Options Pop Review (Outright Scam Alert?!!)

Options Pop Review: (Outright Scam Alert?!!)


Are you in the market for the leading trade alert options? Do you need to reduce the loss gap in your organization and get to make substantial profits within a short period? Have you heard anything about Options Pop?


In this comprehensive article, you will get a detailed review of Options Pop with a genuine guide so you can discover whether this program is a scam or not and whether it will work for you.


As a stock trader, making a considerable profit is perhaps one of the best motivations one should possess. Unluckily, this isn’t possible if you don’t have a tool to help you to trade. It is essential to use a program that helps you trade confidently.


Options Pop is one of the best programs that help traders succeed in trading stocks. This extensive guide will outline the essential trading alerts and training that can assist you in making enormous profits fast. Options Pop is highly rated and guarantees users great success.


It is evident that a massive number of traders are already making some cash by following the recommended steps. Therefore, read this article and get much more info about the easiest way to assist you in making a fortune.


Options Pop a Quick Over ViewOptions Pop Review: (Outright Scam Alert?!!)

Name: Options Pop

Website: https://optiospop.com

Owner: Anonymous

Price: $79 a month

Summary: Options Pop is somewhat legit. Immediately after you purchase the program, you instantly get unlimited access to the member’s area, three options pop email alerts every week, 12 complete options trader training modules, new options trading update, email support, two free member’s only bonuses, and 30 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfy with the program. However, the major downside is that you are risking real money to make some money.

Overall Scam Rank: 4.5 Out of 10

Recommended: Yes, but there are better options

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What is Options Pop?

Options Pop is a constructive step by step program that guides users on how to stock trade appropriately. Now, how does this occur? The guide provides you simple options trade alerts as well as training that help users get the best results possible. It will help you receive simple options alerts that give a higher probability of moving up in prices in a few days.


Options Pop incorporates an effective strategy to call, put, or buy options on specific stocks so that you can sell them within two to nine days, thus guaranteeing profit.


The good thing about Options Pop is that it’s different from other similar programs because it utilizes technical analysis to get the stocks with the maximum probability of going up or down within 2 to 9 days.


Here’s a Quick Video on Options Pop

Generally, the most considerable profits originate from owning put or call options in the stock and options market. This is usually the case because buying options comes with a high reward and high risks at the same time.


Literally, there is a group of users known as call option buyers. This group of traders generates the highest profits whenever stock rises in price. On the other hand, there is a group known as put option buyers. This group usually makes significant cash whenever the stock drops in price.


When it comes to Options Pop, it is the best since it utilizes an effective strategy; buy, put, or call options on a particular stock and sell them within two to nine days, and this guarantees you optimal profits from the sale.


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How Does Options Pop Work

I couldn’t write this review without showing you how Options Pop works. In this sub-section, I will show you how the program functions, as well as some strategies behind this unique program.


Investors are different, and this is why some are eager to know how the program functions before they put their hard-earned money in a given product.


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Options Pop is an excellent guide, and it happens to be different from other platforms of its kind. This platform utilizes technical analysis to help traders to find the stocks whose prices will either move up or down within the next 2 – 9 days.


Once this program recognizes the stock, it selects put call options as well as the exact strike prices that can rise anytime. You will be presented with an email and text alert once this occurs.


Usually, the signal is sent to users every Wednesday. The signal comes with the stock symbol, the specific time you need to make the buy, as well as the price you should purchase at.


Options Pop then publishes the trade to a group of private members on the site. By being in this private group, you will get alerts that possess a high probability of rising in prices within the next nine days.


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What do you get When You Join The Private Membership Group?

  • Unlimited, immediate access to the member’s area
  • Three options pop email buy alerts weekly
  • New options guide and training updates
  • Email support
  • Two free ‘members-only’ bonuses
  • Comprehensive options trader training courses


How to Make Money with Options Pop

Getting started with options trading can be a bit daunting. Thus, learn how to trade options appropriately from professionals like Options Pop.


Due to constant innovations throughout the markets as well as changes in how the stock market operates in general, most of the action happens online when it comes to trading.


A couple of years ago, investing was an artless act, where people would invest their money in one or two small organizations and stick with those investments as they increase. Currently, investing is much more complicated as it incorporates new forms of currency.


With these changes and the ever-growing environment of the online world, getting started with options trading can be quite intimidating. Here is how Options Pop helps you to make money.


Today, I want to give you one of the best ways investors utilize when it comes to options trading, especially the buying call options. Investors regularly buy calls on the stocks they anticipate to rise. But instead of just buying shares, knowledgeable investors utilize calls to enhance their upside. Here is a theoretical example of how this runs.


Call Option Contract

As a simple example, let us say Amazon is presently trading at $100 for every share. Now, let us imagine an investor buys a single call option contract on Amazon with a $ 100 strike price of $2. $2 is the price you are parting with for the right to purchase 100 Amazon shares for $ 100.


Instead of costing the normal open market price, $10,000, you will only pay $ 200 (100 shares X $ 2 = $ 200). Here is what will occur to the value of this call option under various circumstances:


When the Option Expires, Amazon is selling at $105

The call option offers the trader the chance to buy Amazon shares at $ 100 for every share. In this case, a buyer can use the option to buy those shares at $100 and then sell the shares instantly at $ 105 in the open market.


Due to this, the option will retail at $ 5 during the expiration period. This amounts to a total of $ 500 because the option denotes an interest in 100 underlying shares. The net profit is $ 300 because the investor bought the option for $ 200.


During the Option Expiration, Amazon is selling at $101

By using the same analysis as outlined above, the call option will be worth $ 1 or $ 100 for every contract. In this scenario, an investor will record a loss of $ 100 in this trade since the initial investment was $ 200.When the Option expires, Amazon is trading below or at $ 100.


If Amazon expires below or at $ 100, then the contract will show ‘out of money.’ In this case, you have lost all your money 100% (the initial investment of $ 200 is all gone).


Purchasing call options is one of the standard options strategies, and traders can use it as an alternative to just buying a stock.


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Options Pop Ugly Truths Revealed!

  • Liquidity – with the massive array of different available strike prices, it is possible to suffer from low liquidity, making it difficult to trade.
  • Costs – the costs of trading options are typically high in terms of percentage in comparison to trading the underlying stock. These costs can potentially consume your profits.
  • Unlimited risk – various option positions like writing uncovered options are accompanied by unrestricted risk.
  • Complexity – options are somehow complicated and need a great deal of maintenance and observation.
  • It isn’t suitable for long term trading.
  • You have to learn the option trading tactics and also learn to pick shares.
  • For you to make any cash, another person has to lose the same amount of money you make.


What I Like About Options Pop

  • The program is easy and straightforward to understand. The program is evaluative such that everybody can understand it thoroughly.
  • It is useful in that it offers everything it expertly promises its customers.
  • The instructions and marketing analysis isn’t complicated. It gives users nothing less than straightforward options to buy alerts.
  • The guide is designed for all users. This program suits you as long as you have the will and urge to make some huge profits.
  • If you fully understand the call and put options, Option Pop’s guide is perfect for you because it guides you on how to get options to buy. These options typically contain a significant probability of increasing the price.
  • You will be given a sixty-day money-back guarantee on purchase. With this capability, you can request your money back within sixty days in case you are not contented.


Is Option Pop a Scam?

Honestly, I can confidently say that this program isn’t a scam, and it’s worth every penny. The program is one of the leading in the industry, and it will give you nothing but the best. Since it has helped thousands of its customers realize their dreams, the program is legit in every case.


Options Pop has all the guidance and information you need to find the best stocks in the market. In addition to this, you will get to know the perfect time that possesses a high chance of moving up or down within a short period.


You should not worry because Options Pop is a genuine guide that gives you a sixty-day money-back guarantee in case you aren’t gratified with the guide.


Final Words

Options Pop is a unique guide that I know will help you make a fortune. It comes with the best tips for maintaining cash. Additionally, it will give you an alert regarding the best time to generate some bucks.


The program is genuine and has worked for many of its consumers. To date, I haven’t come across a customer who has returned the guide to claim for money back. It means that the platform is worth every investment.


Since the program enjoys a sixty-day money-back guarantee, you don’t need to waste your time going through various Option Pop reviews. Just go to the vendor’s site and purchase a program that will assist you to amass wealth.


This is a state-of-the-art program that is precisely worth the investment. It is a reliable platform that has been proven to work for thousands of users.


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Options Pop at a Glance

Name: Options Pop

Website: https://optiospop.com

Owner: Anonymous

Price: $79 a month

Over all Scam Rank: 4.5 Out of 10

Verdict: Somewhat Legit, You Need to Risk Real Money to make money

Options Pop

$79 Per Month





Overall Quality



  • Easy and Straightforward to Understand
  • Instructions and Marketing Analysis isn't Complicated
  • Designed for all Users


  • Unlimited Risks
  • Complexity
  • Expensive

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