Smart Crowd Review: Is It A Scam Or Legit Company?

Smart Crowd Review



If you are looking for an in-depth review of Smart Crowd, you are definitely in the right place. In this article, I am going to discuss this program and its inner workings to help you decide if this is going to work for you or not.


I’ve reviewed tons of other programs on the internet and one thing is for sure – that is, I have a good feel of the program. There’s just something in every program that jumps out to me, making me determine if they are worth it or not. It comes from my experience of reviewing products almost every day. I’ve seen all kinds of scams before which makes me more observant of new products on the internet. Becoming too careful when using a new program isn’t bad at all. As a matter of fact, that is what we should do especially when the internet is full of scams and fake opportunities.


Without further delays, here’s my review of an online survey site called Smart Crowd. Let’s put it to the test. Is it worth your time or not? Let’s find out.


What Exactly Is Smart Crowd?


Smart Crowd is a website that offers you small jobs that you can complete for a small payment. Anyone can become a user as long as they are of legal age and have a good internet connection. You don’t even need that good of a connection to get started.


You’ve probably seen similar websites to this one, and you are correct in assuming that most of them operate the same way. You get a reward for payment for every task that you completed. Most of the task is very simple, too simple that you will actually find it very bland and boring. It’s not a challenging kind of work. Well, if that’s your thing, then, by all means, register. It is going to be pocket money after all.


Smart Crowd acts like a middleman between you and the companies that need your inputs. Those big companies would give Smart Crowd a huge job to complete and they outsource it to their 100,000 users (according to their claims). They are basically dividing the work into a manageable size to make it possible to finish it in time and efficiently. That is basically what companies of this kind do.


How To Get Started With Smart Crowd?


Smart Crowd is an international company which means that anyone can sign up as long as they have an internet connection and are of legal age. You will find that signing up is very easy and convenient. You just need to fill out your profile with personal details and you’re almost set. Of course, you would be given a quick skill evaluation exam to gauge your skills. I’m here to tell you that the test they give isn’t that extensive, and that is understandable since the tasks given aren’t that complicated.


You would be given a reading comprehension exam which you won’t have trouble with if you speak English as your first language or even secondary. They also offer reading comprehension in Chinese, French, and German – but very few gigs are available for those languages.


You would also be given a Business Address Matching which is just a simple matching test to see how focused you are. As I’ve said, the exams are as basic as one can be. One cool thing you need to remember though is your score will dictate how many jobs you will qualify for. The higher your score, the more jobs will be available to you. Keep this in mind when answering those tests.


What Kind Of Jobs Are Available?


Once you have filled out your profile with at least a successful evaluation test, Smart Crowd will send you job offers by email. Depending on the availability of the jobs, it could take a while for their emails to be sent to your email. If you are lucky and you have a respectable evaluation score, you will get a few jobs per month.


Smart Crowd offers different kinds of data entry and translation jobs, one wherein you won’t need much thinking. The main reason why there’s a huge demand for these kinds of small tasks is almost anyone can do it. The company can easily lower their asking price and still have people clamoring for the job. The salary is very small though so you have to bear that in mind.



How Much Can You Earn On This Program?



Just like in any similar site, your earnings would vary by a lot, but in small increments. For instance, the same type of job can pay either $0.2 or $0.6 depending on the company behind it. In a sense, the value varies by a lot by subjectively speaking, $0.2 isn’t that much different with $0.6. Of course, if they add up, they would have very different values but as it stands, with the limited availability of the jobs on this platform, they might as well be $0.1. You won’t actually notice that much difference.


Their biggest earner in terms of the gig is their text translation. I don’t have a concrete value of the amount they pay but they pay more than minimum wage. However, you will have plenty of competition in this area since the pay is higher than usual.


The fastest guy gets the job – you have to remember this one. For sites like this one, being the smartest guy doesn’t guarantee that you can secure the job. It’s both the combination of luck and savviness that gets you the job.


The Conclusion


To put it shortly, Smart Crowd is a legitimate program that pays its users. If you are looking for a side earning, this would be a good opportunity. However, do not expect good cash out of it because while it pays better than most online survey companies, the pay is much lower than the minimum wage in the USA.


If you have some free time, doing a few of their surveys won’t hurt. It’s extra money after all. To put it in simple terms, the value of this company depends on how you value your time. If in your opinion, earning pennies for answering online surveys is a good free time activity, then, by all means, register and use this program all day. It totally depends on your outlook and how you value things.


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