Opinion Inn Review: Can You Make Money From Your Opinion?

Opinion Inn Review


opinion review


Product Name: Opinion Inn

Price: Free

Rating: 6.8 out of 10

Verdict: Opinion Inn is a legit survey company that has a good reputation. It has operated for a very long time which means that it must be doing something right.


If you search for an online money-making opportunity on the internet, you will get results that range anywhere from typing jobs to answering surveys. More often than not, the one that gets the most mentions are all about just phishing scams – the ones where they promise instant money when you click.


The next popular online money-making opportunity seems to be answering surveys. The reason for its popularity is its simplicity. There’s beauty in how simple the premise is – you answer surveys, you earn money. That’s basically the tagline of all survey companies.


You will then wonder if any of those claims are true. That’s probably the reason you are here. Perhaps you stumbled upon a survey company claiming the same thing and you wanted to know if earning through surveys is possible – and the answer to that is yes.


But it’s not as simple as that. There are still many survey companies that are only after your money. You still need to check if the company you are looking into has a good reputation. So, in this article, we’re going to look into a company called Opinion Inn.


It’s a relatively old survey company that claims to help its users earn extra money – how true is this claim? Let’s find out.


What Is Opinion Inn?


Opinion Inn, as already stated above, is a survey provider company that promises to pay its users for their opinion, hence, the namesake.


It’s not exactly the oldest survey company out there but it’s one of the oldest. The fact that it is still going for this long adds to its air of reputation.


If you have experience with survey companies, you must already know how this thing operates. It operates just like any other survey providers out there. You fill out your profile then wait for surveys to come to you. The reason for this is they want to group their users into demographics to make sure the data they gather reflects the demographic they want opinions on.


Can You Really Earn From Survey Options?


The answer is YES.


However, you must be aware that you cannot make a living out of Survey Options. You can earn extra money, yes, but it’s impossible to earn a wage from answering surveys.


Even if you manage to get accepted into 10 survey companies, you won’t make a decent living because the survey opportunities are sporadic and inconsistent.


All I’m saying is you need to lower your expectations. If you want to earn good money, then answering surveys is not going to get you there. You will need something with a little more firepower like affiliate marketing for instance. I’ve been using affiliate marketing for several years now and it has afforded me a nice wage. If you want to learn more about how I make money online, just click the link.


How Do I Become An Opinion Inn Member?


Becoming a member is pretty easy. Registration is pretty straightforward. There’s nothing really unique about their registration process. Provide your email, name, number, other details, and your payment preference.


Remember that becoming a member is free. You don’t have to pay for anything which is pretty cool. You will also receive a signup bonus so you won’t have to start with 0 balance. The signup bonus is a $10 credit. But that money isn’t yours, still. They have a payment threshold of $25, which means that you have to earn an additional $15 before you can withdraw anything.





How Hard Is It To Earn That Additional $15?


You will get different answers to that. It depends on a lot of factors, mainly if your profile fits more ‘in-demand’ demographics, you will get better offers. But really, it mostly just depends on luck. There are days where you will get plenty of offers and there are days where you won’t.


You will get paid $0.5 to $5 for your feedback on services. If you read reviews and reports online, the pay is in the lower part of this range. In short, expect around $1 for every survey that you finish. The $5 offers are so rare that you would have to be there at the right time and belong to the right demographic, in order to get a shot.


Opinion Inn does have a monthly raffle worth $500. But you need to have answered at least 5 surveys before you can earn a raffle ticket. The name of the winner will be announced every 7th of the month.


How Do You Get Paid?


Opinion Inn provides its members with plenty of payment modes. Their most popular payment platform is Paypal, which is quite understandable given that it is the most popular platform worldwide.


If you want, you can give a portion of your earnings to NGOs around the world. NGO stands for non-profit organizations that aim to help people all over the world for different causes. Opinion Inn has partnered with plenty of NGOs which they have verified to ensure your donation would be used the right way.


opinion inn


Issues With Survey Providers


What I’ll list down here are the inherent problems of all survey providers. I have yet to see any issues specific to Opinion Inn but they do have issues, and as I’ve said, these are problems that all survey providers face.


Surveys are scarce


There was a time wherein there were only a handful of survey providers. That was a long long time ago. Now, there are literally thousands of survey websites and only a limited demand for surveys. This means that there is a huge competition for surveys, allowing these companies to pay peanuts.


Inconsistent survey availability


There’s just no way of telling when surveys are going to drop. There’s just no way of knowing. They don’t give out email blasts of when surveys are going to drop. You just get the surveys when they’re ready, and by the time you get around to the offer, it’s already filled out because of the competition.


Not a good gig if you want consistent money


I guess this comes with the inconsistency of the surveys. There are months wherein you will earn $10 to $15, and there are months wherein you will only earn $3. The latter is more representative of what you should expect.


You don’t qualify for all surveys


Surveys are designed to only be obtained from people on the right demographic. If you don’t belong in a demographic that surveyors desire, then you’re out of luck.


$25 threshold is hard to achieve


Given all I’ve discussed is the payment situation, you can assume that it would be extremely hard to earn even $10. Take note that you will be gifted $10 when you sign up, so this means that you would only need $15. By my estimate, this could take you anywhere from 2 to 12 months.


My Final Thoughts – Opinion Inn


Despite all the issues I have with survey companies, I still have to give it up for Opinion Inn.


Opinion Inn is a legit survey company that has a good reputation. It has operated for a very long time which means that it must be doing something right.


The only real issue I have is the inconsistent survey availability but it’s not fair to only pin it to this company. Literally all survey providers suffer from the same issue. If I’m going to be unbiased, I must look into this site relative to all survey companies, and I must say that Opinion Inn belongs in the upper echelon of companies worldwide.


Will I recommend this company?


Yes, but only if you have free time on your hands, and you know what to expect from it. You won’t earn much from it – and you must accept this. If you want to earn more, then answering surveys is not going to work. Survey companies are designed for pocket money.


Now, if you want to earn real money, good money, perhaps you can check out how I make money online.


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