Star-Clicks PTC Review- Make Money with Star-Clicks?

Star-Clicks PTC Review

Can You Really Make Money with Star-Clicks?

Welcome to my Star-Clicks PTC Review!

Currently, there are many ways to make extra cash on the internet. First, you can join GPT (Get paid to) and PTC (Paid to click) sites. The two are some of the leading and simplest methods to make passive income online.

Generally, PTC sites are the most prevalent when it comes to making money. Merely put, this type of website allows you to make money by viewing ads.

Now, one PTC site that you may come across as you search for PTC sites is the famous Star-Clicks. But is Star-Clicks PTC site legit?

Well, when we evaluate the purposes and intents of the site, it would not be wrong to say that the site is legitimate. Nonetheless, its legitimacy does not necessarily mean that it’s worth signing up at the site.

In order to answer whether the Star-Clicks PTC site can really make you some cash, it would be wise to take an in-depth analysis of what the website has to offer its members.

The good thing is, there is no other place to get a detailed and unbiased Star-Clicks PTC review than in this article. So, if you want to find out whether joining the site is worth it or not, keep glued to the article to the end.

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Star-Clicks PTC Review: A Quick OverviewCan You Really Make Money with Star-Clicks?

Name: Star-Clicks


Owner: Easy Logic Limited

Price: Free to Sign Up

Summary: Yes, you can really make some extra bucks on Star-Clicks. You will be making between $0.01 and $0.02 for every ad you click. You can also money through their referral program and earn $0.08 when your referral registers as a basic member. You will receive a reward of $5 if your referrals upgrade their membership to the gold membership. Ultimately, you are eligible for a commission of $10, if they upgrade their membership to platinum. However, the major downside is that your earnings will depend on referring other individuals that will upgrade. So, I would say, this is not for a good way to make money online.

Overall Scam Rank: 4.3 Out of 10

Recommended: Not Really. There are Better Options Out There.

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What is Star-Clicks PTC?

Invented and owned by Easy Logic Limited, Star-Clicks PTC is a typical paid to click website that partners with other organizations or even individuals to boost their online traffic.

The manner in which they accomplish this is by allowing members like you to visit these websites and get a reward. Star-Clicks PTC site has been into existence since 2008.

So, you can see that it has established itself as a veteran site that is not anticipated to exit the PTC world any time soon.

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How Does Star-Clicks PTC Work?

The concept of Star-Clicks PTC is quite simple. Just like the other PTC sites on the internet, Star-Clicks PTC gets money by publishing offers, advertisements, and promotions from advertisers on their platform.

The best thing about the published offers, promos, and ads is that they can bring back viewers to the sites.

On the other hand, working as a member at Star-Clicks PTC allows you to click on the published ads and view them for a couple of seconds.

Generally, each ad’s earning is not quite high, but be ready to make between $0.01 and $0.02 for every click.

Registering at Star-Clicks PTC Site

Registering at this PTC site is quite simple, and it takes a couple of minutes. You only need to visit the official website and click on the Signup button.

Here, just enter your first name, last name, date of birth, home (postal) address, city, your location, zip/postcode, and your phone number. In addition, you’ll have to provide your sign in details in the form of an email address and password.

In my case, I am not always comfortable giving this info to various money-making programs. However, since Star-Clicks PTC seems to be a legit site, I would not hesitate to provide them with my personal details if I really want to make money from the website.

Star-Clicks will send a verification code to your mobile number and your email address, which you will use to activate the account. Afterward, you are ready to begin viewing ads on the site.

Here’s a Short Video on Star-Clicks

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How to Make Money with Star-Clicks PTC?

Now, to understand Star-Clicks PTC fully, especially how it helps you make money, we have to look at the earning opportunities it offers. Without further ado, here is how to make money from Star-Clicks PTC.

Paid Ads

Star-Clicks PTC is a lot simpler than other common Paid to Click sites on the internet. First, it does not boast as many earning opportunities as other PTC sites do.

In my opinion, this aspect is both good and bad. It is good because it makes the earning process a simple one.

On the other hand, it is bad because it makes it pretty hard to make substantial income due to the limited earning opportunities. With this in mind, viewing ads is still the primary method to earn from the website.

When you sign in to your account, you can click and watch all the available ads that you will find listed under the PPC Ads tab.

Here, all you need to do is to click an ad offer, which initiates the opening of a new browser tab. Generally, it is the newly opened page that shows the advertiser’s page that you need to watch.

It can be a promotional offer page, a homepage of a site, as well as a landing page. Your only task is to wait for the page to load up to the end.

Once the page is loaded completely, you can close it and then go to the succeeding advertisement. As you can see, the process is a walk in the park.

In most cases, on other paid to click sites, you may be required to solve a captcha to finish the viewing and then wait for a few seconds.

Well, Star-Clicks PTC will not demand anything like that from you. Thus, it is incredibly more comfortable and quicker to earn from this PTC site than the other sites from one perspective.

However, one drawback is that you will not have access to countless paid ads if you are registered as a basic member. So, you may need to upgrade your membership if you need extra ads to watch.

All in all, in comparison to other PTC sites, Star-Clicks PTC site pays much better for the clicks even if it does not offer thousands of ads to click. Still, you can make more money here than on its competitors.

The Referral Program

As with the other online reward websites, Star-Clicks PTC site also offers a referral program that you can join to earn extra income.

All that is required from you is inviting your friends and family members to sign up on the site via your referral invite link.

Once they register on the website using your referral code or link, they will instantly become your referrals. Afterward, you will always get a commission of their earnings, provided you satisfy the rules.

The referral program rewards are dynamic. Presently, whenever your referral registers ad a basic member, you automatically receive $0.08.

Subsequently, you will receive a reward of $5 if they upgrade their membership to the gold membership. Ultimately, you are eligible for a commission of $10, provided they upgrade their membership to platinum.

Therefore, you have an opportunity to make a considerable amount if your referrals decide to upgrade their membership to high levels.

However, at the basic level, the reward is not quite huge. In my opinion, it would be worth investing your time in the referrals only when they upgrade their membership levels.

The commission given by Star-Clicks PTC is unique. Ordinarily, when it comes to earning commission from your referrals, most organizations offer a continuous earning approach.

However, in the case of Star-Clicks PTC, you only get a one-time commission that’s only worth the hype when your referrals upgrade. Honestly speaking, it is incredibly different than most other PTC sites.


Star-Clicks PTC Ugly Truths Revealed!

  • Limited earning opportunities are given
  • Your earnings will depend on referring other individuals that will upgrade
  • Incredibly high payout threshold
  • Star-Clicks is not crystal clear about the monthly upgrade fee


What I Like About Star-Clicks PTC

  • You can withdraw your earnings via PayPal, BTC, or even via bank transfer
  •  It is available globally
  • The site is not spammy like other PTC sites on the internet


Is Star-Clicks PTC a Scam?

Star-Clicks PTC is 100% legit. It can certainly make you a little extra pocket money on the side. At the end of the day, I know you’re still filled by questions such as: Do paid-to-click websites really pay? Can you really make money with the Star-Clicks PTC site?

Well, I am going to be honest with you. I do not think that this type of business model is worth your time and investment.

However, it will at the end of the day pay, but it may not be worth your precious time. In Star-Clicks’ case, the earning potential is significantly low unless you upgrade to the Gold or Platinum membership levels, and the worst thing is that these membership levels do not come cheap.

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Star-Clicks at a Glance

Name: Star-Clicks


Owner: Easy Logic Limited

Price: Free to Sign Up

Overall Scam Rank: 4.3 Out of 10

Verdict: Legit and Paying. You Will Make Just an Extra Pocket Money.







Overall Quality



  • Available Globally
  • The Site is Not Spammy
  • Withdraw Earning Via PayPal, Bitcoin, Bank Wire Transfer


  • limited Earnining Opportunities
  • Incredibly High Payout Threshold
  • Not Clear About a Monthly Upgrade Fee

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