Register.com Reviews- What You Need To Know


Who starts a business without having a goal of expanding it in the coming future?

Talking of modern businesses, for them to compete favorably, the business owners not only need the physical storage for their wares but also an email address and a website now that almost everybody has access to the internet.

With an active website, a business can serve a wider online audience. But how do you launch a website?

To launch a website you need a website hosting provider such as register.com. I hereby give a register.com review that digs deep into their services and features.

What is Register.com?

Register.com is famous for their reliable domain registrar. With time, it has advanced its services by introducing new services which may include; web hosting, SSL certification, web design and other web solutions.

They’re no different than other web hosting services such as Hostgator, Global Domain International, SiteRubix, and others.

They make it possible for individuals and mini-businesses to create a strong online presence. Register.com has more than 2 million domain names and hundreds of thousands of website owners offering them with more than 40 varying products.

It has been doing this for over 15 years hence deserving the title register.com legit.

How Does Register.com Work?

Register.com web hosting plans

It only offers 3 website hosting plans which include Essential, Professional, and Premium. When you take a visit to their homepage you will realize that the hosting plan prices are not indicated.

In addition, they only indicate their special starting prices which only run for the first month of service. These prices on a monthly basis include; $5.95 for Essential, $7.95 for Professional and $9.95 for Premium.

I think these prices only apply for the first beginning month since when I signed in for a single year, my expected total payable fee of $71.40 had hiked to $170.40 which is very sensitive if you are indeed giving a questioning view to the two above figures.

Here’s a Quick Video on Register.com

Register.com website builder plans

I personally found this downright confusing hence justified to term it as register.com scam. When I first logged into my account, I was hoping I could get a way of building a website.

As a result, I hence took my ample time to practically click every link that appeared to be leading me towards achieving my aim of coming up with a website.

When I was almost fully given up, I came across a page instructing me to upgrade to their Do- it- myself website plan. I personally find the price offered for this option extremely expensive ($12.95 a month).

 Do-it-for-me website

Register.com offers this option for those individuals who find themselves too busy to come up with their own website by themselves.

I adore this bit for the register.com as they have set aside team professionals who offer a penniless, no-obligation consultation.

This option maximumly benefits you as it makes it possible for you to have a customized website design and monthly marketing to get in touch with your customers and prospect online.


With the advanced technology of register.com, you are made to be in a position of adding an online store to any website.

I give credit to register.com as it has made this simpler. All you need to do is to configure your product and then add them to your existing hosting plan, blog or website.

Fast and easy management of products – The setup tool makes it possible for you to add products with ease together with gift certificates into your online store.

On the same vane, you can also set up inventory levels, pricing, product options and apply the changes in current time.

Payment and order processing

Register.com ensures your customers make payment to you at their comfort as they can do online payment. Customers can hence pay with credit cards, PayPal, Google checkout and even custom payment methods.

Register.com may not be the best out there but it still remains to be a workable website host provider. If you choose register.com to act as your website hosting provider you will get the above advantages.

Let’s Take a Look at the Pros and Cons of Register.com


  • You will enjoy the services of very helpful and knowledgeable customer support staff.
  • Its hosting plans comes handy with website building tools, shopping carts and shared SSL certificates.
  • You will enjoy having features like FTP and SSH access that are server access based features.
  • You will enjoy using the industry-favorite control panel (cPanel)
  • It makes use of Linux and Windows-based servers.


I find register.com to be having these disadvantages;

  • Have confusing pricing for their packages.
    ● Have a disconcerting website builder plan.
    ● Inadequate security features endangering your site.
    ● Lacks ticket based system and live charts.
    ● Lacks VPS and dedicated hosting plans.
    ● Lacks managed WordPress hosting plans.
    ● Lacks freebies and extras like ad and marketing credits.
    ● Users are uncertain of money-back guarantee as their website does not clearly state it.
    ● Has minor issues workability of cPanel features.
    ● Website navigation issues.

Who is Register.com Made For?

I believe register.com is meant for anyone who needs to easily launch their own website. To a higher percentage, it best serves individuals and small businesses who need to create a strong online presence.

Small businesses can make good use of it to bloom their eCommerce services hence easier vending of its ware.

I know some of you may be inquiring,“How does register.com compare with other web hosts like iPage,eHost, and BlueHost?”

From my interaction with BlueHost, I find register.com features to be extremely expensive compared to it.

BlueHost is also superior to register.com as it offers unlimited bandwidth on all their hosting plans. BlueHost maximizes their offer by providing unlimited email accounts.

What’s About their Service Pricing?

For those of you asking,”How much do register.com packages go for?” it vends a trio of standalone packages: Basic, Shopping Cart and eCommerce.

All these packs are fairly discounted when you prepay for a whole year. The basic package goes for $149 per year. The Shopping Cart costs $199 annually.

The eCommerce package comes with two level of storage: 1.5GB/80GB ($299 per year) and 10.5GB/200GB($759 per year).

Here’s What I Really Think

My final verdict is that there are better web hosts than register.com. They provide more reliable services at lower prices.

Register.com needs serious improvements in order to overtake their superior competing web hosts.

If they correct the above shortcomings that I have mentioned they will automatically overtake the other web hosts.


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