Review: Can You Really Make Money With

An Extensive Review review: Can you really make money with

Are you searching for an online job that needs little or no experience at all? Well, these types of jobs exist. One of the leading jobs that require no expertise while working online involves becoming an online transcriptionist.


Simply put, transcriptionists comprise of the art of listening to audio files and then typing whatever you hear. With this type of job, you certainly have the freedom to define your working hours. Also, you can work for as little or as much as you want every day.


There are countless reliable transcription organizations available on the web today. One of the leading companies is This article outlines everything you may need to know about this company. For instance, you will get info about how it works, the advantages and disadvantages of working with the company, it’s background info, and whether it is legit or not.


First, thank you all for stopping by to read my extensive review about It is tough worrying about money. You may be exhausted with your 9 – 5 job, and you are now perhaps planning to switch to the online world in order to work from home.


Freelancing is one option you can consider to join, but is it profitable and realistic? You are not alone if you are doubtful about making money online. I, too, faced the same problem before joining the world of making money from the internet many years ago.


When it comes to online businesses, it is challenging to know who you can trust with your investment. So, you probably want to know whether is a scam or not. I urge you to read this review to the end to have answers to any queries you may have about this company.


But before I go deep into the review, is a site that employs people like you to become part and parcel of their freelance transcriptionists. But does it pay its users, or is it just another scam? Let us find out more about this in a moment.


What is is a site that offers various services like transcriptions and translations to multiple business entities. It employs freelancers to perform these jobs on their behalf and pays them weekly. The company was previously known as Fox Transcribe and Fox Translate, and it’s currently based in San Francisco, CA area. They currently have an A+ rating with the BBB ( Better Business Bureau). Besides, they provide captioning services to their many customers.

Here’s a Short Video on

It was started back in August 2010 by two early workers, Jason Chicola, who’s the CEO, and his co-founder Josh Breinlinger. In order to guarantee that its hiring workers who are more than capable of performing the work professionally, the company incorporates strict processes when hiring applicants. promises to provide unparalleled speed, value, and quality to its customers. They make use of talented and good people, as well as technology, to deliver on this unique promise. Becoming a member of the organization is simple. You only need to fill out the application form located on their website and then pass the test they will offer you.


How Does Work?

I know most of you are wondering, ‘How does the system work and who is eligible to sign up?’ Fortunately, is a transcription company that accepts members from all corners of the world. All you need to get started is a working PC, a stable internet connection, as well as a good pair of headsets.


However, the application and screening process of becoming a member here is a bit strict. The company does not just employ everybody who fills the registration form. In fact, only 10% of applicants get accepted. It is a fact that even transcribers who have many years of experience find the transcription signup process quite challenging.


However, things might be different and simpler for you. The testing process takes about an hour to complete. Just visit their website via this link, enter your valid names, valid email address, the country you come from, and tap on the ‘Next’ button to Start Your Application.


You will be assessed on the following three areas:

Your Typing Skills

Here is where you type a block of text. You can type whatever you need within the allocated time, which is usually 60 seconds.



Here is where your grammar skills are tested. Fortunately, this is an elementary test. Basically, the test is based on capitalization, punctuation, and grammar skills.


Transcription Test

This is the main point of the assessment process. There is one audio test that applicants need to undertake on Rev’s transcription. The good thing is that this test does not have a time limit.


Here’s a Short Video on Their Transcription Test

When you get accepted on the platform as a transcriptionist, these are the types of audio files you will be handling on a daily basis. Notably, the audio file comes with multiple speakers. pays intense attention to how this file is transcribed. Thus, it needs to know how well the users recognize the speakers and whether they are able to decipher what is being said clearly.


After submitting your test, you will instantly receive an email thanking you for taking your precious time to do the test. A second email will be sent to you within 1 to 2 business days if you pass the test. Also, an email is sent to you if you fail the test, and the best thing is that you can retake the test after forty-five days.


How to Make Money with

You can make money on by transcribing, translating, or captioning work. The beauty of working with this company is that it doesn’t necessarily require you to have experience performing various transcription works. It is possible to be accepted as even if you have zero experience when it comes to transcription jobs.


In comparison to other transcription companies in the world, offers vast earning potential. The money that you can comfortably make depends on length, accent, difficulty, as well as a number of speakers. Short and single speakers tend to pay peanuts.


The company pays weekly, where you will receive your earnings every Monday of every week. However, the work done on Saturday and Sunday is paid on Monday of the following week without fail.


I can guarantee you that you will receive your earnings every Monday via PayPal. But if you want to get a lot of money, you need to do the difficult jobs in terms of accents, speakers, and terminologies used. Work Procedure Tips

  • The company gives you an opportunity to listen to an audio file before picking it. Else, you can claim a file and then listen to it. If you find the file much tricky to transcribe, you have an hour to un-claim it or release it back to the pool. You will not be finalized for doing this.
  • Make sure that the work is submitted before the time elapses. When the due time is over, you are automatically added an extra hour after which the file is sent back to the pool is it’s not submitted by then.


There is no need to contact the support team for an extension. If the audio file is forcefully unclaimed, the commitment ratio suffers, and you can drop from Revver + back to Revver as a result. Remember, your account can be terminated if the commitment ratio falls significantly.


  • The transcription tool is known as ‘Rev Editor,’ which comes with a countdown timer that alerts you on how much time is left to complete the task. When the time is almost finished, it will turn red. The Rev Editor is outstanding with unique features.


You can select a lighter screen, dark screen, or different color of the speakers to differentiate them easily. The tool is just superb, and it makes corrections and edits like Microsoft Word. Besides, it has an expander function where you can create a personalized dictionary containing your own words.


  • The formatting and accuracy are calculated based on the last graded 30 jobs. However, commitment ratio and on-time submission are calculated on the basis of the previous 120 days.
  • The company will automatically close your account if it falls below their expectations. Besides, continuous client complaints can result in the closure of your account. Ugly Truths Revealed!

As beneficial and useful as is, as a work-from-home program, there are some ugly things I did not like about the organization. Here are the things I didn’t like:


  • The one thing that I perhaps dislike most about this platform is that the total amount of money you can make in the long run is not that high. Yes, the audio files you could be transcribing could be only one-minute long, and this does not translate that you will only spend a minute on this job. You could end up spending an hour or so on this type of task and then receive payment of a mere $ 1.
  • Another thing I didn’t like about the site is that users complain a lot that some customers usually send audios that have inferior quality. As a result, you will have a hard time undertaking the transcription work and completing it in time without very many errors. It can be a big problem because accuracy is one of the leading criteria that the company uses to promote you to a high level.


What I Like About

Now that you know what I don’t like about this system, it is time to discuss some of the things I really liked about this unique website.


  • Perhaps the biggest thing that fascinated me about this program is that it pays weekly. This is indeed a significant advantage because you will be able to withdraw the money you earned within a week. There is no need to wait for two weeks or even a month to receive your payments when working online.
  • I also love the fact that the company makes it flexible for freelancers to work. does not have a requirement for the minimum number of tasks you need to undertake and hours you need to work in a week for you to get paid. With this company, you can generally work whenever you want and take the tasks that suit you best. However, working for more hours and taking jobs regularly presents you a chance to climb higher in their ranks.
  • It is also notable that regularly rewards the freelancers who provide quality work and work proficiently. The company incorporates a ranking system that offers several benefits and perks that can help you make much more money.
  • The company offers a lot of support and help to its freelancers. Thus, you are given all the tools needed to help you perform the tasks professionally.


Is a Scam?

Based on the information I have gathered about the system; I can comfortably say that is not a scam and is undoubtedly a trustworthy company. Yes, there are few complaints about the organization, but they are not about receiving payment. The company does stick to its promise of paying your dues weekly, depending on the approved and paid tasks.


Frankly going with what is on the table, all I can say is that is still regarded as one of the best transcription websites on the internet to date. Although the amount they pay is quite small, you can join the site today if you have what it takes to become a professional transcriber.


How I Make a Living Online

As you have seen, working for may not be the best option if you want to make some good cash working online. Now, let me be frank with you. Working online is not for the faint-hearted; it requires a lot of patience, time, and dedication. However, you can comfortably make passive income online by working as an affiliate marketer.


Affiliate marketing is a great way and a win-win situation to make money online. Basically, affiliate marketers make money whenever they sell or assist in making a sale of a product, service, or any other online good. To simplify things, you will get a stipulated commission when a product or service you market online gets sold.


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Overall Quality



  • Weekly Pay
  • Flexible working hours
  • Great help and support


  • Low earning potential
  • Strict application and screening process
  • Poor audio quality from their clients

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