The Fast Profit Jacker Review – Are Its Claims Real Or Pure BS?

The Fast Profit Jacker Review


fast profit review


Due to the significant growth of the internet over the last few decades, businesses are moving from brick-and-mortar stores to just set up an online store, in varying amounts of success. Still, the majority of businesses are still sticking to built stores but they are also beginning to dip into e-commerce due to the direction of the market. Today, we’re going to look into a program that claims to integrate local businesses and the internet through the use of several internet marketing techniques. It claims to help companies increase their sales by implementing a good internet marketing campaign. The program is called Fast Profit Jacker and if what it claims are real, is it worth getting? We’ll find out today. Read on for further information.


What Exactly Is Fast Profit Jacker?


Fast Profit Jacker is an online platform designed to help people from all around the world start their own online business. This program claims to help its users amass massive amounts of profits just by promoting local businesses in your area. Basically, what you’re going to do is offer your services to local businesses to increase their online visibility. In turn, this would give them more business which would translate into profit. As you can see, a successful online campaign for business surely will boost its sales. Fast Profit Jacker claims to help its users make their sales pitch to small and bigger companies.


Fast Profit Jacker is a tool that is designed to show you the details of businesses in your area which would allow you to see which companies need help. Using their tool, you can offer your online marketing campaign services to local businesses to boost their performance. A boost in traffic to their website is a surefire way to increase their sales and Fast Profit Jacker will teach you how to convince companies to avail of your service.


Overall, if what they claim is true, Fast Profit Jacker is basically a service that would help you get clients, teach you how to do online marketing, and convince clients that your services are worth it. If all of these things are true, it is definitely a good course since it teaches you almost everything you need to know about online marketing – how to spot and keep a client is a great tool to have.


The Mind Behind Fast Profit Jacker


Jason Fulton is the mind behind this program, and is a known affiliate marketer, having released many affiliate marketing tools that are designed to earn a passive income consistently. Not much is known about Jason Fulton but from my research, he seems like a real person, and not just a figure-head, like some affiliate marketing programs out there. Nevertheless, he has several big claims about this program and if indeed some of them are true, it is surely worth checking out – but are they? This review aims to answer that very question. Read on.


How Does Fast Profit Jacker Work?


When you become a member, you can search for potential clients using their dashboard. You can do a broad or specific search depending on your parameters. You can just type “hairdresser” and “Houston” and you will be given a list of all the hairdressers in Houston. Information such as a complete registered name, address, phone number, email addresses, and websites will all be given on the results page. It is indeed a very powerful program that allows you to see most, if not all, the business in the area you’re interested in.


They have a feature in their program that allows you to check several parameters on their website and social media pages. They have several parameters that would allow you to check if their SSL certificates are updated, or if their social media pages are optimized. You are not only limited to these parameters as they have a lot more of that. To put it simply, the software will give you an in-depth look into the inner workings of their websites or pages. You can then use this information to make a customized campaign for the local business you’re interested in. You make your pitch to them and hopefully, they will hire you.


Honest Opinion About Fast Profit Jacker


If you think about it, the idea behind the software is genius. Not only will you be able to check the status of businesses but you will have the power to fix whatever their problems are. This is indeed quite a powerful to have because it gives you a “beyond the surface” look into any company. Hell, you can buy this program with the sole purpose of spying onto your competitors. You can also use the features of the program to check where your business is lacking. If you want to, you can also check the strengths or weaknesses of your competitors to maybe copy their strategy to improve your own business. I’m not saying that you should be using it for nefarious reasons but using it this way is an idea.


One problem I’ve found though is the training is a bit lacking. For beginners that are completely new to any kind of internet marketing software, it is almost impossible to know what those different parameters mean. The video has some pointers and tips but the narrator assumes that the buyer already has some understanding of internet marketing.


What Services Can You Offer After You Finish Training?


  1. Offer Social Media Campaign


I can’t stretch enough how important social media on local businesses has become. Many users even use their social media account to look for services online, foregoing the Google and Yelp route. This is a relatively new phenomenon which is why you need to incorporate social media campaign in your business as soon as you can. Failing to do so would leave a gap in your market share that you simply can’t afford.


There are many parameters in the program that shows the strength of the social media campaign that local business is running which allows you to see their weaknesses, should there be any.


  1. Offer SEO Service


If you think about it, social media campaign is almost similar to SEO, wherein you optimize your keywords to make sure the website comes out on top of the search results whenever a keyword of your choosing is searched online. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the cornerstones of internet marketing which is why you need to master this skill. If you can help a business place their website on top of Google results, their businesses would be boosted exponentially. Studies have shown that having your website rank on page 1 of Google has a massive effect on click-throughs.

  1. Offer To Create Their Website


Many local businesses still do not have their own website. This is quite problematic since they are missing a heck ton of exposure. Studies have shown that people are quickly favoring using the internet to search for services. Gone are the days where people would plow through their yellow pages, looking for a specific service. Instead, they would go on Google of Facebook and search for the service they’re interested in. If a company doesn’t have a website, they are clearly missing out. If a business only relies on walk-in and word-of-mouth, they are doomed to fail. No matter how good their services are, they are likely to fold since online marketing is where it’s at, and them not using it affects them negatively.


  1. Create Social Media Pages For The Business


Most of local businesses have Facebook pages, I’d give you that. However, a small minority still treat social media as some sort of vanity project on the side. It is not. Facebook has become quite a juggernaut it not having a Facebook account is considered an aberration, even more so for local businesses. If a business does not have a social media account, does it really even exist? It’s a funny question but the way we’re going now, it is indeed a valid query. Nevertheless, you should instill the idea to the local business that you’re servicing that Facebook, along with other social media platforms, is indeed a good lead generating platform.


My Honest Verdict


Despite the eyebrow-raising claims of this company, it is indeed not a scam.


It is a well put-together program behind a great idea. What’s more, is you are basically being trained to be an all-around internet marketer – a skill which you can use throughout your life. If you think about it, you’re just paying for a course about internet marketing which includes bonus software that will help you identify which local businesses will need your service. It’s a pretty potent program, too. Overall, I’d say that it is a well thought out program that deserves your buy. It does exactly what it intended to do. Of course, there are some minor issues but for the price of $27, you will easily forget about those issues. It is a one-time payment, too, which in my opinion, makes the deal much better.


In the world full of people trying to have your fork over your hard-earned cash over some scam, this program definitely stands out. It is basically a course designed to give you the necessary knowledge to help businesses around you improve. You are paying for a skill, simply put. However, if you are looking for something else, perhaps a program that does not involve you reaching out to business owners to offer your services, you can check out my other reviews. One review or product, in particular, has been generating buzz is a program called Wealthy Affiliates. It is a very different product from this one, but they both are online money-making schemes. If you are interested in why I am also recommending that program, you can click the link below.


My #1 Recommended Program


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