StudyBay Review: Can You Still Earn From Writing Service In 2020?

Studybay Review

studybay review


Product Name: StudyBay

Price: Free

Rating: 5.4 out of 10

Verdict: StudyBay finds itself stuck in mediocrity because they’ve marketed themselves are providers of high-quality papers yet they lowball their writers to the point that they don’t stick around.


If you are wondering is StudyBay is legit, then you are definitely in the right place. This article is all about StudyBay to determine if it’s worth your time or not. Plenty of companies on the internet have claimed to help their users earn money by simply doing simple tasks, and this company is no different.

To learn the truth about this company and other companies like it, you need to read further. I am not only going to review StudyBay but will also provide you with a general look at the industry as a whole. I am going to answer questions that may have been swirling in your mind – questions such as ‘is earning online even possible?’ or ‘how much can you earn on this industry?’ are some examples of queries I will address in this article.

But before I begin, I must congratulate you on actually taking the first step in researching the company you’re interested in. Too many people dive headfirst into a program without doing prior research first, and that’s how these ‘bad’ companies get to you. They bank on the chance that people won’t do their homework.

Your being here means that you are already above the curve. Your willingness to dedicate time to do background research is enough to arm you with the knowledge to avoid internet scams.


What Exactly Is StudyBay?

StudyBay is a paper writing service that connects people from all over the world. If you want an article for your website or even for your thesis, you can hire someone from StudyBay. On the other side of that, you can also apply to become a writer yourself.

For the purpose of this article review, I am going to write this review from the perspective of being a writer as opposed to being a client. After all, you are probably here because you want to earn a little extra money on the internet, which it does provide. How much can you earn from StudyBay is a whole another story which we’ll discuss in the upcoming sections.


How Does StudyBay Works?

StudyBay works just like any other third-party writing service you see on the internet. They act as some sort of middleman between the writer and the employer. The writers will create their own profile which StudyBay would then compile into their directory, ultimately giving their clients access to thousands of writers who they can hire.

What makes this website such a brilliant idea is it allows the clients to have a one-stop-shop on all their writing needs. No more searching manually on Google when searching for a writer. With StudyBay, all the writers are in one place. What’s more, is they are also categorized, rated, and screened to ensure quality work.


How Much Can You Earn As A Writer Here?

StudyBay does not have uniform pricing which means that the price per gig depends on the difficulty of the project. Their minimum order is $10. Their minimum page rate is $5/page though. This means that you will need to write 2 pages for every order.

StudyBay practice more of hands-free management with their employees. This means that most of the communication between the writers and the clients won’t be restricted. Any add-ons, revisions, or price adjustment is between the clients and the writers.

If you are a client, this means that you can pretty much request any article that you like, provided that you give a fair price. As a writer, this could get messy real fast especially if you encounter some entitled client looking to squeeze every penny.

For every project, expect to earn at least $8. Unfortunately, they don’t disclose their service fee which I would assume would be more or less $1 for every project. It’s safe to assume that you will get at least $8 for every project. This is above the market average in case you’re wondering.


What Kinds Of Articles Do They Require?

The short answer to that is ‘all kinds that you can think of.’

StudyBay is somewhat a free-for-all gig because it does not meddle much with the communication between the client and the writer. This means that the writer can request any kind of content they wish. If they want an article about 20-foot ogres roaming fantasy land, they can definitely request it. But that doesn’t mean that they can get that article.

It’s still up to the writers to accept the gig or not. In a way, this sort of limit the topics that can be written.

As it stands today, StudyBay is focusing more on becoming more of a ‘research’ paper writing service. This means that it is now marketing itself as a resource for all things educational – things like homework, thesis paper, term paper, literature, and basically all things educational. Suffice it to say, these are the kinds of article requests you have t expect should you become a member.


Is StudyBay Worth It As A Writer?

StudyBay is not exactly bad. However, it’s not that good either.

It seems to be stuck in a limbo between mediocre and passable. There’s nothing to write home about it, to be honest. It’s a run-of-the-mill writing service that does a few unique things here and there but is basically the same as anything else.

One good thing though is it pays more than the market average. I’ve reviewed plenty of writing services before that only pays maybe $2 per gig. StudyBay pays $10/gig. Granted, that amounts to 2 pages worth of writing but it still way more than average.


studybay review


Honest Thoughts About StudyBay

Remember that this review is taken from the perspective of a writer. If you are a client, unfortunately, this article isn’t for you. But you should still stick around to get an idea of what writers have to deal with when writing articles for a content mill website.

What I Like About This Company

  • StudyBay is pretty easy to navigate. It’s modern and sleek.
  • It pays above market price (but still pays low – unfortunately, writers generally don’t get valued on the internet)
  • The topics are formal

What I Don’t Like About This Company

  • There have been reports of them reselling contents without the knowledge of the writer
  • Customer service is almost non-existent especially for writers
  • Clients can singlehandedly tank your rating if they are unhappy with your service
  • Doesn’t disclose how much is their cut for every article orders


The Verdict – Is StudyBay Legit?

StudyBay is a legit writing service company. It pays on time and has been operating for a relatively long time now. They also pay more compared to their direct competitors.

The main issue I have with this company is the lack of customer support for writers. If you search for reviews online, you will also see plenty of customer support issues client-side. This means that both sides are being ignored by the moderators which is not a good look at all.

StudyBay is currently poising itself to be known as writing services for educational papers. However, they are not willing to increase their pay rate resulting in average quality papers. That’s not really that surprising because no good writer put up with peanut pay.

In the end, StudyBay finds itself stuck in mediocrity because they’ve marketed themselves are providers of high-quality papers yet they lowball their writers to the point that they seek better alternatives.


Alternative To StudyBay

There are plenty of writing services available on the internet today. The best ones, however, can’t be found on content mill websites. Their purpose is even in the name, content mill – their sole purpose is to pump out as many articles as possible. It’s pretty obvious that they don’t really care about quality as long as they churn articles non-stop.

In my experience, the best writing services out there can be found on job sites like Upwork (old name: oDesk) and freelancers. I know that this might get considered a tired answer but this is the truth. At least on these websites, you know that they are really looking to get quality work and they’ll pay fairly.

Now, if you’ve become jaded with the idea of writing articles on the internet, why not try something new? Affiliate marketing is one of the best money-making opportunities on the internet. In fact, it’s where I get most of my earnings from. If you want to leave writing behind then this opportunity might be for you.

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