The Six Figure Success Academy Review: (Making $250-$500 Multiple Times a Day- IMPOSSIBLE!)

The Six Figure Success Academy Review: (Making $250-$500 Multiple Times a Day- IMPOSSIBLE!)


the six figure success academy review


Making $250 – $500 multiple times per day will be a dream come true, wouldn’t it? Finally, you can be able to buy your dream car, live in your dream home, and travel to your dream vacation places.


Life can be good when you are making such an amount of money consistently. Sorry to burst your bubble, don’t get your hopes up yet until we are through with this unbiased The Fix Figure Success Academy review.


Over the years, I have seen firsthand how high-ticket products like “The Six Figure Success Academy” destroyed people’s lives.


High-ticket products didn’t start today. Somehow, people use to think that since these products cost so much, then it must be the real deal. Some of the high-ticket products I have come across in the past cost as much as $5000.


Think of Digital Altitude, – a scam product where people lost millions of dollars combined. So, next time, before you rush to buy one of these high-ticket products, make sure you do your research very well.


Today, I will be looking at one of these high-ticket products. This one is called The Six Figure Success Academy.


From the title, you can already see that it is promising you will make six figures when you invest in the course. According to the authors, you will be making $500 multiple times per day after going through their training program.


We will quickly find out how true this claim is in this honest and unbiased review of The Six Figure Success Academy. Keep on reading to find out more.


The Six Figure Success Academy Review: A Quick Overview

Name: The Six Figure Success Academy
Type: Affiliate training
Founded: June 2008
Founder: Ty Cohen and Mike Balmaceda
Price: $1997
Recommended: 7/10


my #1 recommendation


What is the Six Figure Success Academy?

According to the people behind this product, The Six Figure Success Academy is a program that will teach you how you can work together with product creators to sell high-ticket products fast and easy.


However, in reality, what the product teaches is how to create webinars for the purpose of selling products.


When you get Six Figure Success Academy, what you will basically learn is how you can create webinars as a means for promoting high-ticket products.



The authors claimed that this is a simple and very easy business model even for beginners.


The Six Figures Success Academy was released in June 2008 by Ty Cohen and Mike Balmaceda and it quickly went viral shortly after being launched.


The authors have stories we are already familiar with. One of the authors, Mike, says he used to work in IT, hated his job with a passion and then quite the job to follow his dreams of online entrepreneurship.


The second person, Ty, also quit his blue-collar job after 9 years to become an online entrepreneur.


How Does The Six Figure Success Academy Work?

Well, here is where it gets more interesting. The Six Figure Success Academy made a lot of promises. We will discover shortly if the authors will be able to deliver on these promises.


Before you can get access to this program, you will need to ensure you have $1997 to pay for it. Yes, it is that expensive.


If you think the amount is too much to make an investment, there are other businesses opportunity like Wealthy Affiliate which provides a free trial that doesn’t even require a credit card!


If you are just looking for side money without being involved in the business, you can try: Inbox Dollars, Survey Voices, Daily Rewards, Pinecone Research Survey, Survey Rewardz, and Swagbucks which are all free as well.


After paying for the product, you will now get access to six weeks video training program. The training videos were designed to teach you how to generate high-ticket sales with an online course and webinar marketing.


Some of the steps suggested in the program to achieve this include:

Step 1: Find someone who sells high-ticket products online

Step 2: Package the product in a way that your audience believes it will give them a good value.

Step 3: Sell the product to your audience


How Do You Learn To Do This?

The Six Figure Success Academy comes with close to 50 videos that will take you about six weeks to complete. Below is how it works:


Week 1: You get a crash course on webinars.
Week 2: Partner with people like Bob
Week 3: Create your money maker
Week 4: Preparing for maximum success
Week 5: Generating thousands of dollars on demand
Week 6: Optimize and scale


The Six Figure Success Academy Video courses


You will also get a lot of other bonuses. The authors created a Facebook group where you can receive additional support in case you need help from them or from other people that use this product.


How Can You Make Money With The Six Figure Success Academy

Well, you are supposed to resell this course using the strategy thought in the course. Alternatively, you can make money by partnering with high-ticket product creators to sell their product.


The program teaches you how to leverage the power of webinar to generate the interest of your audience and then sell them any product you want.


When you get The Six Figure Success Academy, you will learn to make money online using the webinar as a traffic source.


The Six Figure Success Academy Ugly Truths Revealed!

Way Too Expensive

The authors said the course is for beginners. Actually, I don’t know any beginner that has $2000 to gamble. There is absolutely no guarantee that you will succeed after paying such amount of money.


Again, you certainly don’t need to pay $2000 to learn affiliate marketing. You can learn almost the strategy thought in this course for free in the Wealthy Affiliate program.


Information Overload

To justify the $2000 you will be paying for this online course, the authors packed a lot of training videos in the program.


You will get about 50 videos and I know from experience that most people won’t finish 15 videos out of these 50 videos. It is information overload which normally makes beginner lazy and overwhelmed.


No Refund

Well, there you go! Once you are in, you are in. You cannot change your mind after paying for the course. There is currently no refund policy.


No Guarantee You Will Make the Amount of Money Promised

I’m yet to see even a super-affiliate making $500 multiple times per day throughout the month.


If you are thinking that you will start earning that amount of money immediately after going through this program, think again.


It takes experience and consistent before you can start seeing significant income from affiliate marketing.


If you don’t want to waste any more time on reading lies and false promises, see My #1 Recommended Way of Making Money Online. This is a 100% free training for making a living online.


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Further Investment Required

Just in case you are wondering, you still need to make some other investments like website hosting, domain name creation, and other tools you may need along the way.


What I Like About the Program

New Traffic Source

A webinar is a new traffic source for affiliate marketers. If you learn how to set up a webinar, you will have a chance to be making a good amount of money promoting other people’s products.


The Six Figure Success Academy seems to teach how to set up a webinar very well. You will also get access to the tools you need.


Is The Six Figure Success Academy A Scam?

No! The Six Figure Success Academy is not a scam. However, this does not mean that I’m recommending it for anyone unless you have $2000 and more money than you can handle.


You can learn the steps recommended in this program on YouTube. If you want to learn it quicker, you can get a mentor that will be willing to teach you how to set up webinars for less than $500.


Besides, if you are a member of Wealthy Affiliates, you will learn this method almost for free.


How I Make A Living Online?

Do you wonder how I make a living online? I work from home! What I do is to make money from other people’s product just by telling people who might need the product.


Sound awesome, right? Yes, it is awesome. You can actually make 7-figure income working from home with this business model known as affiliate marketing. I learned everything I know today on “Wealthy Affiliate”.


Over 80% of top affiliate marketers who are making 7-figure income monthly online also learned everything they know on Wealthy Affiliate.


Now, it is your turn to learn. Don’t worry, you can start for free and see if it works for you.


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Have you tried The Six Figure Success Academy or another high ticket program? Share your experience with us! Also, if you have any questions about The Six Figure Success Academy leave them in the comment section below.


Thank for reading.




The Six Figure Success Academy






Overall Quality



  • New traffic source.
  • You earn a big commission promoting their program.
  • Tons of video tutorials.


  • Way too Expensive.
  • Information overload.
  • No refund.

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