Survey Pronto Review: Another Survey Website, Another Scam?

Survey Pronto Review

survey pronto website


Product Name: Survey Pronto
Author: A & K International Inc
Price: Free
Rating: 3.4 out of 10
Verdict: This had the potential to be good but issues like high payout threshold and the 15% fee made me rank it near the bottom of the totem pole. There are better alternatives out there.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, the internet is rife with survey websites. All of these websites claim to help internet users earn money just by answering questionnaires. If you’ve been browsing the internet for quite some time now, you are probably aware of their existence. Maybe you’ve tried one yourself in the past. Nevertheless, this article is a review of a product called Survey Pronto.

With the economy taking a nosedive because of the coronavirus situation, there is a noticeable jump in Google search regarding online money making. One of the results that are getting probably the best click rate out there are survey websites. Their premise is pretty simple, too, which interests plenty of people – if you want to make money, just answer questions.

The taglines of survey websites are pretty basic and self-explanatory which makes gives them a high conversion rate. The premise of easy money by literally answering yes/no or opinion-based questionnaires is enticing enough and many people fall for these offers.


The Truth About Online Opportunities

But of course, along with these claims should come a healthy amount of skepticism. After all, this is the internet we’re talking about. It’s riddled with so many scams that it’s safe to assume that more than half of these so-called ‘online opportunities’ are outright scams.

Now, I’m not saying that Survey Pronto is a scam. What I’m saying here is you need to be vigilant when it comes to these online opportunities, especially right now where millions of people have lost their jobs and are looking to score some money in any way they can.

Not only will I review Survey Pronto but I will also give you a detailed look into the world of survey industry. I will discuss the cons and pros of working in this industry. This should help you determine the real value of working inside it. Is it even worth looking at? You’ll get your answer in a bit.


What Is Survey Pronto?

As its name suggests, Survey Pronto is an online survey site. It is a company owned by A & K International Inc which is based in New York. This company has different versions of this website for several countries. This means that it is not only available inside the States but also worldwide.

As with all these online survey websites, the requirement bar is very low. The only real requirement that they give out is you must be at least 18 years of age. This the primary reason why survey websites are so popular with this age range.

Survey websites provide an opportunity to earn money without requiring much skill. After all, all you have to do is answer the questions and you’re all set. There are no right or wrong answers in opinion-based questionnaires which makes it an even more enticing opportunity for young adults with no skills.


How Does Survey Pronto Work?

Discussing how Survey Pronto work is basically just discussing how every survey companies work. They practically operate on the same formula and structure that I can probably just copy and paste my description of other survey programs.

Needless to say, Survey Pronto’s main goal is pretty straightforward – and that is to get targeted demographic data for their clients. What this means is they get clients from all over the world that are looking to study their demographics. These clients then give questionnaires like “how do you feel about this type of jeans?” and other similarly-toned questions to learn the preference of their demographics.

how does survey pronto works

The bulk of the job of Survey Pronto is basically just to gather people to participate in this demographic research. That’s where you come in. If you belong in a demographic that a client is interested in, you will get an invite to participate. You get sent your questionnaire, you answer, you send it back, then you earn.

That’s it. It’s that simple.


How To Become A Member?

You can either use your Facebook or Google account. If you don’t want to use those, you can opt for your email account and register the normal way. Personally, I will never use my personal Facebook or Google account for something like this. Just use your email if you can.


survey pronto registration

Once you register, they will send a verification code. Once you get verified, you will get taken into your profile which you have to fill out. Take note that the information you put in will be used for survey offers.



Do They Have Other Earning Opportunities Apart From Surveys?

They actually do have a lot of gigs available. It’s just that they don’t advertise this part of their website that much. Once you become a member, you will soon realize that majority of the opportunities there are small gigs or tasks. Rarely would you even see survey questionnaires.

Most of the offers there are as follows:

  • Paid click visits to websites
  • Clicking offers
  • Signing up for offers
  • Signing up for cash rebates
  • Watching videos
  • And many other small tasks

As you can see, they have various gigs available on their platform. However, these gigs don’t pay nearly as much as survey questionnaires.


Referral Program – Earn Commission For Recruitment

A survey website is never complete without a referral program. If I’d take a guess, I would say that 95% of survey websites have a referral program which is structured like an MLM scheme. Take note that I did not say a pyramid scheme because there’s a very minor difference.

You see, their referral program is pretty straight forward. You recruit people and you get 10% of their lifetime earnings. That’s as simple as it gets, really. No more of that complex compensation plan that so many MLM companies use.

I am inclined to tell you though that 10% of what they earn won’t really amount to much. Let me explain the next section below.


How Much Can I Earn On Survey Pronto?

What most of these survey companies don’t tell you about is the amount you can potentially earn. They don’t reveal the potential because there really is no potential.

The amount you will earn when you finish a survey varies by a lot, and by that, I mean a lot. You can earn anywhere from $1 to $5 depending on who is providing the survey and how complicated it is. As such, it’s difficult to get an average earning of users on this platform, but I’ll still try my best.

As I’ve said, surveys aren’t readily available for users. They get sent out randomly. This means that your chances of getting selected for a survey are based on luck, ultimately. You can go on for months without receiving a survey offer because you don’t belong in a certain demographic.

That leaves you with only the small gigs which don’t pay well. Overall, if I would take a guess, earning a dollar from Survey Pronto can take you anywhere from a week to a month. Tell me, is that worth it for you?


Issues With Survey Pronto

Even if you don’t consider the potential earning from Survey Pronto, they still have some glaring issues that I’d like to discuss.

  • They get 15% cut of all your earnings
  • They have a $30 minimum payout threshold
  • Payment is not good
  • No consistency in available gigs
  • No mobile app available
  • Customer support is non-existent

To be fair, most of these issues you can also see on other survey companies out there. It’s a fair assessment to say that the problems I raised above have become pervasive in this industry overall. It would be a challenge to find a survey company that does not tick off at least 2 of the things I listed above. Suffice it to say, I will judge this program with the survey industry-standard in mind.

But they have a good thing going for them though, and that is they are available in many languages and many countries. That’s definitely a plus for them.


languages survey pronto


The Verdict – Is Survey Pronto Worth It?

Survey Pronto is a mediocre side gig, all things considered.

If you want to earn money, you should just go look elsewhere because you won’t get it here. The $30 minimum payout is a dealbreaker. From what I’ve read about this website, most won’t even get past the $10 mark. The majority of those who sign up will literally forget about this website because of how hard it is to earn.

To be able to earn up to that $30, you’d have to have the patience of a monk, and that’s not going to happen.

If you are still adamant on trying survey websites out there, feel free to do so. Just don’t settle on this website because there are plenty of better alternatives out there.


Alternative To Survey Industry

There’s a good chance that the issues I listed above have turned you off the survey industry for good, and I don’t blame you. There are far too many side gigs that you can do that is worth your time and effort. Gone are the days wherein survey companies pay well. And it doesn’t look like it’s coming back.

For me, personally, what worked for me is finding another industry where there’s more potential to earn. That led me to affiliate marketing. If you’re not familiar with affiliate marketing, it’s basically just earning a commission for selling products. It’s simple, it’s easy, and anyone can do it.

Now, if you are curious of what this affiliate marketing is and how it helped me earn a good online income, perhaps you can spare a click and go to my #1 most recommended program.

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