’s why you will find various program and products online, such as Traffic Manifesto that promises you to earn like that.


What Will You Be Doing Inside The Member’s Area?

You are presented with 10 video training modules how to get unlimited traffic and how to make traffic convert. Listed below are what you will be getting in the member’s area.

There’s going to be a short video where Fergal officially welcome you onboard and he is also talking about himself.

Inside the member’s area, Fergal recommends you to follow 4 steps to get the most out of this training course.



  • Step 1: You are going to sign up for a live training
  • Step 2: Join the Mastermind Group
  • Step 3: Get the OTO’s ( one-time-offers) if you did not have them yet
  • Step 4: Step the traffic problem? solved!

Video 1: Introduction

In this video, Fergal gives you an introduction here and show you a couple of videos when he travels the world. He also shows you some of his income results from us the system presented in the training.

Video 2: Course Overview

This is the course overview. It consists of:

1: So here is what we are going to be doing an inside this course

2: We are going to be setting up a Facebook Fan Page for a super passionate fan base

3: We are going to build up that fan page with some cheap $5 per day FB ads

4: We are going to use audience insights to hyper-target our ads so that we are getting the likes at the lowest possible price.

Video 3: Niche Research

Fergal shows you how to do niche research step by step and he uses a bird (parrot) as a parrot example.

Video 4: Building Your Fan Page

In this video, you will learn how to set up your fan page. He uses west highland white terrier as an example.

Video 5: Getting Likes

He shows you how to get Likes to your page and get people to comment and like your fan page.

Video 6: Getting Engaged

You will learn how to engage with your audience in the video module.

Video 7: Video Traffic

He shows you how to get traffic by doing the video. This is something you can do as well to sell stuff if you want to. He shows you the place where the video can be done for a fairly cheap using the Fivver.

Video 8: Website Clicks

In this video, you will learn how to get people to click and go to the website.

Video 9: What to Promote

In the video, you are going to see a couple of different things that Fergal has promoted. You can see how he build up an e-commerce store selling stuff that you can do the same.

He also shows you some Clickbank’s products and how to sell digital products online.

Video 10: Conclusion & Thank you

This is all about wrapping up everything in this course and some suggestion what you will be doing next.


What I Liked About Traffic Manifesto

  • A decent amount of training for only $7.45
  • I like the FB ads approach
  • Easy to follow training videos and system
  • Can make some money that doesn’t require technical skill


What I Don’t Like Traffic Manifesto

  • They don’t go into enough detailed about what exactly you’ll be doing
  • The information provided can be found online for free
  • You are present with several upsells in the member’s area
  • Free traffic method takes time more than they suggest
  • Social media traffic is hard to convert


What Is The Cost Of Joining Traffic Manifesto

The front-end price of the program is $7.45. There are 3 upsells associated with the program and I will list all the upsells below:



Price: $6.95 for the first 3 hours then dime sale after up to $9.99.

OTO 1: Done-for-you templates and video ads ($27/Downsell $17)

You will get your ads up and be running in minutes with these done-for-you videos to advertise various products inside your niche.

OTO 2: TBA ($16/Downsell $11.99)

You will learn how to build an email list. Fergal shows you how he built his email list up to 10K subscribers in 8 months.

OTO 3: 2 months of Live video coaching ($147/Downsell $117)

You will get 2 months of live coaching from Fergal. He will show you how exactly he became a full-time internet marketer.

You will want to follow his footstep and ask any questions that you may have on internet marketing.


My Final Thought On Traffic Manifesto

After detailed investigation, our team concluded that this is a decent training program. You actually get a lot of value for the money to the $7.45 bucks you initially outlay.

You can make money with the method, Fergal teaches you however you probably won’t see results as quickly as the creator does in the videos because he is an experienced marketer.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that making money with free traffic takes time. To get instant traffic for social media is hard if you are just starting out because you may not have thousands of social media followers yet.

Overall, I was surprised by the quality of Traffic Manifesto system and would actually recommend it for a good ground Facebook marketing.

However, you still need further help such as community like My #1 Recommendation as it doesn’t answer everything, but it deserves 6/10.

Do you happen to have any prior experience with Traffic Manifesto that you would like to share with everyone else today? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

Thanks for reading this and I wish you all the best!




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