Reviews- Is It The Right Gig For You? Reviews- Is It The Right Gig For You?



Are you a consistent social media user? Have companies you worked for in the past always had you come up with social media posts for their business? Do you have a passion for creating social media posts of different kinds?

If you answered yes to any of these questions might be just for you. In the ever-changing digital world, more and more businesses are starting to see the benefit of social media marketing. Companies in a variety of industries are learning that social media sites are a great way to quickly spread their brand name to the masses.

With the growth in demand for social media services, there is beginning to be a shortage of qualified people that are capable of managing a business’ multiple social media accounts. Many social media enthusiasts are finding that managing social media accounts for other people and companies is a way to make money doing what they love to do. One problem both companies and people that are willing and skilled enough to handle sites are running into is that it is hard to connect the right people to the right businesses.

There are now several companies I have seen pop up on the internet that offer to connect companies in need of social media managers to people like you and me that consistently post on social media sites. Some of the places work only as agents to connect people with companies that need managers. Other sites provide the social media manager more support and assistance in connecting with businesses that need their services.

One day I decided that I wanted to try a few different social media manager sites that offer to connect you with businesses that need social media managers. I googled a list of various agencies that provide services from connecting you with clients to training you how to manage social media accounts. I went through several before I decided to write a detailed review.


What Is All About?

First, I read through different reviews that I found on the internet. I noticed that the reviewers seemed to have mixed feelings about the site. When I first took a look at the site it sounded like signing up for their program would be a good deal, so I decided to become a member.

Once I signed up, I realized that is a site that does more than just connect you with businesses seeking help with their social media platforms. The site first puts you through a training process that molds you into being a quality social media manager. Then after you complete the training program, it provides a job board platform to help you connect with future clients.



The one thing I noticed when reading the other reviews is that many pages on the internet want to call the site a scam. Upon further personal research, I figured out that the site is not a scam at all and can really work for the right person. The site never guarantees any sort of employment but is a tool that helps people learn how to effectively manage social media accounts for companies.

I think that the site definitely could work for the right person. The way the platform is designed, helps someone who already has knowledge of what a social media manager does succeed. The training program offers things like brand name management training that may help put the pieces of the puzzle together for those that already have some insight on social media management. Just like any other site Paid Social Media Jobs has both pro’s and cons when it comes to deciding to sign up for their membership.


What I Like About This Program

Personally, I think the pros about this site outweigh the cons, but there are a few setbacks. Let’s start with the pros. Paid Social Media Jobs is a good platform to get trained and to start out pursuing a career in social media management. There are many useful tools that get learned during the membership training process.

I think that one of the best things about the site is the fact that they teach you how to build a resume and market yourself. The training program offered teaches people how to sell themselves as a social media manager. Tips on ways to create your resume to get the best offers and ways to convince companies that they need your services are all parts of the training program.

Another pro of the Paid Social Media Jobs training program is merely the things that you can learn with the program. Not only do they teach you ways to sell themselves but they show other things about social media platforms. The courses give you knowledge of how to navigate different social media platforms. The course also provides specific information about how to become a stellar social media manager including a section on brand management.

Another thing I really like about the site is the fact that it offers a way to make money remotely. In this day and age technology has created jobs where you can work anywhere that has an internet connection. Using this platform you can make money managing social media accounts from where ever you are leaving time to take care of other things in life. At the beginning of a program, you are shown a testimonial letter of how a single mom was able to work from home and make over $700 per week!


What I Don’t Like About This Program

As for the bad things, there are a few that I found. The worst part of the program is probably the membership fee. Some sites that connect you with people looking for employees are free of charge. On the Paid Social Media Jobs platform, you are charged a small one-time fee that the site’s sponsors offer to pay back once you start making money.

The other downfall to this platform is the job finding system available once you pass the training program. The job site does not have a lot of proven activity. There are some jobs on there, but there are few comments relating to whether people have made money or which clients are best to work for, etc. Other sites that offer similar services seem to have more ratings and comments from the clients.

My only other issue with the Paid Social Media Jobs membership program was that I felt the training portion lacked one thing. The platform does a good job of explaining to you how to sell yourself and get jobs, and it describes the process well. However, once you get the jobs, there is little instruction offered on how to actually do the posts and complete all of the work. Manually creating posts can be time-consuming and the training program does not provide many solutions on how to handle excessive posts with many accounts.


Who Is It For?

I think that most of the negative things about the platform get eliminated if the right person utilizes the system. I believe that this job would be great for someone that spends a lot of time on social media. Someone that enjoys creating posts and knows the ins and outs of many different social media platforms could find the membership useful.

I also think that to be successful with Paid Social Media Jobs that you must pay attention to detail and be self-motivated. The more work you put into the program and the better job you do of selling yourself will make the program more useful. To make money with the platform, you must be driven and have a desire to succeed. However, if time and effort are put in, there is great potential with the Paid Social Media Jobs platform.

The membership program is also best for those that have time and are looking for a remote position. If you have some spare time and a good internet connection, then this membership program will suit you best. The good part is that you can work around other things going in your life and you can make your own hours.


Training / Tool Overview

The training program is organized into different modules to train people what they need to be a successful social media manager. The training basically teaches you most of what you need to know to manage accounts on all primary social media pages. The program also teaches you ways to attract followers and gain more likes with your posts.

The first part of the training program teaches you how to better understand your clients. They describe what types of businesses use social media marketing the most and what they are looking for in a social media manager. By understanding what the clients want from you, enables you to do a better job of serving your clients’ needs.

The next part goes into teaching you how to be a successful social media manager. The training describes some social media philosophies and helps you cater to what businesses want. You get taught how to set up profiles for clients in all major social media platforms. There is also a section discussing what types of social media management jobs are out there.

The next section is all about social media management. The program discusses how to manage the different types of accounts for a business. The unit also gets into brand management and how to efficiently manage a company’s brand while running their social media platforms.

The last part is the advanced training module that discusses topics more in detail. The training has testimonials and information from various types of businesses about social media management. The program addresses how to have problems that your clients may have with running their accounts.


Can You Get Help When You Need It?

After the training, the system helps you find jobs and connect with clients. Their job market platform allows you to search through different types of social media management jobs that are available. You have a chance to sift through various businesses that are looking for social media managers.

The job market platform allows you to figure out what type of company the business is and precisely what they are looking for. The platform will enable you to contact your future clients and figure out if you would be the best to manage their accounts. Once you have found clients you can then start making money as their social media manager.

The Paid Social Media Jobs platform also provides support to you throughout the entire training process and after. The website has a support function that you can ask questions about any part of the program. The site helps you with any issues you may have through the training process. Then, the support system enables you to connect with clients and start making money.


How Much Does Cost?

The one setback to the Paid Social Media Jobs is that the membership does cost a fee whereas some sites that connect you with clients do not. However, the value with this platform is in the training and support that they provide. The training program offers insight from several different industries on social media management.

The valuable information given and the convenience of the job market platform all come at a cost. Unlike other services that for one, just offer job placement platforms, Paid Social Media Jobs does not take a percentage of every job you work through the platform. Instead, the site only asks for a one-time membership fee.

The one-time fee to sign up as a member only costs $27. The site explains that they must charge something to cover the costs of web hosting and customer service. However, the site has worked out a deal with their social media partners that after you get your first paid social media job, you get $50 back which pays your membership fee with a little extra.


Here’s My Final Opinion About

I would say that the final verdict of my review is that this site is not a scam, but it would be well worth it for the right person. Other sites that may not charge do not offer as much training and support. For those that enjoy social media but would like to learn more about managing accounts for businesses, this platform would suit well.

The training program gives many people that are familiar with social media management the last pieces of the puzzle they need to be successful. I think that the combination of training, support, and job market platform make the membership worth trying and paying the $27. During the training process you will have the chance to see whether the membership is right for you or not.

Some may think that the platform discusses things that they already know. Others may get a better idea of what social media management requires and decide that it is not for them. But, for those of us that sit in the middle and can benefit from the train and help finding paying clients, the Paid Social Media Jobs membership is a stellar choice.

Thank for reading this review. If you have any question or concerns, please let me know in the comments below!



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