Smart Panel Reviews- Will it Work?- Online Money for Dads

Smart Panel Reviews- Will it Work?

Name: Smart Panel

Owner: Verto Analytics


Price: Free to join

Overall Rating: 6.8 Out of 10

Smart Panel Reviews- A Quick Overview

The owners of Smart Panel and the employees of the enterprise describe it as an innovative project for market researchers.

I would like you to know that I think Smart Panel’s intellectual property that enables companies to pay good money to the general public and itself, of course, for providing user data on how participants use the internet.

The company literally pays people to detail and express their general usage of internet to communicate and explore information via computers, smartphones, and tablets.

They are no different than other apps such as ibotta app, Dosh app, Gemini 2.0 app, and others.

At the time of this review, their parent company Verto Analytics has A- rating from the Better Business Burea. Receiving an A- from the Better Business Burea is a sign of a very trustworthy company.

Simply, Verto Analytics would like to understand how the general public interacts with each other, and their internet usable electronics.

How Does Smart Panel Work?

When you accept the Smart Panel’s invitation to become part of the research, you start sharing your data usage with the Smart Panel.

You install the Smart App in at least one of your electronic gadgets with which you power with the internet to use applications and to surf search engines and websites.

Here’s a Quick Video on Smart Panel

The application tracks your style of application and internet usage without capturing any of your usernames and passwords, and other personal information that the Smart App isolates. They are erased from its data collection process.

The isolated data includes but is not limited to text messages, passwords, browser cookies, images, audio and video recordings, and call logs. It only tracks data and time usage, and it aggregates all personal information.

Then, before transmitting the data, it encrypts the data to completely eliminate any chance traces of user characteristic that might have personal habitual codes.

It completely eliminates ant chances of breach of privacy or the chance of third parties accessing any records of your activities.

The Smart Panels enables you to actually help to make the internet better, and it also rewards you for it with redeemable cash rewards and bonuses.

I find that this research is fulfilling especially because it is so easy to contribute at a core level. It does not consume extra data and neither is it costly. In fact, I get paid for participating and I especially enjoy loyalty bonuses.

For what it is worth, I can’t forget to mention how this application is easy on great and crappy gadget batteries alike. It really does inspire loyalty: I am never fearful of any data breach.

The great thing about Smart Panel is that it uses your data to develop technology that continues to refine the internet for a valuable and entertaining internet user experience.

It has an attractive track record of accuracy, precision, finesse, accountability, transparency and intellectual philanthropy and entrepreneurial leadership.

It is also very liberating because it offers participants a clean and open exit might they decide to withdraw participation.

All I would have to do to get them off my radar on data usage would be to just unsubscribe from their email notifications. How efficient is that? Sadly, they delete your data, and they do not allow direct entry back.

When you leave, they treat you like a stranger when you come back? I always yearn to that much efficient but sadly, I am not as keen on growth and business discipline as Smart Panel is.

What I Like About Smart Panel

Smart Panel Protects your Privacy

The Smart App is great because it collects anonymous data. The app scans all of your gadget internet usages and first anonymizes the data before stripping it of any personal information via aggregation. Only then does it proceed with storage and analysis.

Additionally, it does not collect passwords and usernames nor can it access your personal files like messages, audio recordings or images. It achieves this through use of complex encryption codes and premium VPNs.

Smart Panel Safeguards Personal Information

It has policy guided programs and plugins that strongly prohibit its systems from disclosing any personal information to third parties.

You can use your phone without any worries. I guess that those guys are really good with data management.

Smart Panel Is Totally Free

First of all, Smart Panel costs nothing more in internet usage compared to the usage of non-participants. Furthermore, this noble service and membership in the development of new information through research is totally free.

There are no charges whatsoever for signing up or for active membership thereafter. I thought to be really cool, and it still excites me.

Smart Panel Pays Fiscal Incentives

First of all, remember that the most data that the Smart Panel App can consume for active users is only 3MBs per month. However, you actually make money passively.

You earn 5 dollars the instance when you sign up to Smart Panel. You get to redeem those 5 dollars the moment that you complete 30 days of owning an installed and active Smart App which is downloadable for free.

You continue to earn 5 dollars every month that you continue to become an active owner. Additionally, you earn 5 dollars of loyalty bonus every 90th day of active membership.

Smart App Is Battery-User-Friendly

I kid you not; the Smart Panel is very innovative and enjoys the wealth of cutting-edge cyber-engineers. They are good at physics and better at coding.

The Smart App is so energy-efficient that it can function in gadgets even when they are in battery saving mode. It does not drain battery power and its energy use is negligible.

What I Don’t Like About Smart Panel

Participation and membership for Smart Panel are by exclusive invitation only. I know it sucks, but I go in pretty easy myself.

I just visited its website home page, clicked on its ‘I’d Like to Sign Up’ link and took some survey. Maybe you can try it.

You have to install a VPN on your phone. I know most people don’t like to have to do things, but we all have to look out for ourselves.

For Smart Panel to protect you, it stipulates that you always use the Smart App with an active VPN.

Who Is It For?

The Smart Panel is for invites only. You can not install the Smart App on any of your gadgets if you are not a panelist.

Most importantly, you cannot sign up for the platform if the project leaders do not feel like you meet some criteria that suit the research.

My Final Thought On Smart Panel

Smart Panel is a great platform that worth joining. You can make some money on it but bear in mind that the panel is for invites only. In my opinion, this is not the best way to make some extra cash.

Is there any alternative to Smart Panel? YES.

A couple of years ago, I joined a training platform where they offer step by step training that teaches you how to set up your online business.

Ideal for newbies, you can join for free and often a few days, you will have your own free websites and build your very own online business foundation.

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  1. Great article. I haven’t used smart panel before but it seems like there are some limitations. I wouldn’t like that my success depended on whether those in charge think I “fit” a certain criteria. But thanks for the info. Lots of details for someone to make an informed decision.

    • Hi Shantaye,
      Most cash and reward sites have their own shortcoming. Smart Panel is one of them. To fit in a certain criteria, it is very to be honest when you create you account with them.
      Anyway, thank for dropping by!


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