Remotasks Review: Legit Or Scam?

Remotasks Review


reomtasks review


Welcome to my review of Remotasks, a company that offers all kinds of small gigs to users. We’re going to check if this little company is worth your precious time. Can you make a living out of working in this company or it is more of a side hustle kind of thing? You’ll find it soon enough once you read my review.


What Exactly is Remotasks?


Remotasks is a micro job aggregate website that offers all kinds of mini-jobs that can help you earn extra money. The job ranges from doing audio transcription to doing data entry. The tasks vary widely and if accepted, you may find yourself working on something like tagging pictures then end up doing image transcription before the end of the day.


Remotasks is founded by and registered in San Francisco. Most of the jobs there are created to help develop AI recognition software which is why you would notice that plenty of job requires some sort of recognition. This is to help AI learn recognition and do it by themselves in the future. If you think about it, you’re basically helping the AI do the job you’re doing now, effectively ridding you of the job in the future.


How Does Remotasks Work?


Before you can sign up, you need to be mindful of several requirements. First off, you need to have a Facebook account because that is what they use to verify the legitimacy of your account. After you have filled out your form, you can now go to your dashboard and see all the exams available. You can then select which ones you want to take. When you finish an exam and get a passing grade (depending on the test), you will have access to a new category of work.


You can fail an exam up to 3 times, but after that, you are no longer eligible to work in the category that you tested for. What this means is you probably have to pass the exam on your first try, ideally. There are several categories which you can choose from but so far, the highest paying ones have the hardest exams, obviously. If you want to be considered for the highest paying jobs, you need to complete these 4 exams:


  1. Image recognition test
  2. Polygon counting test
  3. Video box identification test
  4. Segment annotation


These 4 exams aren’t necessarily hard, so to speak. They are just good indicators of your logic and pattern recognition ability – which is needed in most of the jobs that you will apply for. Of course, you can apply to other jobs which don’t require you pass specific exams but those do not pay as handsomely as the main jobs. If you want to further improve your chances of getting a good gig, you need to pass plenty of exams – the more exams you pass, the better.


How Much Can You Earn Using Remotasks?


As I’ve stated above, you can only gain access to the work category once you pass the required exam. After you pass, you can now open the work category and select which specific jobs you are interested in working in. Once you’ve selected the job you want, you need to read the instructions carefully because that’s where your rating will be based on. If your work has a lot of mistakes, there’s a high chance that you’ll get blocked from the site, restricting your access. If you remember, you will need a Facebook account for verification purposes and this is the reason why. They will verify the legitimacy of your account and block your further attempts because they already know your profile information. Needless to say, you need to submit 100% error-free work if you want to keep getting jobs.


The amount of money you will earn through this site depends on many factors but is mostly dependent on the type of job you’ve been given. If you are quick and error-free, you can earn up to $3 an hour, which isn’t exactly an eye-popping amount but for some people, it’s enough to get by. However, you need to take note that the $3/hour value is only attainable if you are a fast and efficient worker, otherwise, the total could even be lower than that, like significantly lower. Additionally, you have to keep the focus on the task at hand which could get tiring when you’re basically doing it for a whole day.


In my experience using this site, and reading upon several reviews of other users, you can probably earn about $50 a month here. That would come at approximately 16 hours of work in a month, which isn’t exactly that high. You can only work sparingly on this program because of the availability of jobs. There are times when you won’t be able to get jobs at all which negatively impacts the earning potential.


What Kinds Of Jobs Are Available


There are numerous tasks available on the site. Most of what’s available is what you would consider as menial jobs, something that anyone can do. It’s on par with something like data entry but there are tasks that are more complex than others. Here are the most popular types of listings down there.



  1. Categorization


This is the most popular type of job because of its broad nature. Here, you will be asked to categorize things on websites based on many things (depending on the needs of the client). Sometimes you will get asked to categorize a T-shirt database, or maybe sort restaurants by the city. It all depends on the client you get.


  1. Image Annotation


If you are familiar with Google Human Verification using images of cars and street signs, this is somewhat related to that. You will be asked to tag boxes around certain objects, more often cars and street lights. It’s an easy task but will require your attention while you do them.


  1. Audio Transcription


You will listen to a tape and transcribe what is being said. It could be anything from a podcast to a TV show. Once again, it depends on the client.



  1. Image Transcription


You will get an image with texts on it and your task is to get those letters into text form or any other format that is requested by the client.


  1. Comparison


This one is more fun because it’s just like the game “spot the difference,” where you basically spot the difference, to put it bluntly.


  1. Data Entry


You are probably most familiar with this task since a lot of websites also offer this kind of job. This job can also entail you to collect data and have them written in a useable form.


Remember that not all of these jobs are available when you first sign up. If you want to have access to these gigs, you will need to pass as many tests as you possibly can. Once you do, you can select which tasks interest you the most.


How Will You Get Paid?


You will need a Paypal account in order to get paid. What’s good is that the company does not have an outrageous payment threshold like other companies – the minimum payout threshold is $5. They pay every Friday of every week as long as you have more than $5 in your account. The company does not deduct a fee but you must be aware that Paypal charges 2% for every withdrawal transaction.


Honest Verdict


This is a legitimate company that has been in business for many years now, with no bad reports to show for. This is a reputable company, no doubt. However, like I do with all my reviews, I am compelled to tell you all the quirks I’ve found in my time in this company.


First of all, the amount you get for the work you put it is laughably small, not even enough to hit a half the minimum wage. I’m not saying to skip this program because of that, but that could become a factor. After all, if you can find something that pays better, why even bother with this program at all? But I digress, this is still a reliable and honest way to make money. It’s just that, honestly speaking, the pay isn’t enough. What’s even worse is you have to work your way to the top and have to start at the very bottom at less than $1/hour.


If you want to invest your time on something that could net your more money instead, you better head over to my #1 recommended program. I’ve been using this program for several years now and so far I’ve had nothing but good things to say about it. If you want to learn about this opportunity, just click the link below. Take note that it is plenty different from this company, Remotasks, that I just reviewed.


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