ShareASale Affiliate Program Review: What We Love And Hate About This Program

Shareasale Affiliate Program Review


shareasale review


Chances are you have come across some form of advertisement over the internet that claims to help you make money in the comforts of your own home. These kinds of advertisements are all over the internet where you can see them even if you aren’t actually looking for them. The main reason why there are so many advertisements like this is it easily catches people’s attention. Literally anyone I know would want to have extra money and many of the ads claim just that – and the maker of the ads knows that so they target almost any site that runs advertisement banners.


Now, one of the most popular ads on the internet with regards to money making is affiliate marketing. The affiliate marketing term has been thrown around by a lot of people and it sort of lost its meaning. What is it exactly? Can it really help you earn money? I am going to answer that now, and the answer is YES. Yes, you can earn a respectable amount of money using affiliate marketing – that is, if you do it the right way.


Today, we’re going to review an affiliate marketing program that makes all kinds of claims in helping you earn money online. The name of the company is ShareASale. We’re going to look into the inner workings of this company to examine if all their claims have merits in them. We’re going to do a complete rundown of the company structure to see if this program is at least worth checking out or not.


What Exactly Is ShareASale?


ShareASale, as I’ve said above, is an affiliate marketing program that is based in Chicago, IL. It has been around for more than 20 years now, which is quite impressive in this day and age where companies come and go like bubbles. The fact that ShareASale is still running 20 years after its inception is a testament to its stability. This certainly adds a good amount of reputation to their name.


The main goal if ShareASale is to give its users the right knowledge to do affiliate marketing right. They claim to give their users an advanced Affiliate Marketing Platform to give them a better chance of becoming successful.


What Is Affiliate Marketing Anyway?


Before we dive into the heart of this review, I’d like to give a quick summary of what affiliate marketing is. If you already know what affiliate marketing is, you can skip to the next section, but I strongly suggest that you read this section even if you’re already familiar with it. It’s just a short explanation of this well-known system.


Affiliate marketing is the process by which an affiliate (or partner) earns a commission for recommending another company’s product. Basically, the affiliate searches for a product they want to promote. If people buy that product, the affiliate would get a percentage of the sale from the company who owns the product. It is one of the better and cleaner ways to make money online which is why a lot of companies are pumping out their guidelines on how to do it right – what ShareASale is doing right now.


Now, that you’re up to speed, we will now continue with the review.


How Does ShareASale Work?


ShareASale is an affiliate marketing program. I’ve already covered how affiliate marketing works – and that is basically what this program does. But if we’re going to be a little more specific, ShareASale provides its affiliates with a dashboard or platform for all their marketing needs.


To put it in perspective, the old way of doing affiliate marketing is by contacting prospects and convincing them to make you an affiliate/partner. With ShareASale, you can cut that part out and skip to the selling part. Basically, ShareASale provides you with a list of items and companies that are open to affiliates. You just have to choose which products to sell and you’re all set.


ShareASale basically just provides its users all the tools, trainings, dashboard, analytics, and other things to ensure that they can get their business up and running in no time.


Things I Like About ShareASale


  • Their Website Is Very Intuitive


When a website is easy to navigate, people are going to use it more often because of the simple fact that it isn’t confusing. Too many times I’ve seen a good program brought down by a sloppy website because of how confusing it is. The good thing about this program is their website is quite easy to navigate. The menus are named neatly. The categories are arranged in a digestible manner. Overall, it is just a pleasant way to navigate your dashboard.


  • Choosing Merchants Is Easy


When you are running an affiliate marketing program, you will spend a lot of time looking for merchants. Of course, you would want to have a product that gives out higher commission but you also want to have something that is always on demand. Sometimes you get a combination of these two and then you select that.


One great thing about this program is it allows you to easily arrange the items in a way that makes it easier for you to see which items are suited for your marketing needs.


  • Reporting And Analytics Built-in


Many affiliate marketing companies have their analytics built-in to their program. However, most of those programs aren’t that good if I were being honest. A good chunk of them only has very basic information that you can easily guess on your own. ShareASale’s analytics report through – their reporting system is definitely above average in terms of details. What’s more, is the information given is easy to understand, giving you a better view of how your product is doing.



The Takeaway


ShareASale is a legitimate affiliate network that can help you achieve your goals. It gives its users solid background information on all things affiliate. Their 20-year experience working in the industry is proof enough that they are a solid company that adapts to the changes.


There are many good things to say about this company. However, I feel like there are a few things that this program should improve. The first one is their customer service. Their customer service can sometimes be hit or miss, depending on the issue you face them with. Another thing is their training modules. Given that this company is more than 2 decades old, it seems within reason to assume that what worked on their inception isn’t going to work now. In short, they need to update their marketing strategies to reflect the changing times today.


I’m not saying that this program is bad. I am saying the opposite, actually. It’s still up to you to decide if this platform is worth your time or not. You can certainly use this review to determine if this program would work for you. Nonetheless, if you are more interested in my top affiliate marketing program – you should read my other review down below.


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