TimeBucks Review – Can You Earn Good Money From This Program?

TimeBucks Review


timbucks review


We are practically on our phone all day and even if we aren’t, we have notifications whenever we receive messages, or someone like, share, and view our photos/videos/content. Because of this recent trend – of us always being on our phone, several companies saw this as an opportunity to help us earn money while browsing. After all, we’re already doing it for free, so why not earn a little extra while doing it? The company that we’re going to review today is called TimeBucks. It is a get paid to do it website, as expected, that claims to help you earn extra just by doing simple things.


In this review, we’re going to get into the details of this program, to see if you can really make real money utilizing this program, or is it really a legit company? We’re going to find out in this very precise review.


What Exactly Is TimeBucks?


TimeBucks is yet another “get paid to do” website that have their users perform different tasks that are based online. The program was created in 2014 which makes it somewhat new and is owned by Al Jazeera Al Hamra, registered in United Arab Emirates.


The website rewards its users when they complete surveys, watch ads, install apps, play their recommended games, give ratings, and a lot more. There are other tasks as well that are somewhat unique like drawing a portrait of other people or drawing your own selfie. There are many unique tasks like this that would net you more reward points.


Apart from the rewards from completing certain tasks, you are also encouraged to recruit other people to the program. When you do, you are eligible for bigger rewards. TimeBucks also offer other activities like daily competition and free daily bonuses for all their users. This is an attempt to have their users login frequently on the program. To have a better idea of when these competitions start, you need to subscribe to their YouTube or Facebook pages to get ahead of the competition.


How Does Timebucks Work?


TimeBucks works like any other “get paid to do” websites out there. They give you a task, you finish it, then you get paid. The only real issue I have with this program is how low their pay rate is, which is only by the penny. However, they do have an alternative money-making system that could help you boost your earnings. I will discuss their additional features below. I will also post their introduction video.



How Much Can You Earn Using Timebucks?


The amount you earn depends entirely on the type of tasks you are given. Of course, some tasks allow you to earn more money but the pay rate more or less depends on the complexity of the job. The more complex the job is, the better the pay will be. The usual average though is about 1 penny to $3 depending on how difficult the tasks are. Below is an example of their pay structure.


  • Answering Polls: $0.01
  • Shares: $0.01
  • Surveys: $1
  • Uploading a video: $3


As you can see, the sample tasks I’ve listed above are not hard to do. These are all very easy tasks which don’t even make you think due to how easy to do they are. But to talk about the obvious – the pay rate is abysmal. It’s money, alright, but it’s not real money. If you are able to answer, let’s say, 1000 polls, that would only net you around $10, which to be honest, is a paltry amount when you consider that you just answered 1000 polls for that.


You can say the same for all the tasks above. If you do 100 surveys a day, that would earn you $100, which to be fair, is a respectable amount. However, it’s almost impossible for you to answer 100 surveys as they are quite extensive and will require a good chunk of your time. As you can see, if you rely exclusively on their “get paid to” tasks, you aren’t going to make much money.


I am going to state the obvious now and tell you that if you want to earn money using this program, the key is in their referral program and not from the actual tasks themselves. Their referral program functions just like any other referral programs out there wherein you get a commission from every recruit you successfully refer to the program. You also get a percentage of what they earn. Basically, the more you recruit, and the more your recruits recruit (up to 5 levels deep), the bigger your earnings will be. It’s a classic referral program, really. There’s nothing really fancy about it.



Honest Thoughts About Timebucks?


There’s just a lot of divisive information about this product. On one hand, it is a great program albeit one that doesn’t pay that well. On the other hand, it is a simple enough program that literally anyone with computer can do it. Answering polls or surveys can hardly be considered hard work which makes this program a bit polarizing. The work is easy but the pay is peanuts.


Fortunately for you, they have a referral program which can add immensely to your potential income. However, you need to be actively seeking recruits to enjoy the benefits of that program. Here are some of the issues you may face using this program.


Tasks are sometimes unavailable


Some tasks are geo-located which means that only people on particular locations can access it. But according to some users, some categories can remain empty for quite a while, sometimes even lasting months. Obviously, no tasks equal no money.


Getting into surveys can be tough


Based on the list I put above, the average survey pays around $1. However, not everyone can qualify for the survey, which means that you can’t answer surveys all day long. The reality is you sometimes can only answer 1 survey at a time, earning you a paltry $1 every time you do. There’s just too many survey providers and too little surveys to go around.


They only use PayPal, BitCoin or Payza


If you don’t own an account in any of those, you’re pretty much screwed because that’s the only place they are allowed to send your money.


You won’t earn that much


I think it’s already clear that you won’t earning that much money using this program. You will only earn, like, maybe a pocket change if you’re lucky. But the truth is, it’s highly likely that you won’t earn anything at all. The tasks unavailability coupled with what looks like an inactive community does not look too promising. There’s a huge chance that you would quit this program as soon as you realize its true nature.



The Honest Verdict


TimeBucks is a legit program to get paid online, don’t get me wrong. However, I don’t really see much use for it since based on my research, it’s not enough to even earn you a pocket change. The tasks are limited, and when they become available, only a handful can benefit from it because they go unavailable almost immediately. If you manage to snag a few tasks, chances are, you won’t find it worth it since they only pay by the penny.


The only real money-maker from this website is their referral program. You already know how this goes – you recruit others and get a commission. Your recruits recruit others and you get another set of commission, up to 5 levels deep. However, can you really recruit people to this program if there’s not much else to do? Even if you manage to recruit people to your program, there won’t be enough incentives inside the website to have them come back regularly.


To put it simply, I don’t really recommend this program at all. There are many websites or programs with the same premise but they have done a lot better job compared to this program. If you want to check “get paid to do” alternative programs out there, you need to check my reviews here.


If you want to try your hard into something a little more different than “get paid to do” websites, I suggest that you check my #1 recommended program. It’s a program that’s been getting a lot of buzz lately. It’s better to check it out instead of making me oversell this product. It basically sells itself, so if you have the time, you better check it out.



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