Pinecone Research Review- Is It Worth It? Must Read!

Pinecone Research Reviews- Is It Worth It? MUST READ!

Welcome to my Pinecone research review!



If you are looking for the most detailed about Pinecome Research, you’re here at the right place.


In this Pinecone Research review, I will take you through Pinecone Research and give you the right information before placing judgement on to it.


I will also give you all that you require to make the right decision, whether you will join or not. Just be sure whatever side you go for is the best.


What Is Pinecone Research All About?

Pinecone Research is a research panel found online at, whose purpose is to gather opinions on consumer products. It pays consumers for completed surveys on the given products.


Compensation comes in terms of prizes or cash. For every completed survey, you earn points that you can redeem for prizes or money about $3 for each completed survey. Payments are made through PayPal, check or as merchandise.


Surveys are not frequent from this panel. They offer approximately once or twice monthly to each panelist. Product testing is also done in this panel.


They send a member a product to test and give feedback on its efficiency. All panel invitations are done using email only.


Survey questionnaires are easy to fill and taking about 15-30 minutes. Respondents’ comfort and convenience is considered for all surveys. I have been told that you can turn down a survey request if you are unable to process it at the time.


Feedback from the surveys and product testing help partnering companies work best on their products’ performance, varieties, features, style, and pricing.


Information gained helps the companies determine what products to develop or leave as they are. They also get clarity on what products are most likely going to hit the markets at a high pitch and those that they have to discard.


Participants also get the privilege of enjoying products before they are released to the public. The fact that a product is out in the market because you voted that it should give some participants pride in the product itself.


I, for instance, would feel so proud telling my friends that the product that they now love is out because of my sincere opinion.


Pinecone Research only allows one member from each household and does not accept unsolicited referrals. Terms and conditions are valued here. Their violation will result in removal from the panel.

Here’s a Quick Video on Pinecone Reseach



If you want to make some extra coins from your idling time, I recommend that you apply to join Pinecone Research. They got you covered. If you are looking for making more than side income, you should check out my no. 1 recommendation below.



Pros and Cons of Pinecone Research


  • It is free to join. You only need to have a legal referral and answer administration survey questions correctly. Also be beside in their selected demographics, then just like that you are into their system.
  • It is has a legit survey panel under control by Nielsen, a market research firm that is well established and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. You don’t need to worry about falling victim to a scam.
  •  $3 is a good pay for each complete survey.
  • Offers product testing option as a way of product survey. Despite that they are rare, I find them paying considerably well, you earn at least $5.
  • Prompt payments. There are no restrictions on withdrawal as long as you have earned it.
  • Cash compensation. You can convert your points into cash during withdrawal.
  • It gets better with your engagement rate. The more you participate, the simpler the surveys will become and the more the earnings.
  • You only participate in surveys that you are qualified to take. It saves you embarrassment from conducting a survey to completion just to be told that you are not qualified.
  • Reward points have a long duration before they can expire. It takes a year before the points in your account expire.
  • It is considerate. Suspending surveys is allowed if you are unable to conduct them.
  • Excellent Customer service. Any arising issues are attended to in a friendly tone and effectively.
  • Sweepstakes. They offer a lucky draw of $500 twice a week and a quarterly draw of $4500. Free entries are gained every time you complete a survey. The more the surveys you take, the more your chances of winning get.
  • Surveys are fun to participate in their questions are designed to motivate participants for more.
  • It values confidentiality. Personal information is never disclosed at Pinecone Research.



  • It has no mobile app yet. You have to use your computer to participate in surveys through their website.
  • Invite only. Without an invite from members or the certain chosen websites, you cannot join.
  • Age and place consideration. The only persons allowed in Pinecone Research are adults (18 years and above) and should be residents of UK, Canada, United States or Germany.
  • Surveys are limited. For each panelist, an average of one or two surveys is what they get in a month. Sometimes, it gets even less. You cannot depend on Pinecone Research for a living because what you get from there cannot cater for your needs. It is just a little bonus to keep you occupied.
  • Membership is not a lifetime guarantee. You can be removed from the panel anytime there is a need for termination.
  • Other companies are using their name to fraud members. I recommend that you are careful to sign up for the right website.
  • You cannot select your own password. Some people find this discouraging but I really do not see it that much of a deal. They are extremely confidential. It is still safe if they control it for you.


Who Is It For?

Pinecone Research has a very selective plan for their members. Only qualified people are accepted into the platform. Also, unless you have been sent a referral, you are not allowed to join their panel list.


Referrals are sent only when they are hiring. You also can’t join through their website. This measure is to ensure that they only get the qualified personnel to submit applications.


Pinecone Research has an age limit of 18 years and above. Your demographic location is also a consideration here. Unless you reside in their specified demographics, your application will also be declined.


For each household, they only give one position. You also need to be a very careful person when it comes to regulations. A slight mistake away from their set conditions will get you removed from their platform.


Nevertheless, if you qualify in all of their considerations, then try your luck, never say I didn’t give you the right information. Put your few free minutes into a profiting use.


How to Get Started With Pinecone Research?

Joining Pinecone Research may take you some time. You have to go through a scrutinizing exercise so that your application can be accepted. However, it is easy to maneuver once you are in.


First, you have to get a referral. It can come from either a panelist or from selected websites in the form of a banner ad. Whichever way you get it, just make sure that their official website approves it.


Immediately after you have send a join request, you go through a survey by the selection panel. This survey is conducted to ensure that you fit their qualification terms. It also helps them determine the kind of surveys that you will be capable of taking.


It will spare you the trouble of conducting surveys that will pose a significant challenge for you even to complete them.


Once you get into the system, I understand that you are likely to get survey requests once or twice a month through email.


Once in a while, you will also conduct product testing that will actually pay you way better than the simple surveys. Product testing goes for at least $5 for each one that you will complete.


Does Pinecone Researd Offer Any Support?

Checking out who a research firm is behind will help you determine their legitimacy. Pinecone Research is one online survey platform that is very legit. It is run by a legitimate market research company Nielson Company based out of New York.


It is accredited by Better Business Bureau (BBB), with an A+ rating. This rating actually gives an interested member the urge to join even more. listing ranked Pinecone Research position two of the 213 best survey panels. This position got it an overall 85% rating with over four stars out of the most, five. listing also ranked it ten out of the top 24 panels of online surveying. From this list, five reviews got it a 4.6 rating out of five.


Neilsen Company is also a member of Casro, a market research companies’ association.


I decided to give you all these details so that you may see how much of an advantage it is for you to join Pinecone Research than other illegitimate online research panels. I care for my readers. I do not want you to go get yourself into a scam.


However, its legitimacy is independent of what the Pinecone Research will offer you in terms of activities and compensation.


Cost To Join Pinecone Research

Joining Pinecone Research is absolutely free. The only requirement is a legit referral and a qualification confirmation from their administration panel.


Each survey earns the participant 300 points, with each point translating to a dollar. Processing the reward takes a day to go through. To complete a survey, you only require a maximum of 30 minutes of your time.


This would be a very good deal if surveys were frequent. Too bad I represent you with the bad news that surveys are extremely limited here. You can only do one or two surveys per month.


The other good thing about this platform is that they offer a number of payment options. Apart from cashing your payments immediately after getting them from the completed survey, Pinecone Research can compensate you by entering your name into sweepstake contests.


This gives you an option of trying your luck to win a lot more money or bigger prizes than you are paid for completing a survey.


According to what I have learned about these Pinecone Research sweepstakes, they are as good as $4500. The least amount of a sweepstake that you can take with you is $500. What I cannot tell is how the winners are selected.


I have not been able to get clear information on how you can know how far closer you are to being that lucky winner.


As far as I can tell is that the more your points into the draw are, the more you get to the ultimate prize. Whether you are in position 1 out of 10 or 1 out of 10000 is what I can’t really tell.


Pinecone research is truly not a place to make you quit your job. A number of reviews, as well as members, have told me that if you make $10 in a month, you will be very lucky. The only fortune that you can get here is if you take the sweepstakes.


Final Opinion/ Verdict

Before I get further, I assure you, whoever is reading this review, that Pinecone Research is not a scam. It is completely legit.


It is a very safe way to make some extra coins. Most of its users have confirmed that the money that you get from here can come a little bit in handy when you experience a pressing need.


Pinecone Research has for a long time hit five-star rating, thanks to its excited users. This will assure you that it really is a very good place to spend your free time.


Any time you come across a banner ad with an invitation from their website, just click it immediately. You never know how lucky you will get in there. What if you take the $4500 sweepstake? Just don’t let the chance slip your hands.


Take any chance leading you to Pinecone Research without a second thought. It is really worth the risk.


I hope that all the information that I have presented you with will be helpful. It is all you need to know to safely get into one of the best research panels ever available, Pinecone Research.


I appreciate your patience to this far. All the best with your exciting venture into this awesome research panel.


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