The Six Figure Empire Review – The Most Truthful Review You Can Find!

The Six Figure Empire Review


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If you are reading this review, you are probably researching the system, Six Figure Empire, before purchasing it, correct? If not, perhaps, you are just curious because you saw it somewhere and want to check it out. In any case, this article is a review of this system and will provide an in-depth look into the features of this product to see if it is worth its price, which is a bit on the high side. Priced from $1,250 to $6,250 plus a monthly subscription fee, this program isn’t exactly cheap and one could even categorize it as being top-shelf in terms of pricing. To be fair, maybe the program is really worth that much, after all, the market sort of dictates the asking price. Maybe there’s a market for it and the features of the program are all worth it. That’s what we’re about to check.


In today’s review, we are going to do an in-depth review of Six Figure Empire. As I’ve said, the first thing you would notice about this product is the pricing, which is quite expensive, as far as affiliate marketing programs are concerned. To be clear, there are plenty of products that are more expensive than this one but those are very few and far in between. In my years of reviewing online money-making products, this product definitely belongs to the upper echelon in terms of pricing, but is it really worth it?


Let’s proceed to the review.


What Exactly Is Six Figure Empire?


Six Figure Income is a digital marketing course that comprises of lessons teaching you how to generate leads in many different ways. The company claims that you can earn up to $250 in commission within the next 72 hours, which to be fair, is a sensible amount, compared to what most companies are claiming.


Once you buy the product, you will be given access to the membership area which would allow you to open their training modules focusing on lead generation. You will also be given access to live training webinars. And last but not least, a secret technique to earn $250 within the next 72 hours.


However, what they don’t tell you about that $250 is it’s just a starter package. A basic package, if you will. As soon as you dig into their product, you will be presented with upsells that offer all kinds of features and add-ons, better than the last package. Their most expensive package tops at around $5,000. Yes, it’s that expensive.


Also, that $250 they promised you in the next 72 hours – turns out, it will come from your recruit. That is, if you successfully recruit one. The $250 will not come from their internet marketing lessons or programs. It will come directly from your recruit. You will present them with the same sales pitch you received and hope that they’d be interested enough to invest. When they do, you get your commission, hence, the $250. It’s sort of misleading but that’s just how most company rolls these days.



Red Flags Of Six Figure Empire


  1. No Money-back guarantee


Since a good chunk of my reviews are Clickbank affiliates, they have money-back guarantees. However, since this one is a stand-alone program, there are no refunds. Once you have paid the fee, you can never take it back under any circumstances whatsoever.


  1. The only way to earn is to recruit


The most obvious way to earn money is to recruit which ultimately makes it a pyramid scheme. The training program seems like it is just an after-thought, probably just a way to make the program look legit and legal. After all, you need a product to be able to be tagged as MLM. They chose training modules as their main product.


  1. Cash-gifting oriented


Cash-gifting is just another word for buying into the program. Pyramid schemes is basically just paying person A from the money invested by person B, so on and so forth. Six Figure Empire does this via a system called “cash-gifting” in which a recruit pays cash in order to be a member. In turn, the recruiter would receive a hefty commission. The new recruit can then recruit another person, repeating the process over again. Obviously, there is a limited number of levels possible because you’ll run out of people to recruit once you get to a certain level. That, my friend, is a traditional pyramid scheme – and it does sure looks like it.


  1. The training materials are outdated


I’ve seen the training materials and the information inside seems already outdated of at least 2 years. The technology has changed so much in last year alone, that what worked just a couple of years ago won’t necessarily be effective in today’s internet landscape. Their training materials need to be updated to be considered a worthy investment because as it stands right now, it is definitely not worth the money.



How Does Six Figure Empire Works?


Six Figure Empire looks good on paper because they actually offer a lot of training to help you capture leads. However, the problem arises when you notice that the primary focus of the whole program is to have you recruit as many members as you can. Before you can recruit anybody though, they have to pay you money but they don’t actually word it that way. Instead, they would be “cash-gifting” you, which to be honest, is just another word for giving you money. Once you have recruited members, they can then do the same, thus increasing the number of people under your umbrella. Do you know what this looks like? Yes, a pyramid.


However, they don’t ever brand themselves as a pyramid, or something that quite resembles it. In fact, you won’t find the word pyramid on their website at all. I know, I’ve looked. You can see MLM terms in there but they aren’t noticeable. The only reason this program can get away with their system is they have a product. Their main product is their “training” which allows them to mask their pyramid as MLM. But once you do your deep research, you will soon realize that their product or “training” as they call them have no value whatsoever. It’s only there as a placeholder – to make this company look legal.


Now, onto their training modules. Their training modules focus on paid traffic strategies which give you somewhat of an affiliate link to allow you to share this product and possibly recruit members. The training itself is very basic and is not even close to justifying the price. You’re better off using other alternative programs like my #1 recommended program.


Overall, this expensive program could just be a front to a pyramid scheme. The membership fee is nothing to laugh at, too, which makes the whole thing more suspect. And you actually can’t claim a refund. They decided to not include it so if you are unhappy with the service that you’re getting, well, good luck because you are not going to get your money back.



My Final Verdict


While making money using this product is possible, I would not advise buying this product at all. Technically, you can potentially make money using any product, truth be told. However, the chances of you earning a decent amount of living with this program are very minimal. Just like in all MLM, you need to “buy-in” first before you can earn money, and the amount they’re asking is nothing to scoff at. The price starts at $250 but that’s just the basics. Their basic package looked like it was just a placeholder because nothing of value is in there. You’re almost forced into buying into their “higher tier” package which is priced at $1,000. Even then, this $1,000 package is laughable compared to their $3,000 package. And you guessed it, their $3,000 package seemed amateur compared to their grand upsell $5,000. That’s a lot of upsells – and that’s not a good thing.


There you go. I would advise not getting this product and opt for alternatives instead. There are literally thousands of other products that offer much value in this. What’s more, is those products aren’t that expensive and have a money-back guarantee. One product in particular that I have been recommending for the past couple of years is Wealthy Affiliates. Wealthy Affiliates has all the features that you need in affiliate marketing. It does not make all kinds of outrageous claims. Instead, it sort of undersells itself and over delivers, which is a surprising thing considering what industry it belongs to.

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