Tempo Wireless Review: A Refreshing New Take On MLM

Tempo Wireless Review


tempo wireless review


Welcome to my website. This is a website that is dedicated to reviewing popular online money-making programs. I am going to discuss every detail of all the programs to help you, my readers, determine if the program is worth your time or not.


In today’s review, I am going to look into a product called Tempo Wireless. It’s a relatively new MLM company that promises many key things like a unique compensation plan and top-class products. We are going to put those claims to the test.


But before we start on the review, I feel like I need to tell you something about MLMs. It’s not exactly an exclusive online money-making program but since most marketing-based companies are moving into the world of the internet, I figured to include these companies to my reviews.


Most MLM now operate on the internet, which is a good thing, because that’s the way to go nowadays. Most people don’t recognize MLM as an online money-making scheme but I have to disagree. MLMs have a lot in common with the usual online marketing programs and we’re going to discuss them here.


Now, on to the review.


What Exactly Is Tempo Wireless?


Tempo Wireless is an MLM company that is based around the telecommunication industry. This company was called Lightyear Wireless but changed its name when they decided to pursue a more marketing-heavy kind of influence.


At the time of this writing, Tempo Wireless has 7 years of experience. So far, it doesn’t look like they are gaining steam in the MLM market. That is somewhat understandable given that telecom-focused MLM is basically unheard of in the industry.


Most companies in the MLM industry are health-related with tangible products like soap, detergent, herbal medicines, and whatnot. This company is quite the contrarian in that its main products are wireless service plans.


It’s a very unique product, I must say. It’s also pretty obvious that it has some big competitors out there in the likes of Sprint, AT&T, and Walmart just to name a few. As a marketer myself, I find it hard to place this company anywhere because there’s literally no specific industry for it. Should they market it as an MLM or as a cheap wireless service provider? They are in a tricky position and it shows.


Tempo Wireless Product Line


You have to understand that there is a huge demand for wireless service. But you must also understand that there is some oversaturation in the market that’s been going on for years now. There are far too many companies battling for the same users which have led to some price reduction in many cases.


That is because the pricing is one of the main things that potential customers look through when selecting a product, this much is known. So how does this company fare with others? Here are their plans.


Tempo Wireless Service Plans per month:


  • $20 – 200 minutes
  • $34.99 – 700 Minutes and 700 Text Messages
  • $49.99 – NO LIMITED Text or Calls
  • $59.99 – Unlimited Text, Calls, and data (4G), $5 worth of International calls and $39.99 for an additional line.


Their plans are not bad at all. They are a bit cheaper compared to the bigger companies in the USA, which runs at an average of $70 for the unlimited plan. In comparison, Tempo Wireless would cost you just $60. Granted, there are still cheaper alternatives out there, but this company, at least according to them, gives you an additional type of service – and that’s the MLM part.


I am going to discuss in the next section the MLM part of this company. If I were to finish my review here, this company would look just like any other mobile service provider out there. But they claim to have something going on for them and we’re going to examine that.


Tempo Wireless – Is It Just Another MLM?


The thing that jumps about this company is it doesn’t seem like an MLM. It’s unlike all the MLMs we’ve seen before – and that’s good and bad. The good of it is it’s a new niche market that has a good potential for growth. The bad is also the good part because this niche being new, it’s not yet a proven way to earn money online. In any case, there’s still a lot to unpack about this company.


Their structure is comparable to just about any MLM company you can think of. You buy into the program and you recruit people to buy into the program, too. Whenever you successfully refer people to the program, you will get paid in commission.


The people you recruited can also recruit other people, which can only net you a commission but at a much lower percentage. This goes on for several levels. The only real difference about this company is their product is actually good. And no, I’m not saying that all MLM companies have bad products. What I’m saying is the product line of Tempo Wireless is actually in the “needs” category instead of the “wants.”


What I mean by that is you can easily recruit people into the program because most people have wireless service plans anyway. Your sales pitch can easily be “why not make a little extra money on top of that?” which certainly makes sense.


Tempo Wireless Compensation Plan


For every MLM company comes a unique compensation plan but they are basically one and the same if you get right down to it. You refer people into the program and you get paid – that’s basically it. MLM companies feel that making their compensation plan more complex and convoluted makes it more “proprietary” and that couldn’t be further from the truth.


The truth is, the simpler the compensation plan is, the better it is, in my opinion. That being said, Tempo Wireless compensation plan is one of the simplest plans there is, but I don’t think I can do it justice by explaining it here. I think it’s better if you just watch it. I’ve put down the video below for you to check.



Tempo Wireless MLM Review – Final Thoughts


As far as I can tell, Tempo Wireless is NOT A SCAM.


It is a legitimate program that has an actual useable product that you ACTUALLY NEED. This is a start contrast to most MLM companies wherein the products are mostly just overpriced supplements that you don’t actually need.


To be fair, maybe you need some vitamin supplements, but I digress. Tempo Wireless actually offers you something that you can use to improve your life. Everyone’s got a smartphone nowadays which makes selling this product a tad bit easier, especially when compared to vitamin supplements.


Now, I have nothing against health and wellness MLM companies but it’s just refreshing to see a new MLM product that offers something unique for once. So yeah, as you can probably tell from this review, I will give a recommendation for this product. If you are going to become an MLM marketer, better have a product that you know you can sell, which is certainly the case here.


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