Postcards To Wealth A Scam?- True Review Fact!

Postcards To Wealth A Scam?- True Review Facts!

Name: Postcards To Wealth

Owner: Adam & Kristine

Website: postcardstowealth.com

Price: $98/month + Shipping & Handling Fees

Overall Rank: 3 Out of 10

Postcards To Wealth is claiming they’ll mail you “multiple $1,497 and $3,497 cashier checks directly to your mailbox daily on autopilot”. But can you trust these guys? Is Postcards To Wealth a scam?

Well, call me a skeptic, but I seriously doubted this claim because I’ve heard it all before.

Because of a lot of requests and noise surrounding this company, I have decided to do a thorough research to know what they will offer you.

So before you click on Postcards To Wealth “Sign Up Now” button you need to read this. Read further for more information.

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Postcards To Wealth A Brief Overview

Postcards To Wealth (Instant Postcard Wealth) is make money mailing out postcards program that was launched in 2012 by Adam & Kristine.

In a nutshell, the program is using offline marketing strategy to mail out postcards to their clients and offering member to make money by bringing in others to the company.

I’m sure you’ve seen their video on how simple their system is, which is definitely simple and could possibly make you money.

Postcardstowealth.com was launched on October 29, 2012. According to the Postcards To Wealth website domain registration, Adam & Kristine are based out of California in the US. This is presumably where Postcards To Wealth is being operated from.

They advertise themselves as “Proven Postcard System pays multiple $98.00 payments directly to your bank” and also promote themselves on Postcardtowealth.org.



The Claims

If you are completely new to make money industry, you will know that it is almost impossible to make that kind of money with postcards mailing program.

Sound too good to be true, right?

Here are a couple of claims:

  • How about we give you a complete blueprint to make you $250 per day
  • Who else wants to receive multiple $1,497 and $3,497 cashier checks directly to your mailing daily on autopilot?



Anyways, not only do they claim to make you money but also claim to make you multiple $1,497 and $3,497 daily.

If you’re new to these things, you are bound to fall for these schemes, hoping that you will make money as stated by these guys in their pitch videos.


Who Exactly Is Postcards To Wealth For?

I would say this for anyone who willing to give their up-line $98.00 and do well with direct marketing.

Although this company is driven by its recruiting model system, the products make up for a lot of the selling within the company.

If you think you can get people to join you in this next business venture, this might be for you.


The Pros Vs. Cons Of Postcards To Wealth


  • They are legitimate
  • You can make some money if you’re familiar with direct mail marketing
  • They offer some sort of training how to make money with postcard business
  • Beginners will definitely benefit from training as well as intermediate level marketers


  • Sale page hype in some respects.
  • It pricey for some people as it is a recurring monthly payment
  • No extensive training
  • Not live up to their promises
  • Say you just start making $1,497 and $3,497 for newbie is a bit of stretch
  • There are much better option out there


What Is The Cost Of Joining Postcards To Wealth

The cost of the program is $98 per month plus shipping and handling fees until you cancel. After purchasing it you can check it out and start implementing the strategies shown in the training courses.

If you feel it was a scam and you’re not going to get anything out of it, you can cancel your membership by mailing them within 3 days prior to rebilling.

Note: There are no refunds on membership fee.

The product is designed as a loss leader, as a member for the product actually get 100% of the money for it.

This is because it’s designed to get you into a funnel (oddly enough) where they make their money if buy the upsells that is.


Do Postcards To Wealth Work?

It does work if you’re willing to put in the time and effort. Like any business though, it will take time to learn and build your business.

Nothing is ever push-button easy so don’t be fooled by anyone saying it. I’m not saying Adam & Kristine did that, but take the marketing with a grain of salt.

In my opinion, this business will take time more than they suggested because the direct mail marketing is not that easy as they claim on the sales page.

You will need to learn how to bring in people on board and other people skill like building teams and some sort of marketing in the process.

This is something you should keep in mind before even think of joining.


My Final Opinion: Are Postcards To Wealth A Scam?

At the end of the day, I believe that Postcards To Wealth is a good money making program.

You can make money with the method they teach you, however, in my opinion, it is not the best way. You probably won’t see results as the creators claim on their sales page because they are experienced marketers.

It will also take quite a bit of work to reach the amount of profit that they make.

Another thing that put me off is the emphasis on financial independence and leading that “ideal lifestyle” of working from home.

While I agree that this is possible via the methods they show you about direct mail marketing, I felt it was a bit over the top and reminiscent of other scammy product that I review.

Thanks for reading this review and hopefully I have given you enough information to make an informed decision.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know in the comment below.

I wish you the best in the world!







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