Qmee Review – Is This Microwork Site Worth Checking Out?

Qmee Review


qmee review


There has been a surge in websites offering small payments in exchange for doing a simple task. Perhaps it is a direct result of people wanting to earn extra because of the stagnation of their wages. Or maybe it’s because of the simple reason that earning extra money will always be great. No matter the reason is, it’s painfully obvious that there is a huge demand today for microwork sites all over the world. In today’s review, we are going to review a product named Qmee.


Qmee is one of the many thousands of microwork websites that’s been popping up everywhere. If you are here, that means that you probably have seen some form of advertisement about this program and want to learn more about it. You are definitely in the right place! To learn more about this particular product, read on further.


What Exactly Is Qmee?


Qmee is an online service provider that gives its users the opportunity to earn a meager amount of cash or reward for completing various tasks from searching, shopping, or taking surveys. It can be considered a side gig because you can’t actually earn a respectable amount of money from it. Make no mistake though, you can still earn using this program but limited, which is exactly by design. They designed this website to give some kind of side hustle for users, and not a full-time job.


You will find many other similar companies which offer almost the same type of services. This industry is continuously growing as more and more people are looking to earn on the side to supplement their income. Needless to say, the competition has made it so that the demand for workers is spread out among thousands of companies instead of just a handful like before. So, what exactly separates Qmee from everyone else? Let’s dive into its structure now to understand what makes this company tick.


Is Qmee A Legit Program?


First and foremost, I should answer this question – it this program a scam?


The answer is no. It is a real website that pays its users in a timely manner. It currently has a 4.5/5 rating on TrustPilot. If the reviews are to be believed, it is a very reputable company overall.


If you search for bad reviews, you will surely find one. However, if you check them out, you will notice that they are running the same theme. Most of the complaints about this program are users being screened out of surveys. In case you’re not familiar with survey providers, they do a screening of users to determine which ones are qualified for their surveys. They do this to have more defined target demographics which is their goal all along.


How Does Qmee Work?


Qmee is actually a browser extension. It is also available as a mobile app but it’s a more popular browser extension at the time of this writing. Once you have installed this extension to your browser, it is granted permission to view your browsing data. It can now see your browsing history, primarily to see what you are searching for.


For example, if you search for a “black bag for sale” on Google, Qmee will also show you available offers that you may be interested in. Of course, you can buy from the search result on Google. However, if you want a cashback or reward, you should click on the Qmee results. You actually don’t have to buy anything from Qmee to earn something. The simple act of clicking the ad is enough to earn you money, about 5-10 cents worth.


In short, you can earn simply by using your browser the same way you always do. The only real difference is Qmee now have access to your browsing history. If you value your privacy and don’t want this to happen, then you can just opt for their survey department, which is what we’re going to discuss next.


What To Expect When Using Qmee?


Using Qmee is pretty straightforward. You install it and off you go. There isn’t a big setup that you need to learn about. Just install it – it’s as simple as that.


That being said, it works seamlessly on the most popular browser. The interface is easy to understand. If you want to view some of the settings, you can click the Qmee button on your browser’s toolbar. You can check the amount you have earned by browsing when you click your toolbar.


qmee legit


One thing is for certain here is you will never earn a good amount of money using this program, and it’s designed that way. You will only earn in pennies, but not always. Many keywords do not have Qmee search results in them.


So now, we’ll go forward to their survey department to see if you can earn more on that end.


Qmee Survey Review


Since I’ve basically confirmed that you can’t earn much using their Qmee browser extension, perhaps you are more interested in their survey, which lets you earn substantially more than their browser extension.


What’s good about their Survey division is there is always something to do. They don’t seem to run out of things to do, which is a good indicator that they are a stable company. Far too many times we’ve seen companies run out of survey questionnaires because they can’t seem to secure questionnaires from their clients. That doesn’t seem like the case on this company


The reason why there is almost always a survey available for you is Qmee is it is partnered up with many third-party survey companies which gives it a constant stream of surveys to fill up. With all the being said, it is important to understand that it also suffers from the same pitfalls as other survey companies. For one, the pay rate varies by a lot. Also, while surveys are always available, there are times where the requirements for the survey are very specific, effectively cutting you out of it.


The Takeaway


If I’m going to be perfectly honest, my first impression of Qmee isn’t all that good. Installing a toolbar that would activate whenever you are searching for something seems like a bothersome feature. But once I’ve installed it, it’s grown on to me. It’s quite noticeable when you first use it but once you get familiar, it will seem just like a toolbar that gives you an alternative search result that incidentally pays you in actual money. Sure, you won’t actually earn a livable wage off it but it’s extra money which anyone would be happy to have.


If by any chance, you are not looking for an online earning opportunity by way of answering survey questions or doing microtasks, you should definitely look into my recommendations. I’ve recommended many programs in the past but I am finding myself leaning more towards a particular program. If you are interested in reading about my recommendation, you can click the link down below.


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