Product Report Card Review: Must Read Before Joining!

Product Report Card Review: Must Read Before Joining!

Product Report Card Review: Get The Fact Here Before You Join!


Welcome to my Product Review Card review!


New surveys sites pop up almost every day claiming that you will be earning good money by filling out the surveys. One that you may have heard about recently is a company knows as Product Report Card.


Some of the frequently asked questions about this company are how does Product Card work? And is Product Report Card scam or not?


For this reason, I have decided to prepare a Product Report Card review to help you to decide whether they want to make money through this company or not.


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What’s Product Report Card?

Product Report Card is a market research company that has a paid survey program that helps members earn money by doing Product reviews.


With the help of this site, customers are able to shop wiser and compare one product to another easily. The organization partners with big-named corporations such as Microsoft, Gillet, and Ikea by providing their market research services.


From the research that I have done, I have discovered that Product Report Card is very credible since it offers many ways to make money and also has a great customer service that takes care of its users.


What I Liked About Product Report Card.

The following are the reasons why earning money online through this company is beneficial;

  • Free entry

    Product Report Card does not ask their members to pay any money for them to be part of the research community. It means that new members do not have to pay money in order to earn money.


  • Good earning potential

    With Product Report Card, members can make good money conveniently. The entire review process is a very simple ad you can take advantage of the opportunity that you think suits you best.


  • Variety of payment options

    The company has different payment options so that they cannot leave anybody out. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can receive your payment through Amazon or prepaid Visa Card.


  • It is a transparent survey site

    This site informs its members about the amount of money that they can make even before they start working. Providing sufficient information helps the members make informed decisions.


  • Their website is easy to navigate

    Once you visit the Product Report Card homepage, you only need to click the “get started” option and they will take you through all the steps for you to complete the profile. In case you are not sure about a certain step, you can contact their customer support department.


  • Low disqualification rate

    When joining the Product Report Card, you only need a computer or a phone and then you can complete your profile. They do not have specific requirements and this means that new members are hardly disqualified.


What I Didn’t Like About Product Report Card.

The following are some of the reasons why I think that Product Review Card is not the right place to invest your time;


  • Payment takes a long time to process

    In all the customer feedback comments that I read about this firm, the time that it took to process payments was the most common. One customer claimed that it took them a week to earn $25 but he waited for a month to get the money. Those who are not lucky have to wait for their payments even longer. It is correct to say that the earning potential is high. However, if I considered the amount of time that I have to wait for the money to reflect in my account, the potential moves from high to low.


  • Some focus group studies are too invasive

    The focus group studies seem to be the program with the highest earning potential. But I think that there is a reason for you to worry. In some of those programs, you will be required to install apps on your mobile phone or personal computer for you to monitor behavior and browse for several weeks. I consider this to be a disadvantage because you are exposing yourself to unknown companies and individuals to monitor you or allowing them to have access to your personal life.


  • Not getting paid at all

    Some members have also complained that they do not get paid at all, despite making efforts to contact the company through phone calls and emails, which end up being ignored. If I put myself in their shoes, this situation can be very frustrating, considering that you have invested your precious time and effort to give consumer feedback to the site.


Who it is for

The Product Report Card is for stay-at-home parents who have a passion for blogging and business and those who are looking for a legitimate way to earn some extra cash through online market research.


If you have the desire to work with legalized online survey companies, Product Card review is the right place for you.


Additionally, this program is for people who are comfortable with sharing their personal information with a market research company.


How Does Product Report Card Work?

I think that it is correct to say that if you join the Product Report Card, you are likely to have a good experience with them. However, it is important to understand how this survey site works before you join it.


How does Product Review Card work?


The first thing that you need to do is to complete your profile. You can even earn more than $8 by completing their profile. It took me less than ten minutes to complete about eight profiles and I earned $8 together with a $5 bonus for completing the profiles.


This step is very important because the more complete your profile is, the more opportunities you will have to make more money. The role of the profiles is to help the company know the surveys you qualify for.


Therefore, I would recommend people to fill out as many profiles as time allows them to. After you have completed the signing up procedure, the first survey appears in your email inbox within twenty-four hours.


Completing the profile qualifies you to become a product reviewer. This means that you start earning money for giving reviews for the products that own and use. I think that is super cool.


Customers get paid for each survey that they carry out. If you want to make more money, you need to carry out as many surveys as you can.


However, you will not qualify for some surveys since some of them are not free and you will be required to either do a sign-up or make a purchase.


When my friend first discovered Product Report Card, she completed her profile and did a LinkedIn survey and she earned $3. Lucky for her, she did not have to sign up for anything and it didn’t her take too much time.


The payout for the Product Report Card is around fifty cents. The review process is simple and will only take you around six minutes.


You will be required to write five hundred characters for a single review. State what you think about the product and talk about the things that you like about it and those that you don’t.


Customers also have the freedom to include several suggestions for the manufacturer and what they can do to improve the product and to make it more user-friendly. I think all this is awesome.


During the survey, you not only include information about the product but also yourself. On their website, you will find a number of questions which are very basic. These questions have simple multiple choice answers, which you are required to click.


Additionally, they will require you to say whether you would buy that particular product from the same manufacturer again and if you would recommend your friends and family to purchase it or not.


After you are done answering the questions, take a picture of the product, upload it and hit the submit button.


Saving money

Another method that Product Report Card can help you make money is by helping you save money. Through the company, buyers can research any product, find out all the information about it how much it costs and where you can buy it at a cheaper cost.


This is one of the most convenient methods of saving money and especially if you are on a budget and you are looking for the best deal.


Apart from that, you can compare the product descriptions at the Product Report Card so that you can make an informed decision on the best product to choose.


The important thing that you need to know is that the payout is not very high. Therefore, you need to give it a different approach.


Treat it like a part-time job, one that you love doing and one that helps you to make money to complement your full-time salary.


Personally, I think that the site is convenient for the people who are looking for a fun way of earning several dollars here and there.


Also, if you are shopping for new products, this site can be very helpful. It will save you from spending a lot of time researching a product.


Cash out process

How to cash out after you earned your money, you need to cash it out. For you to get the money, you need to reach the $25.00 limit. Some customers might think that this is a little high.


However, you would be surprised at how quickly you will reach this threshold and especially if you take advantage of the various opportunities that will help you to earn money.


With Product Report Card, cashing out is a very simple process. Most of their customers have Reported that they did not experience any issues with the cash out process. The following are some of the ways through which you can cash out your money;



If you have an active PayPal account, the money you have earned can be directly deposited in the account.


Pre-paid Visa Card

You can choose to have the earnings put on your pre-paid Visa Card.


Amazon Gift Card

Here, you will be required to redeem your earnings in the form of Amazon Gift Cards and when you are doing online shopping.



Some customers usually request Product Report Card to send them a check.
I think that their cash out options are fantastic because you can choose to get straight cash or get a Gift Card.


What’s Product Report Card Support Service?

From the reviews that I have read so far, the Product Report Card has excellent customer support. One of the members stated that there was one time when he complained to the support about his reward points and the immediately reactivated them and he was able to cash out.


How Can You Make Money With Product Report Card?

Joining Product Report Card is absolutely free. It provides different opportunities for customers to make money. The following are some of those opportunities:


Completing your profile-$5.00 and $8.00

You will require approximately ten minutes to complete your profile in depth. The Card asks you several personal questions such as your current income, contacts, and address. I think this should not be a turn off because you can earn between $5.00 and $8.00.


Completing surveys-$0.25-$5.00

The Product Report Card will send you survey invitations through your email. The invites received depend on a person. Completing each survey earns you $0.25-$5.00. There are also some exclusive surveys that pay better. Each of them pays $10.00.


Registering and reviewing a product-$0.50 and $1.00

In this method of earning cash, Product Report Card will pay you for writing a review about a certain product. In the review, you have to state the best things about that specific item and what the manufacturers should improve about t. you need at least five minutes to write the short review and you will earn between $0.50 and $1.00.


Participating in home product tests-$5.00.

This method is for those who qualify to have products sent to them to be tested and reviewed. Your profile is what determines whether you qualify or not. The review process is the same, but you have an added advantage because you get to keep the product for free.


Participating in focus groups-$150.00-$200.00

This opportunity can be described as the best because of its earning potential. People get to earn more money if they participate in more focus group studies. Each study takes between two hours to three days, depending on its complexity. I highly recommend you to participate in a focus group study if you get the chance.


Final Opinion/ Verdict

I think that the Product Report Card is a legit company. The company seems to be an ethical and well-regarded company whose goal is to collect a huge amount of customer information from people in exchange for cash, free products, and Amazon Gift Cards.


In my opinion, the company meets all the requirements of a trustworthy market research company.


Another good thing about this company is that they are honest about the earnings their projects attract and the minimum amount that you need to reach before they can pay out their account.

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