Take Surveys For Cash Reviews- Is This Survey Site Scam Or Real Deal?

Take Surveys For Cash Reviews- Is This Survey Site Scam Or Real Deal?

Take Surveys For Cash Reviews

Name: Take Surveys For Cash

Owner: Jason White

Website: www.takesurveysforcash.com

Price: $39 + Upsells

Overall Scam Rank: 6.8/10

Let me guess, you’ve come across this website a couple of times and were wondering if this site is a scam or not. Because of a lot of requests and noise surrounding this survey site, I have decided to do thorough research to know what they will offer you.

In this article, we are going to explain what Take Survey For Cash is all about, how do they work, and if they are another scam that won’t deliver what they promise at the end of the day.

Paid Survey a Quick Overview

An incentivized or paid survey is a special type of statistical survey whereby people participating are rewarded through a program of incentives.

In these communities, members are able to influence future services and products by way of volunteering to take part in a search project for consumers.

These consumer search projects usually take the form of online surveys, product tests, and diaries. Participants do this while being rewarded commensurate with their effort.

In this platform, participants are rewarded for giving honest accounts of what they feel about a particular product or service being offered by a certain company.

It is of paramount importance that companies establish how the public feels regards to the product or services they are offering.

In a bid to understand the consumers’ reactions toward a company’s goods and service companies often conduct what is known as market surveys.

Getting feedback from the consumers whether positive or negative is very important for the companies.

This goes a long way toward helping them establish how to better their good and services for the purpose of attracting more customers and most importantly turning those customers into repeat customers and eventually creating a brand.

What Is Take Surveys For Cash?

Take Surveys For Cash works as a bridge that connects the two ends. It operates to ensure that the consumer gets a platform to express their feelings about a particular product or service while the company benefits from the information collected by Take Surveys For Cash.

Once you have satisfied all the registration requirements, you can begin taking part in paid surveys. Once you have successfully taken part in a survey, your money is automatically deposited in your respective Take Surveys For Cash account for rewards.

Here is a Screenshot of the Member’s Area

In the member’s area, you are provided with companies that are looking for consumer opinions like Swagbucks, Harris Poll Online, Panda Research, Vindale Research, and More.

Here is a Screenshot of Some Surveys in the Member’s Area

Once the amount reaches the required minimum cashing out the amount, you can transfer it to any pay pal account of your desire or alternatively, you can select a suitable Amazon gift card which you require to be delivered electronically to your personal email account.

 What I Liked About Take Surveys For Cash

It offers you an opportunity to earn a quick buck.

I have come to the realization that, Take Surveys For Cash affords you the opportunity to make some spare money without much hassle.

In order to enjoy the maximum benefits of this platform, it is advisable that a participant fills their profile properly so as to help those in survey panels identify you easily and quickly.

This will also greatly help increase the number of surveys that you are legible to participate in. The more surveys you take part in the more rewards you get from Take Surveys For Cash.

Another good thing about the Take Surveys For Cash is that it allows you the convenience of engaging in surveys anytime and anywhere.

This is made possible by the fact that Take Surveys For Cash always ensures that survey invitations get to you via your email upon registration.

 It is easy to register for and no payment is required to join.

The fact that one is not required to pay anything to join this platform is a clear indication that it is conducting legitimate business. I am aware that there are many fraudsters out there who pose as online paid survey companies.

It is reliable and efficient.

Take Surveys For Cash does not place any geographical restrictions on members nor does it disqualify its members unduly due to profile errors.

I have realized that Take Surveys For Cash is keen on ensuring that its members are paid for their work and does not give false earning expectations to its members.

Unlike many other online paid survey companies that flood their members’ emails with spasm with large numbers of useless notifications, Take survey is keen on ensuring that any engagement they have with their members is fruitful.

Members can also rest easy knowing that they need not worry that their accounts will be closed unceremoniously. Take Surveys For Cash does not close member’s accounts without a valid reason which is always communicated to the account owner.

I noticed that Take Surveys For Cash do not ask their members’ to be for sensitive information during registration.

This is one of the key indications of legitimacy. Legitimate sites for paid surveys do not require prospective members’ to share sensitive personal information with them.

Take Surveys For Cash is transparent in its operations and has provided all the necessary information about itself for the benefit of those looking to join the community and those that are already members’.

Take Surveys For Cash values its members’ information and does not share the same with third parties for any reason whatsoever.

This is a major concern for many people looking to join online survey sites. Some scammers sell their information to spammers.

Last but not least the minimum requirement for one to be a member of Take Surveys For Cash is of a minimum age of 13 years and have a valid email account for the purpose of correspondence.

 What I Didn’t Like Take Surveys For Cash

You can’t make good money.

While Take Surveys For Cash offers you the chance to make an extra buck for yourself, they do not pay enough for you to quit your day job.

I think one is at the risk of spending too much time conducting surveys but not making enough money to sustain him/her.

Members are advised to consider this job as a hobby that earns them a little extra cash but not a permanent job.

Worry about sensitive information.

I am afraid that Take Surveys For Cash does not have an effective channel for authenticating the information given to them by prospective members’.

The site may be conducting legitimate business but once they fail to establish the authenticity of the information given to them by their members’ they run the risk of paying people to lie.

This will eventually be injurious to both Take Surveys For Cash and its clients because on one side the company employing Take Surveys For Cash will receive useless reviews from the members of Take Surveys For Cash and it will eventually lose the trust of its clients.

I feel that since there is minimum scrutiny on who can join the online survey community.

Unscrupulous people can sign up with Take Surveys For Cash under different profiles. This will enable them to create multiple accounts. This also means that people can lie about their demographic profiles which will allow them to unduly qualify for more surveys.

Eventually, this will lead to poor results as this people may not apply themselves to the tasks given to them and may just check the answers to questions randomly so as to go the next survey.

Its membership is only limited to Canadians. I think this condition has locked out many people who are from the US and other countries that may have wanted to engage in paid online surveys.

I have noticed that while they claim that they charge nothing to join, Take Surveys For Cash charges 39 Dollars for some information that should be availed to the members free of charge. This makes this site no different from the others and also sheds serious doubts on its legitimacy.

Upon reading Take Surveys For Cash’s disclaimer severally I was left wondering what exactly Take Survey is selling to its members’.

The fine print looks more like a promise to make money on the platform doing surveys but offers no tangible guarantee that you will actually make the money.

I take issue with Take Surveys For Cash’s mode of advertisement. The site’s web page is not attractive to look at and the information there is all jumbled up and is impossible to scheme through quickly.

They need to work on their advertisement otherwise how they attract companies with such a substandard website. Their advertisements might also be misleading to those who are not keen enough or those who are not experienced in the matters of paid online surveys.

Again this takes me back to the issue of payment if people earn so much money as Take Surveys For Cash claims they would have no need to have 9-5pm jobs.

I am not saying this paid survey is not legit, I am only saying you cannot make as much money as they claim you can make in their advertisements.

I have come to the realization that most paid surveys that are legitimate pay members’ pennies.

Most of their surveys are worth slightly under a dollar and the most lucrative may be worth about 5 Dollars. 5 dollar online paid surveys are very rare to come across if I may mention.

Users of this online paid survey site must also be aware that they do not qualify to make surveys for all products and services. Some products and services may require people with certain profiles for the survey to be accurate.

The fact that people can create many accounts using different usernames erodes the reliability of this site to some extent. For example, if a company is looking for a survey for a product whose target clientele demographic is ladies who are between 25-50 years.

For this survey to be fruitful I feel it is important that all other members’ who do not fit this demographic should be ruled out. I feel that since the site cannot guarantee this, it stands to lose on many ends.

Take Surveys For Cash has poor security measures for ensuring that they catch up with survey cheaters.

As I was researching on this matter of paid online survey, it came to my realization that the best thing paid online survey sites can do to boost the reliability of their surveys is to ensure that they maintain and uphold panel integrity at all times without fail.

This together with other measures such as making the invitations only available to those members’ who have been specifically invited by the survey will greatly boost the authenticity of the survey.

Who Is Take Surveys For Cash for?

As I have put it you earlier on, this platform is ideal for those looking to make a little extra money to help with their day to day expenditures. It is ideal for students who are in High school, college and those people who do not have tightly scheduled jobs.

Online surveys go beyond just making the money and enjoying the rewards that come along with it; this platform offers a serious member the opportunity to positively influence the quality of products coming into the market.

Take Survey For Cash affords you the opportunity to give an honest opinion on whether a product or service being offered by a particular company is up to par with the consumer’s standards.


During registration, one is required to register with a valid email address. The purpose of this is to ensure that the member never misses on an opportunity to make a review that is within your customer demographic.

Take Surveys For Cash constantly sends emails to its members with relevant information on a particular product or service that needs to be reviewed for a survey. The site also has all relevant contact information that may be of use to a person looking to join or who is already a member

Here’s What I Really Think

This is a good platform for a young person to make an extra coin but cannot be relied upon to put food on the table. The reason being that it does not pay that well.

As I pointed out earlier on most paid survey pay below a dollar for surveys and the most expensive ones pay 5 Dollars but they are rare to come across.

The risks of being scammed in this business are also worth considering and one should conduct a proper market survey to ensure that they are not walking into a scam. There are several pointers that you can use to determine whether you are being taken for a ride.

Take Surveys For Cash is a legitimate site but they need to improve the quality of their advertisement and security so as to ensure that they lock out fraudsters.

This will benefit them immensely as they will be able to retain their clients while at the same time attracting bigger and better-paying clientele.

Thanks for reading this review. If you have any question about Take Survey For Cash, let me know in the comment below!



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  1. I’ve tried programs like these, seems like there’s a better way to spend your time. The payouts aren’t really enough to get me excited. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Will,
      If you are like me, you had tried paid and reward programs. When I started out online, I thought to answer surveys were the easiest way to make money online. In a real sense, it didn’t worth the time you put in. You are better off to look for other ways to make money online.

      All the best!


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