Daily Cash Siphon Review- Real Deal Or Not? No One Told You This!

Daily Cash Siphon Review- Real Deal Or Not? No One Told You This!

Make $395 per day or scam



I was going through ClickBank and then came across a new product known as Daily Cash Siphon. I was curious and hesitant at the same time, about the name that was selected for this product.


It is a name that would indeed be used to tempt users that want to make quick money daily, and it would be the name of a system that wants to scam users. Some of you are possibly wondering is Daily Cash Siphon scam or not?


Since I have gone through it, I want to give you a detailed Daily Cash Siphon review, and also show you how Daily Cash Siphon works. I have also found a couple of things that you should consider before investing in this system.


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What is Daily Cash Siphon?


It is a system that alleges to exploit affiliate marketing by showing users how to locate products which could make them attractive money as an affiliate.


These products are ‘strange and controversial’ but possess explosive profit potential making one load of dollars. Generally, the program has a shortcut to the most commission money you generate as an affiliate.


Working as an affiliate marketer, I can tell you that money making can be very profitable. There are literally millions of items that one can promote to earn a lucrative commission.


Commission rates differ, but with the Daily Cash Siphon system, they allege that the program can generate loads of cash with one strange trick. Here is how the system works;


How Daily Cash Siphon Operate


Before you are accepted into the system, there are several qualifying rules that you must ‘accept:’


  • Daily Cash Siphon is legal but controversial
  • You can only register to the system if it is available in your country.


Daily Cash Siphon promotes products by using ClickBank as an affiliate network. ClickBank is one of the leading multinational networks for affiliate marketers, and this has enabled it to gain popularity as one of the networks with most scammy systems.


According to the sales video on their site, the salesperson named William Fairbrother says that your job is to look for people who want to purchase a product on ClickBank.


Here’s a Quick Video on Daily Cash Siphon

Here are a few things that I think may be misleading with this statement.


  • You do not look for individuals as an affiliate marketer; instead, they come to you.
  • ClickBank is not the only affiliate network. There are thousands of others that one can join where the items are of much better quality.


It appears like Daily Cash Siphon will limit your potentials as an affiliate marketer. Using systems such as Daily Cash Siphon will generate you some dollars but by chance and not by anything you have undertaken as an affiliate marketer.


It is possible to make a lot of money with this system, but you should not anticipate making $396 daily without hard work and possibly some additional investment that will be needed to see any positive results.


Most of the systems in the market offer users a comparatively cheap sign-up offer, and once they are registered, they tell them that they must purchase a specific tool to make the alleged profits.


With this, let us look at some advantages and disadvantages of this program.




1. The Basics are Appealing


It is essential to give some credit where it deserves. The owner of Daily Cash Siphon has done a fantastic job of showing us the basics behind starting this system.


The tutorials offered about creating blog posts, and editing websites are great for those users that want to manipulate and edit a WordPress dashboard.


The tutorials are short yet informative and offer you a good foundation of setting up the structure for an affiliate webpage.


2. Sixty-Day Money Back guarantee


Since there is no one to contact on the website, you may think that it is an uphill battle to get your investment back after getting bored by the system. Well, this is not the case.


Daily Cash Siphon is a product of ClickBank, and you should thus get your money back whenever you want. ClickBank is designated to give you your money back, but only the signup fee.


Presently, I do not think there is a way you can get a refund from upsells since there are not in ClickBank’s search.




After following the training inside the membership website, I quickly encountered the following cons.


1. Simple Website


Since you do not have lengthy content and have not been offered sufficient instruction about user experience and user intent, your site is going to be remarkably simple and of low quality.


It means that when a user comes to your site, the content will not be sufficient enough to give them the value they need.


2. Incomplete Training


You are not taught how to secure your website or anything about email marketing. Every webpage nowadays must possess an SSL certificate to make it complicate with the standard Google guidelines and make it much more SEO friendly.


In simple terms, you need to have HTTPS padlock on your URL, which is something you are not taught within Daily Cash Siphon training.


The training is also misguided because one is told to drive solo ads traffic to a landing page that does not recognize email leads. This aspect is incredibly costly and dangerous.


3. The Sales Page is Deceptive


The sales page is remarkably misleading because they give you the impression that you are going to be clicking into a secret resource or various unclicked money making method.


This allegation is quite misleading since most of you know about blogging; it has been around for over two decades now.


It means that anybody who comes into the program is, from the word go, duped and misled into purchasing something which they were not expecting. This action may prevent other users from investing in the program.


4. You must be eighteen years or older


This system limits the age of those users who want to join. If you are under eighteen years, you need to try your luck elsewhere.


5. Unknown Owner


To date, nobody knows the real owner of this system.


Who it is for


Daily Cash Siphon is designed for:


  • Users who are new to the world and principles of affiliate marketing.
  • Users who want to know much more about setting up WordPress sites.



What Can You Expect From Their Training?


Regardless of all the impractical hype and claims, you can get basic info in the member’s areas. Usually, low-quality money-making systems give users outdated e-book or some unusable info in exchange for your money.


Daily Cash Siphon comprises some tasks and guides about ways to start affiliate marketing. The value of training may not be desirable, but you can get a lot of info on YouTube and free blogs.


However, Daily Cash Siphon offers you something worth your investment. The training offered by Daily Cash System is in video format, and there are several tasks to carry out after every part of the training.


You will learn about traffic sources, WordPress, as well as basics of affiliate marketing.


1. Traffic Training


There are a couple of ways recommended to get traffic. Some of the techniques such as article marketing may be outdated, but others such as blogging and social media marketing work to date.


Although the ways may not be as effective as forum marketing, they can still help you make money. Blogging is seen as the leading way to get SEO traffic. I typically blog to get traffic to my website.


Therefore, I believe that blogging is a proven way to find subscribers and clients. The only disadvantage of this training is that it does not go deep enough.


2. Affiliate Marketing and WordPress Training


Currently, building a WordPress website is simple as you only need to integrate a few plugins, and then start working on it.


The training given by Daily Cash Siphon is sufficient to get you started, but it isn’t great. The training does not go deep WordPress customization and issues.


However, there are several free sites where you can learn these basics. In my opinion, these videos should be offered for free since there are other areas where one can get them at no cost.


Regarding the training given by this system, I can say that there are some desirable and some common ideas. However, most of the training can be found on other sites on the internet.


What About Daily Cash Siphon Support Service?


From the website, I saw that you could contact Daily Cash Siphon anytime. They say that the customer care department is open twenty-four hours a day, and seven days a week. If you email them, expect a reply within twenty-four hours.


What’s the Product Pricing?


It is challenging to figure out the entire cost with all the downsells and upsells. The system costs thirty-seven dollars if you decide to purchase it without the popups.


With the popups, the lowest downsell offers you a free trial and costs you almost seven dollars every month after the first week.


When you get into the system, there are several other tons of upsells. Besides, one can opt for a free seven-day trial. However, this offer shows up if you exit the sales page before the sales video ends.


What you will not be shown on the website is that it is categorized into four products that comprise three upsells.


Upsells of Daily Cash Siphon


1. The First Up-sell ($ 197)


This is your own Daily Cash Siphon website. They allege that they have built a site for you, armed and ready with affiliate links so you can generate money instantly.


2. The Second Up-sell ($ 187)


This is typically the same as the first one. For this upsell, a new website will be built for you.


3. The Third Up-sell ($ 97)


This upsell does not include building websites. Instead, it comprises training for different traffic strategies. In my own opinion, this is more helpful than the first two upsells.


This is so because learning how to generate traffic in affiliate marketing is vital to your success.


If you combine the prices of the upsells outlined above, you are going to invest over $500 to get all of them.


Is Daily Cash Siphon a Scam?


I would not say that Daily Cash Siphon is a total scam because it offers some value. However, it is somehow close to a scam depending on one’s definition of a scam.


Unlike its pioneers, this program attempts to be somehow legitimate in terms of what it offers. This is why I cannot wholly recommend the system to you.


As a red flag, Daily Cash has a misleading sales page with some bold claims regarding affiliate marketing.


Additionally, the firm has a fake customer service department. If you have a serious problem regarding the system, you might lack someone to help you solve the issue.


I noticed that Daily Cash Siphon makes affiliate marketing look worthless. The system presents affiliate marketing as a controversial method of making bucks. The firm indeed makes it look like an unknown secret.


Since it is invented like its predecessors, I can say that the program can make you some dollars if you follow the instructions to the latter. Besides, you need to invest your time and money in order to make the alleged profits.


My Final Thoughts On Daily Cash Siphon


The allegations on the sales page are not related to the data on the member’s area. There is no system on the site.


It is just a program about affiliate marketing, but I did not come across anything more than some standard guides. It is certain that the information is not sufficient to help you generate money online.


You are needed to pay additional money on a hosting service and tools to build a website. Therefore, the allegation about seven minutes and nineteen clicks to generate 395 dollars daily is a hoax.


Affiliate marketing is a legit program, but it takes time. It may not be possible to get the promised profits regardless of the video and screenshots shown as proofs.


If you are a total amateur, it may take you more than a week to build your website and write the first content articles.


Based on my review, I can say that Daily Cash Siphon will not generate you the promised amount if you don’t work extra hard.

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