The Penny Hoarder Review: Is Writing For Them Going To Earn You Good Money?

The Penny Hoarder Reviews


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What Exactly Is The Penny Hoarder?


The About Page on the website itself has a pretty good description of what the program is all about. It comes directly from the source which makes it more accurate. I will post the description down below.


But to put it simply, according to them, they are one of the largest personal finance websites on the internet. They have millions of readers worldwide which they help earn and save money by providing job opportunities, earning tips, money-saving strategies, and more. Basically, what you will get from reading their “about page” is they are good at what they do, and my research seems to back it up.


At the time of this writing, they have an average of 14 million readers per month. To put that into perspective, The New York Times has an average of 130 million readers per month, but it is the biggest and most prestigious content website on the planet and The Penny Hoarder is more of a financial niche website. Averaging a tenth of that is certainly impressive. But that’s not all, The Penny Hoarder continues to improve its reach monthly which makes it one of the fastest-growing content websites today.


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 Making Money From The Penny Hoarder


Now, maybe you are wondering where’s part “making money” part in The Penny Hoarder because from the description above, it’s just a simple website with plenty of articles about finances. There’s more to it than that because this website has a “Make Money” tab right on top of its page. It is categorized into 4 different parts – jobs, side gigs, work from home gigs, and career.


As evident with the name “make money,” the goal of this page is to help you earn money through several techniques. We’re going to take a look at each of these categories to see what’s in store for us.


  • Jobs


This category is full of articles explaining the different types of jobs that the readers can apply for. Most of the jobs there are for writers. They also publish articles detailing unique jobs that are written by the person who is working them.


This category is updated regularly, with articles coming in pretty much every other day, without fail. What’s greater is the article topics varies a lot, and by a lot, I mean a lot. You can read about quirky jobs in there. It’s plenty informative and intriguing at the same time, which makes reading the articles very good.


  • Side Gigs


This category is very similar to the “job” category but with one key difference. This category deals with temporary work opportunities like writing contests, survey websites, and bunch more pocket money-making opportunities.


If you are looking for a side-gig, perhaps a work opportunity to earn extra cash, this is the perfect place to look for. They have other types of gigs that are more permanent, too, but these are few and far in between. The articles here, just like the ones on the job section, are high in quality and are pretty informative.


  • Work From Home


The title of this category is pretty self-explanatory. This section deals with work-from-home job opportunities. They have plenty of articles here that offer tips and tricks on how to land a work-from-home job. In this day and age, plenty of people opt for a work-from-home opportunity and it certainly looks like the future as most of the essential parts of life are easily reachable from the comforts of our own home. In any case, since this is the direction we are moving right now, it certainly makes sense to have a separate category for it.


What separates The Penny Hoarder from many content aggregate websites is the quality of the articles in it. If you are looking for some ‘tips and tricks’ that you can use to land yourself a work-from-home opportunity.


  • Career Opportunities


Their Career section features a lot of articles that would supposedly help you reach your full potential on the work you currently have or will have in the near future. The usual articles they post are related to building a good work portfolio, quality LinkedIn profile, becoming good at salary negotiation, showing confidence in job interviews, and many more.


If you are self-employed or have a business of your own, this section will also help you because they have plenty of articles that consist of tips and general advice to help you overcome fears when managing your business. Their articles are, without a doubt, full of sound advice that you will only see there. You will learn every day from them no matter your work circumstances in life is.


How Can You Make Money From The Penny Hoarder?


If you want to make money from The Penny Hoarder, you can contact them using their “Contact Us” link on the bottom section of their website. Once in there, you will need to click on the “Want to write for us?” link. Once you’re there, you will find a page detailing the guidelines for The Penny Hoarder.


I haven’t tried submitting any articles on this page but from what I gathered, the pay is dependent upon the traffic that it will generate. If that is true, then certainly it has a bigger potential for earning compared to other types of article submission. If your post reaches 50,000 pageviews, you will get $100. Considering that the website average 13 million monthly visitors, getting that view will be feasible. If you get twice the pageviews as that, your pay would double to $200. 250,000 pageviews would net you another $500! That is a staggering amount from just one article. I doubt you could make that much money writing articles anywhere.


The only caveat here is they would own the article and you can’t post links to it on your profile. You also can’t link websites on your article.


The Penny Hoarder pays you through PayPal at the end of the quarter. That seems like a long time to get paid for the article but you have to remember that their payment is based upon page views, so the more page views you have, the better your pay is going to be. It only makes sense to have the payment period be more extended than normal.


The Conclusion – Is Becoming A Writer For The Penny Hoarder Worth It?


The answer is yes, especially coming upon the above information where you can easily earn $500 for one article. It is definitely worth it!


The only real issue you will have when attempting to write for this website is the competition. It’s no secret that The Penny Hoarder is paying well above average and many writers would want a piece of that. You will be facing great competition as hundreds or even thousands of writers vying for that opportunity to get paid.


Should you decide to become one of their writers, read their submission guidelines and follow it to the letter. Make sure that the quality of your article is superb. Remember that you are competing with other writers so ensure that your article will stand out by using catchy and interesting writing techniques.


But if you are looking for another earning opportunity that isn’t about writing articles…


You better check out my other reviews – better yet, you need to go to my #1 most recommended program for earning money online. In there, you won’t need to promote articles or write one consistently for that matter. All you need is a good eye for marketing and you’ll be on your way to earning good money.

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