Perpetual Income 365 Review: Does It Actually Deliver?

Perpetual Income 365 Review


perpetual income 365 scam


I am here for another review of a program that’s been circulating online, thanks to its somewhat viral marketing campaign. The program that I am talking about is called Perpetual Income 365.


The reason for its surge in popularity is its advertisement which contains some pretty shocking claims. Apart from the unbelievable money earning claims, they also claim that you can do that passively. That catches people’s attention because, I mean, who wouldn’t want a huge passive income?


But as with all programs that put forth a lot of great claims, they must, at the very least, be able to provide a shred of evidence, before we believe their claims. That’s exactly what I am here for. You are probably here because you want answers to your questions.


You’re in luck, buddy because I am going to answer your questions! Shall we begin?


What Exactly Is This Program About?


The thing about programs like this is it’s going to be hard to pinpoint what kind are they. That’s because their sales page which contains a description of what they do is shrouded by this cloud of mystery.


I believe they do it to lure in people who are just browsing. They make it vague enough to make people imagine the rest and have their curiosity peaked. They also pepper it with huge claims here and there to reel in any users that are just browsing.


 What Is Perpetual Income 365?


The name of the company is pretty catchy, to be honest. It basically means passive income all-year-round, which is what we’ve always wanted. If given the choice, 99.99% of people would opt for passive income. This company promises just that.


Perpetual Income 365 claims to have found a way to exploit a “super-secret hack” on Netflix that would allow its users to harvest money online using very little to no effort at all.


I am not even going to decipher what they mean by that, because from my own experience, vague promises like that only spell out trouble, but let’s continue.


They claim that an engineer from Netflix found a secret code inside their algorithm, which helped him earn money online. And now, from the goodness of his heart, he wants to share it with the world – TO YOU! I mean, who could say no to that?


What Does Netflix Have To Do With This Program?


The truth is, Netflix does absolutely nothing for this program.


If you haven’t figured it out by now, it seems like the “Netflix hack” is just a buzzword that is used to make it seem more advanced than it actually is.


If you decide to go even further or become a member, you will soon learn that Netflix never did any related stuff for this company. Perpetual Income 365, less the guise of its claims, is ultimately just another affiliate marketing program that uses fluff words to lure in customers from all over the world.


How Does Perpetual Income 365 Really Work?


The reason I put “really” in my question is I can’t simply go by their claims because that would be misleading.


I will use my own research to understand how this program “really” works and go beyond what they’re saying.


At the heart of the program, there’s nothing really special about this. In fact, it’s almost the same as about 80% of the affiliate marketing program on the market.


I’ve reviewed plenty of similar websites before, you can check out my 22 Minutes To Profit review if you want to have another look at a similarly structured program.


The concept of Perpetual Income 365 is pretty simple, and it’s been done thousands of times by a thousand different companies. That’s me saying that this thing is not unique, especially in this industry where everything is a copycat.


I will enumerate the real way this program will teach you about marketing.


  • You sign up on Clickbank to get an affiliate ID for a product of your choosing
  • You get an autoresponder of your choosing (they recommend GetResponse)
  • Create an email template (they provide you with a generic template)
  • Build a landing page
  • Get solo ad traffic like Google ads (but they recommend a program called UDIMI)
  • Promote!


That’s the gist of what they’re going to teach you. To be honest, this is actually a good marketing structure. However, their Netflix algorithm claim has left a bad taste in my mouth which I can’t shake.


If you do all things right, I can see some potential in here but the fact of the matter is, Perpetual Income 365 lied to get you here – and that bothers me. What else have could they have lied about?


There’s No Secret Netflix Algorithm


There’s nothing in the program that could absolutely relate to Netflix. This program never really uses an algorithm, much less an algorithm for Netflix.


So, How Much Is This Program?


The cost is $197.


But as usual, there are upsells. They offer plenty of add-ons that you can buy if you want to “improve” your conversion rate.


They have a video editor of some sort that lets you produce a video with just one click. If you opt to buy all of the products that they recommend, you can easily double the total price of your purchase.


Now, the question is if this program is worth your time or not? I’ll answer that in the next section below.


Honest Opinions About Perpetual Income 365




  • At a very basic level, their system could work. It’s been the basis of thousands of marketing systems so there’s no doubt in my mind that it could work.
  • There’s a dedicated Facebook group which the creator often visits
  • Email support is prompt with their replies


perpetual income 365 facebook




  • Misleading advertisement
  • You will get pelted with tons of add-ons and upsell opportunities before you can sign up. This is annoying.
  • Huge operating cost courtesy of email responders and solo ads
  • If you want the whole package, you will need to pay a huge upfront fee
  • I’m not exactly a fan of UDIMI (the solo ad website they recommend)


Final Thoughts – Is Perpetual Income 365 A Scam?


I am actually torn between calling this a scam or a thinly-veiled pyramid.


That’s because I had another go at it to investigate further and found out that the products you are going to advertise are not different products. What I mean to say is that, contrary to what this program says, you are not going to sell other company’s product.


If you actually run this system and follow all the instructions to the letter, it would become clear that the only product you will ever sell is the product itself, the same Perpetual Income 365 that you just bought!


This is insane because it’s clearly not what you had in mind when you first sign up. They even have a Clickbank section in their training module.


Overall, I am going to lean towards it being an actual SCAM. There is plenty of evidence that would support this claim.


If you see this product in the wild, I suggest that you run away stat. There are better alternatives out there.


In fact, I can give you one right now.


You see, I’ve been in this business for far too long now. I’ve seen programs come and go. I’ve literally reviewed more than 600 programs, and I can say for a fact that the majority of them are scams or just pyramid schemes.


But that does not mean that I don’t see great products out there. To be completely honest, there’s a lot of them out there. In fact, I’ve been using one myself, and I’ve only seen positive results from it.


If you want to learn more about this program, you should go straight to this page – My #1 Most Recommended Program!






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